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Never tell a lie (Part 7)

Sthir was now worried because he knew that plan was not simple, whatever is happening is very much dangerous. It could be act of some enemy country to get hold on India by controlling small cities. He decided to check Priya’s home because there was no bad news about Priya or her family. This case was old so it could be possible that anything bad had been happened but report was not released in media. Sthir installed two cameras near Priya’s home and with previous experience he installed the camera little far away with x-ray vision.

It was really difficult to control all the things in one time. He understood saving the world work is really difficult and boring. He applied to hostel warden that his uncle has come in the city for some work and staying in a hotel. So he wants to stay with him for 2-3 days. Warden didn’t allow for 3 days but after many requests he allowed for one day only. It is better to have something than nothing. So Sthir was glad. But he was lucky this time. The same day he got some movement near her home. He was watching in cameras signal which were coming to his mobile. He saw that one person has trespass the outside wall and went inside. Sthir tried to see the face but that person had his face covered with a hood. The person went to the corner and started to climb on the pipe. Soon he was on second story where the glass of near window was opened. He entered inside home. Sthir was watching all this. X-ray vision was working properly. He could see that the intruder was going to first floor now. So the intruder knew that the window will be opened. Perhaps it is broken or it can be possible that someone inside home is with him. The intruder didn’t stop he went to ground floor. Now vision was getting confusing because by x-ray vision he could see all things so things of above two floors were making confusion with ground floor.

Sthir was thinking perhaps the thing which the intruder was searching on ground floor, but he was surprised when he opened a gate below stairs and went to basement. So this guy whoever he is knows everything about home. Someone has told him everything or he got the knowledge of everything from a person who lived in the home from years like Priya. A wild idea came in Sthir’s mind perhaps the person is extracting all knowledge from the victim’s mind and by this he or she can know everything about that person. So by this idea this person knows every single object or knowledge which Priya knows about home. That is why he can go so easily in the home without any problem.

He tried hard to concentrate on the intruder’s movements. It was difficult to say what he was doing in basement. But it was clear that he took something from an almirah or safe whatever it is. This time that person didn’t take the same route. He came to main gate and opened it. He came out from home from front door. Sthir got active. He put the mobile in his pocket and came near to gate. The intruder started to move in right side of home. Sthir was ready and he ran towards the intruder. The person was intelligent but he was not so fast and Sthir was two time fast than a normal person. He caught the person by his neck.

Now the person was surprised. He moved fast and his right kick caught Sthir on mouth. Sthir was not expecting so much speed from him because his previous movements were very slow but now he was fighting like an expert professional fighter. Sthir was not a normal guy now. He was stronger than any normal guy. He got ready and started to control that thief. But surprisingly the person was now stronger and fast and for more problems he was really aggressive like he doesn’t care about him. Sthir stopped two kicks by his both hands side by side and he didn’t know how or from where a kick came straight to his chest. He flew backward and crashed on the road. It is really painful when you hit a coal tar coated road with full force. The intruder was in hurry he didn’t wait Sthir to get up. He started to run. Sthir ran after him. Sthir was following the intruder now, on a sharp cut the intruder stopped suddenly and kicked backward. Sthir was in full force he tried to save the kick and move aside. But the force made him go forward. His hand grabbed the hood from the intruder’s face. His eyes were widened from shock. In the same time the intruder moved his knee to Sthir’s face and stars started to dance in front of Sthir’s eyes. He fell back covering his face with both hands. When he became normal, his head was giddy with pain and shock because when he removed the hood he found that the person was not he; he was a she; a girl. A girl who can’t be herself because the face he saw was the face of PRIYA.


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Never tell a lie

Never tell a lie

Sthir was old enough. Nobody knew why he became adult so soon. He was about 18 now but his friends were still about 14-15. Not only physical but he was changed from inside also. He was still brilliant but now he was much more. He got some other qualities. He cleared his 12th class. He needed 10th mark sheet to get admission in next class but nobody knows how he managed to get that. He cleared exam and got admission in college. Now he was in same age group students. His parents were surprised how he managed to do that but they didn’t question him much because they found their son after decades. College was not in his village so he left the village and came to city. He got admission in college hostel.

Sthir was different in nature also. Now he liked to stay alone. He got physics in prime subject. He was much more brilliant now. He seemed to know more than his lecturers in college. It was proved this in first week in his college. He had all the answers for his lecturer’s questions but no lecturer was able to clear his doubts. It makes him one of the most popular student of his class. He was handsome it was due to his disappearance secret or he was really like this it was not certain. But many girls were very much interested in him. Many of them tried to be friend with him but he was a shy in this case.

