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Never tell a lie (Part 7)

Sthir was now worried because he knew that plan was not simple, whatever is happening is very much dangerous. It could be act of some enemy country to get hold on India by controlling small cities. He decided to check Priya’s home because there was no bad news about Priya or her family. This case was old so it could be possible that anything bad had been happened but report was not released in media. Sthir installed two cameras near Priya’s home and with previous experience he installed the camera little far away with x-ray vision.

It was really difficult to control all the things in one time. He understood saving the world work is really difficult and boring. He applied to hostel warden that his uncle has come in the city for some work and staying in a hotel. So he wants to stay with him for 2-3 days. Warden didn’t allow for 3 days but after many requests he allowed for one day only. It is better to have something than nothing. So Sthir was glad. But he was lucky this time. The same day he got some movement near her home. He was watching in cameras signal which were coming to his mobile. He saw that one person has trespass the outside wall and went inside. Sthir tried to see the face but that person had his face covered with a hood. The person went to the corner and started to climb on the pipe. Soon