To know about Sthir please see previous story He Came Back

Principal of this college Mr. Chakrvarti was very strict. He never allowed outsider to come in college and didn’t allow his students to do anything wrong. One day Sthir came to college and there was an open meeting notice on the board. He went to the meeting and found the whole college was gathered there even police was there. Sthir understood that there is something terribly wrong. Principal announced mysteriously disappearance of a student. Jai was a student of B.Sc 2nd year in the college. One day he went missing. A police complained was launched. After two days Jai was found behind bushes in college ground. He had lost his mind, he lost his memory also. He was behaving odd; he was not interested in food or anything. When his parents came then he didn’t recognize them and didn’t show any interest to know about them. It was like he had lost all interest of living. Because he was found in college so police came to investigate. Now Inspector took the mike and asked that is there anyone who knows about this. Nobody raise the hand. Meeting was dismissed and everybody returned to classes.

The whole day this news was the main discussion point of everyone. Heena came to Sthir to talk. She was a beautiful girl with dark hair, beautiful eyes and a very lovely smile. Her bronze color was shining in sun light. “Hey Sthir, what’s going on?”

“Nothing much, just thinking about Jai and his mysterious behavior.”

“Don’t worry; I think it is a drug case. Perhaps he took some drugs and overdose made this happen.”

“I think you are right.” Sthir thought it was the best explanation and it cleared all the doubts.

Then they went to class. There also all students were talking about this. Most popular story was same like Heena a drug case. Police was also thinking on this, they talked to many students and their questions were also revolving around any drug racket.

In some days this news becomes old and boring. Students forgot about that. A college trip was organized. Chemistry head Mr. Upadhyay organized that but Principal Mr. Chakrvarti was against that. He was always against of all cultural activities. Trip to Manali was organized and many students were ready. Nobody cared about Principal objection. Two buses were hired and all students were advised to reach at college till 8 pm. Departure time was 8:30 pm.

Rajeev and Priya loved each other. They never left any chance to meet each other. They planned to go Goa instead of Manali. Rajeev booked flight ticket for both. They informed their home that they will go with college tour. They planned to meet at hotel but Priya’s parents came to drop her to college so both came to college but decided to go to hotel after departure of bus. Priya’s parents dropped her and she came to bus but they were waiting so she seat in the bus. She called Rajeev and he also came inside the bus. They waited and when buses were about to go both stepped down the bus and went in a empty class room. Their friends knew that so nobody objected. Teacher and parents were ignored about this. After going bus Priya’s parents went away. As per plan Rajeev and Priya came outside and started to go outside for taking auto for hotel. Priya wanted to go to bathroom so they went there and Priya went inside. Rajeev was waiting outside when he heard scream of Priya. He ran inside and door closed itself.

After two days the tour returned. Police was waiting outside college. Everyone was surprised. Police enquired about Priya. Her parents were with police. They asked about Priya because her phone was not reachable. Her other friends were not in the tour so they were not able to contact with her. Nobody told them where they go because every friend thought Priya and Rajeev were enjoying in Goa and their phone were switch off. They were supposed to come before this tour but both were missing.

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He came back (Part 8)  (Final part)

Sthir’s behavior was changing. He was much aware about every unusual incident. He was always in search of a scientific reason for every situation or problem. He got good news that his model was declared first in that science competition. He was called to city next week to get the award. He told this in his school. He was awarded in school also. in front of whole school the principal said that he is proud on Sthir (yes, you heard it right, principal himself told this). He was now most popular boy in the school. But as you know this type of popularity is short termed after all it was from study not by cricket.

He was spending more time with Mr. Ramanuj. He realized that Mr. Ramanuj was a genius. He was from IIT. After completing his study he got very big offers but he didn’t like. He wanted to do something different. He left his home for some time and start journey to the world. He went many places and met many new people. When Sthir asked about those places then he started telling about some strange places but immediately he stopped and changed the topic. Sthir was dying to know about those places but Mr. Ramanuj changed the subject. Sthir was sure that those strange places were not exists on earth. But it can be his imagination because after that dream he was sure that Mr. Ramanuj was an alien. But this imagination was broken when Mr. Ramanuj got a call from his mother in front of Sthir. So it was clear that Mr. Ramanuj was not an alien.

Mr. Ramanuj told him about some planets where alien can be exists. But these planets were so far away that we can’t reach them. He told about many amazing things which Sthir didn’t know. Sthir tried to google these on school internet. But he was failed to get all those details. He got some stories about kidnap by aliens. Some people claimed that alien kidnapped them and experimented on them. But after some time it was found false report or some type of joke. He got some strange stories also when people vanished in front of people. He read once a full regiment of soldiers were lost. He read about Barmuda triangle where no ship or plane can go, people believes that there are alien activities.

The day came when he went to other city with his father. They went there by bus. Both were happy. They reached in evening. There was a person named Mr. Garg to receive them. They were taken to hotel to take rest. Next day he went to the function. He was called to stage to take his trophy. When he went and get hold on trophy two handkerchief came from trophy and caught his hands. He tried to scream but his lips were sealed like from that handkerchief some chemical paralyzed his body. The chief guest saw him with hunger and said “Good bye”. Immediately the trophy flew in the sky with Sthir. Sthir’s father tried to came near the stage but guards caught him. Sthir shouted and woke up. This was another weird dream.

Next day he and his father went to function. Everything was normal, Sthir got his trophy and certificate. Chief Guest was chairman of municipal committee. Lunch was great. After the function, Mr. Garg dropped them to bus stand. They got bus and started their journey to home. When they were in middle of the way a bright light appeared on the top of bus. Everything was so bright like sun itself came on earth. Every person closed his/her eyes with their hands. Within two seconds the light disappeared. Nothing changed except Sthir father shouted “Where is my son? Where is Sthir?”

Sthir was not there. Other people asked him why he was shouting. He told that his son is missing. Everyone asked where he lost him. He was surprised to hear this question. He told that Sthir was with him before that light, but nobody was seemed to remember that they had seen any boy with him. Even conductor told that he was alone and he gave only one ticket to him. Sthir’s father checked his pocket there was only one ticket. But he held Sthir’s trophy to prove that Sthir was with him. He came back to home and went to police station. Police asked him many times that exactly where he lost his son. He was saying same story which has no proof or witness as the whole bus can’t lie. Sthir’s mother was crying her only son was missing and nobody knew why and where. Next day was Sthir’s birthday he was 12 today but now they don’t know where he is.

After two years, a young man aged about 18 came to their home. Sthir’s mother was sitting outside her home. His father was out for work. They didn’t forget Sthir how can they be but they learned to live with his memories. The person came and touched feet of Sthir’s mother. Her mother was surprised because the person was reminding her of Sthir. He was a handsome guy. Before Sthir’s mother would say anything he cried and embraced her with saying “Mom”. Sthir’s mother was speechless her eyes filed with tears. She asked with chocked throat “Who are you?”

The young man released her from his embrace with surprise in his eyes. “Mom, its me, Sthir. You forget your own son.”

Immediately the whole village gathered the news was spread like forest fire. Sthir’s father came running. He was also surprised. No doubt the young man was resembled with Sthir. But how can it be? Sthir was about 14 years old and this person was about 18. They asked him where was he, but he seemed to know nothing. He told that he was travelling with his father in bus and when he opened his eyes he was outside the village. Police also came. They verified him, he told everything about his past. His mother asked him some questions which only Sthir was able to answer and the person gave all answers correctly. His parents agreed that he was Sthir. Police noted the record and asked him to stay for some day and don’t leave village without information. Next day village newspaper’s headline was “He Came back”


He came back (Part 7)

He came back (Part 7)

Sthir tried to escape, he threw his arms and legs but his fists and kicks were not affecting the alien. He took Sthir up to the hill. When they were crossing the path Sthir saw a low branch of a tree. He caught the branch to stop the alien. The alien pulled him with his full might, Sthir lost his grip on branch; the branch bounced back because Sthir was pulling that. Alien didn’t move within second so the branch came back with force and hit Sthir on forehead. He cried with pain and when he opened his eyes he was in the same boring class of history. The teacher was on his head and all the children were laughing. He immediately understood that he felt asleep in the class and that was a dream. The teacher shouted on him in front of whole class and made him stand outside the class.

This was too much, this alien thing was affecting him mind now. But he was sure that there is something strange. When he was outside the class, Mr. Ramanuj was passing through the corridor. He saw Sthir and smiled. It was strange whenever Sthir was alone Mr. Ramanuj always appeared from nowhere. He came to Sthir and asked why he slept in the class. It was strange how on earth he knew that. He was not even in class and Sthir didn’t tell him. He became skeptical. He asked Mr. Ramanuj how he knew that. Mr. Ramanuj told him about the water marks on his face. Sthir had a habit when he slept water came out of his mouth. Sthir became embarrassed; he wiped his face with his back side of left hand. Mr. Ramanuj was smiling he told him to come with him. He told that he was being punished so Mr. Ramanuj told this to his history teacher. He nodded, why he would care? He wanted that all of his student must disappear. Anyway now there was no other option, Sthir went with Mr. Ramanuj. Although Mr. Ramanuj was one of his favorite teachers he was skeptical to him after that weird dream.

Mr. Ramanuj took him in teacher’s room, that time there was nobody present except those two. Mr. Ramanuj told him to seat and start talking. His talking was about alien and life on other planet. Soon Sthir forgot about his fright from that dream and started to talk heartily. Soon he told Mr. Ramanuj about his feeling about followed in the woods. Mr. Ramanuj didn’t tell anything about that. Sthir also told him about the dream, Mr. Ramanuj laughed when he heard that he was also an alien in Sthir’s dream. He told that sometime alien helped people. He put some questions in Sthir’s mind like nobody knows how dinosaurs left earth. Who created mankind? When Sthir told that we developed from monkeys then he asked why after first change new monkey generation was not able to be developed? The stories of Gods who helped people to invent new items, whether these were related to aliens or not? Can’t Pushpak plane in Ramayana be a supersonic plane? How only one weapon destroyed the whole city in Ramayana? Wasn’t it Atom bomb? How Arjun in Mahabharata went to Swarg which is told is in Sky? How Sanjay saw the whole war of Mahabharata while he was sitting miles away with King Dhirtrashtra? Sthir was impressed he didn’t think in this way. He was amazed by these questions. The bell rang to announce that it was time to his English class. So he came back to class.

In evening his father gave him good news that DTDC courier delivered his parcel to destination. Now he had chance to win the competition.  In night when Sthir was sleeping he found himself in Ramayana age. He saw Ravan kidnap Sita in his plane. It was like a helicopter so it was easy to land in woods, but when it rose from the earth it converted itself in a supersonic plane. Hanuman ji crossed the sea with the help of Jetpack. When the war started there were missiles coming from each sides. A big robot named Kumbhkarna came; it was so large Sthir was not able to see its face. Ram killed it with two missiles. There was one person inside the robot who was controlling it. Ravan had an energy filed around him so he was not being killed. Vibishan told Ram that there was center point of this energy field from where it started and if this point is hit the energy field will be destroyed. As soon as Ram killed Ravan Sthir woke up. Now he was seeing the whole world with different view.

He came back (Part 6)

He came back (Part 6)

Next day when he went to school he asked his father to ask Overnight people about courier. He was worried about his competition. In class of Mr. Ramanuj he forgot all this because he was discussing life on other planets. It was one of his favorite subject. He knew that there is life in other planets also and he was sure that alien has been visited his home and keeping an eye on him. He told them his views and Mr. Ramanuj was agreeing with his views. He told them many incidents when people saw aliens. Some were false and some were true. When Sthir told one incident when a person came back to earth from alien planet and someone killed him after that, Mr. Ramanuj kept silent.

At home his father was cursing the courier guy because still parcel was not sent. It was back again this time his father took the parcel back and the courier guy deducts half money for his services even parcel was not sent. He told that he worked a lot on this so it is his right. Now they were losing days for sending parcel. They went to market and searched for courier. They found another courier agency, they accepted the parcel and assured them, but they were worried. Charges were high but atleast DTDC has its name. So they gave the parcel. Sthir was praying that this time parcel must reach city.

Night was not normal that day. Sthir’s mother was going to washroom at night. She saw lights in kitchen. It was like same lights on which she saw the ghost. She thought that the ghost has come again so she came to her husband. She woke him up. Sthir’s father took his gun and both of them came to kitchen. Lights were still there. They came inside, Sthir’s father first ready with his gun then Sthir’s mother. But kitchen scene was terrifying. He forgets to click the gun trigger. Utensils were flying in the air. They were in a perfect formation like they are marching one by one. Three layers of utensils were in the air. In the middle gas cylinder was placed. Utensils were circling the cylinder. From cylinder a fire was emerging, it means there was no safety, cylinder was in direct touch with fire. But cylinder was ok it didn’t catch fire, otherwise there will be a blast. Both become statue no one was able to move. After some time light become low and utensils were coming down. They were settling in same perfect formation. The place on kitchen table was not so much so utensil rows were divided in three. Now there was nine story building by utensils. Both were amazed and horrified. This was first time when they saw a ghost activity by their own eyes. But ghost didn’t harm them. Light was gone and kitchen become normal except cylinder in the middle and utensils arranged in a strange and beautiful formation.

They came to Sthir’s room to check. Sthir was sleeping. His mother went to wash room, his father was guarding outside with the gun which offcourse has not much help. Sthir’s parents didn’t sleep that night. In the morning they didn’t tell anybody the miracle of night. They decided to keep this to them because nobody was able to help them now and moreover ghost was not hurting them. But from inside they were afraid. Sthir felt the horror but didn’t ask because he knew it will be related with alien sorry ghost activity. Sthir was in history class. He was getting bored. He saw outside the window there was an alien. AN ALIEN!!!! In the day broad daylight. He tried to tell teacher but there was no teacher.  He was alone in the class room not only teacher all other students were vanished. He again saw outside the class the alien was going to hill.

Sthir ran outside the class. He was surprised to see that full school was empty. He was the only person in the school. But when he reached to main gate he saw Mr. Ramanuj. He was smiling. He told him about alien then Mr. Ramanuj laughed. While laughing his face was changing. His skin was melting and a green color was emerging. His nose was expending and from inside purple color was visible. His lips were expending in gigantic form and in red color like blood; his whole face was swelling rapidly. Not only face his whole body was changing. His size was getting low. Soon he was changed in a monster. It was same like he saw outside the school. So Mr. Ramanuj is also an alien.  But it didn’t attack on Sthir it smiled at him. It said that they have chosen him from all the school. He is brilliant and they need him for experiments now it is time to go. Sthir tried to run away but the alien was much fast than him. He caught Sthir by hand and pulled. He took Sthir on his broad shoulder and started to walk to hill where a UFO was ready to fly.

He came back (Part 5)

He came back (Part 5)

He knew that his parents are very superstitious. He immediately becomes innocent about the thread. When his mother asked he told that he doesn’t know anything. He told that when he slept the thread was there but now he doesn’t know where it went. Somebody suggested that perhaps the ghost found a way to separate the thread from Sthir. Nobody doubted on an innocent and small child. They checked the room and found the thread in the dustbin. So it proved that the ghost did the act in the same time it proved that ghost is really powerful.

The night was sleepless for Sthir’s parents. But Sthir knew the truth so he was not worried but he was thinking about that person who was in the room. He kept asking his mother about the ghost.

“Mom, what was the look of ghost?”

“sshhhhh. Don’t talk about that.” His mother was worried like if she will talk about the ghost then the ghost will come.

“Please mom, tell whether he had four arms? What was his color?”

“Sthir, go and sleep. Don’t talk about the ghost.” His father told him in high volume.

This was the indication that talking is over. Now he is not able to talk. He went to his room offcourse with his mother as she was not letting him to be alone. He took his science experiment which he was making for a competition organized in the main city. It took him three round with his mother to bring all the equipment in his parent’s room. His father didn’t allow him to work in his room alone. Competition was in city and his presence was not compulsory. He needed to submit his project by courier till next week. He was working on this since last 3 weeks. He was making a space project which was based on a rocket travelling to space. This rocket was going and there was other galaxies and one black hole also. For black hole he used a electric magnet.  When time spends its power increase and it attracts other planets which were made of steel balls. For sun he used a bulb when rocket came near to it its power increase and it become brighter like you are in rocket and coming near to it. It was really great project. It was about to complete he got night and completed the project. Next day he took leave as he didn’t sleep at night.

His father packed the project and went to Overnight express courier service. He told them that it is made of glass so needed extra care. The agent took the parcel and charged very high amount. He assured them that the parcel will reach city next day. Sthir was relaxed. Now they went to Tantrik for exorcism. Tantrik heard the whole thing and announced that the ghost is more powerful than he imagined. He told that now it took more money and a big ritual which will needed one more tantrik. Sthir knew that the tantrik is making fool of his parents but he was helpless, nobody listens to a small boy.

So in evening another ritual was performed. The whole home was full of smoke. Two tantriks made strange performance and got a big amount from his father. All three of them were given most powerful threads in the world. Now no ghost was able to touch them. So everybody in home was secure.

Night was silent. No ghost appeared in their home. Next day he went to school, he told his father to confirm courier person about the parcel. School was normal. Mr. Ramanuj asked him why he didn’t come home. He told that he was ill but by looking at Mr. Ramanuj eyes he was sure that he is not convinced but he didn’t argue.

Day was as normal as it can be. It was normal that principal shouted at him. It was also normal when he felt that someone is following him. It was normal when people were talking about strange thing. It was normal that his father is worried. But this time his worry was not due to ghost it was due to courier service. The parcel was not dispatched; main courier service returned the courier due to packing is not sufficient. They said it is glass item so needed more safety measures. So his father purchased a lot of cotton and wrapped that parcel again and dispatched again from Overnight express itself. Now the agent told that it will be reached next day definitely. Now Sthir was worried because one day reduced and if there is some problem in reaching then he will be disqualified.

He came back (Part 4)

He came back (Part 4)

When he came outside his bedroom, environment of drawing room was tensed. His father was not reading newspaper and mother was also sitting with him. Why is she not in kitchen? There must be a big reason. He asked them what happened but his mother gave him routine reply to get ready he is late for school. But when he was getting ready his father asked him whether he went outside at night. He said “No”. His father didn’t ask anything else. He asked his mother why his father asked this. His mother told him that in morning they found front door of home open. This happened once before that time they thought that perhaps they forgot to lock which was about to impossible because his father always lock the door when he came from work. Today not only gate was open in kitchen they found refrigerator was kept open. Somebody ate some food also. It means some thief came inside at night but he only ate food because they didn’t find anything missing. His mother asked him his things are also moved or not because Sthir asked sometime that whether she touched his things.

So Sthir understood that this is same unknown person but he didn’t tell his mother about this. He wanted to keep this secret. Moreover the unknown person didn’t harm anybody which he could if he wanted. He was sure that that unknown person is testing him only. But this started to happen after that dark earth and UFO as people say case. Is it possible that some UFO came and some alien wants to test him?

He came to school but still thinking about that person or alien whatever he was. His mind was still working on UFO’s theory when his principal introduces them their new science teacher Mr. Ramanuj. New teacher asked him his name but he was lost. So principal was compelled to shout. But the level of shouting was not so much necessary. Every person in class including Sthir stunned to hear the shout. But Mr. Ramanuj was not affected by this. He smiled and asked Sthir’s name. It was like he doesn’t care about principal. This was his behavior which saved Sthir from Principal’s punishment. The new teacher was really cool. Science was Sthir’s one of favorite subject. He was very much interested in space. Other teachers were always angry with Sthir because he asks questions on every stream of science. But this new teacher was happy to listen Sthir’s queries. He answered with a smile every question. At the end of class Sthir got another favorite teacher.

He became habitual of that being following feeling while returning home. He was sure that someone is keeping an eye on him and he is the one who is coming to his home at night. When he came home he found many people gathered outside his home. He frightened about thinking some mishappen. He run inside home and found a Tantrik (an exorcist) was there. His parents were sitting in front of him and he was doing some strange rituals. Sthir was surprised and angry on his parent’s superstitious nature. They were assuming that some ghost is doing all this.

The Tantrik called him and give him a thread to bind on his hand which his mother immediately bound to his arm. Sthir didn’t want to do so but he didn’t dare to object his mother. Till evening the tantrik did his rituals and at last when he was satisfied that no evil soul can survive now in the house then only he left the home. Surely before leaving home he got handsome money from Sthir’s parents.

Night was not ok. Sthir woke up by scream of his mother. When he woke up he found his mother was screaming at the door of his room. There was a strange light in his room which immediately stopped. He didn’t understand from where the light was coming. His father came to his room running. His mother followed his father and embraced Sthir at once like she was afraid to lose him. His father switched on the lights and asked his mother where is he. Sthir asked “Who?” But nobody was paying attention to him. His mother told that he was there. Sthir asked his mother “Who?” His father looked beneath the bed and searched in bathroom also but there was nobody. His mother took him in their bedroom. She was not ready to leave him alone. A knock was on front door. His father opened the door and found some neighbors were there with Lathi (big stick) in their hands. They heard Sthir’s mother scream and thought that there is some thief. Sthir’s mother told that there was a ghost in Sthir’s room. She woke up at night and found a light was coming from Sthir’s room she thought that Sthir left light open. So she came to switch off the light and found there was a ghost with big head about to jump on Sthir. So she screamed. Sthir was surprised that everybody took this as universal truth. In evening Tantrik did his ritual this made everyone clear that there is a big violent ghost in their home. Everybody start talking and it was decided that Tantrik will be called again because somebody suggested that perhaps due to rituals ghost is angry so he presented itself in front of them. But they were safe as they all wore the holly thread given by Tantrik. His mother checked the thread on his arm and it was no there. Sthir was in trouble now because in evening he removed that thread from his arm as he knew there is no ghost.

He came back (Part 2)

He came back (Part 2)

When he started to the school then he found that elder people of village were outside their houses and discussing something. He saw outside the village on hill many people are gathered. This place was seen near his way so he went there and found there was round burn mark on the ground. All grass was burnt and earth was black. People were gathered there and discussing about this. So this was the matter. Perhaps that thing which he saw at night came here. He was sure now that it was not lightening. He had heard about stories of UFS’s, so his mind went there immediately. Then he remembered that how almost all the stories went false so he also removed that idea.

In the school all children were discussing that there is something happened, but nobody knew exactly as they were from other side of hill. Now it is Sthir turn to be the center of attraction. He told everybody what happened and told about night incident also. Students were asking more details so he added one or two lines from his side also. So the story was spread. After lunch principal called him and asked about the story details then Sthir came to know that after adding his lines students added one or two line from their sides also. Now the story which was finally decided was that Sthir was outside yesterday night. He saw some lights from sky. When he looked above then a UFO was coming down. Sthir saw that a UFO landed on the earth and one alien came outside and tried to catch Sthir but Sthir ran away and hide in home.

Sthir was surprised how the story took so many twists. He tried to explain but Principal was same old typical Principal who doesn’t listen, doesn’t understand students. He was punished, two more classes after school time for three days. It was too much, he was not able to attend the class for whole school time, now he need to attend two more classes its mean more one and half hour. A message was sent to his home by principal because his punishment was started from same day.

After that boring class, he started his lazy journey to home. When he was in the way, he felt that someone is following him. He looked back but there was no one. This is the first time in life he felt that. He thought he heard some noise but after a great try he didn’t hear that sound again. He was a little frightened. It was like someone very near but he was not able to see him.

At last he came home, today the way to home seemed very long because he was continuously looking back. His mother didn’t let him go to play because his principal called. He was furious without his fault he was punished in home and school both places. But he was brilliant in these cases. As he was a great mischief master from beginning, when he was grounded he always do some experiments. Today again he started to play with wires and electricity. He was trying to produce laser by these equipments. Soon he was able to produce laser light by this. This was not like he wanted; laser was produced but in small amount and for some time. He tried and tried but he was not able to think the reason. He need more time to complete the project. But when he watched the watch it was night about dinner time. When he decided to go for dinner he sensed the same feeling that somebody is with him, somebody is watching him.

He came to dinner table and got a great lecture from his father. It was routine so he ignored. At night he slept dreamlessly. His mother woke him up but he was very sleepy. That was not normal. He was a bit lazy but so much laziness was not his nature. It was like he could sleep the whole day. But going school was his biggest responsibility. His mother told him to clear the table on which his yesterday experiment was placed. He came there and found that his whole sleep was gone. His experiment was changed. Somebody has touched his experiment; not only it was touched it was modified. Who can do this? His parents don’t know about science and moreover his father will never come to his room at night and mother will not touch this scrap (in her view). He checked the project and became surprised to see that it was working perfectly. Somebody added some adjustments with this and it was working well. The unknown person added a trigger also to control the laser. When he produced laser he found it was really powerful because where it touched the table, a burn mark there to prove that laser burned the wood.

It was like a basic laser gun now. But who did that? It was a secret. He asked his mother whether somebody came to his room at night, his mother gave negative answer.

The whole day in school he was thinking about yesterday night. He brought that laser gun to school and when his principal came to give class to them. He got a chance and used his laser to burn his chair. It was not so powerful that it could burn the chair immediately. He used the gun in small time so that the plastic didn’t burn immediately. He used the gun many time and it was a big black spot on chair. When principal set on the chair it was not able to bear his weight. He sunk down in the chair and the whole class was on their foot laughing. Nobody was able to explain how this happened. But this incident didn’t remove his punishment; today again he remained in school for two periods horribly by principal himself this time.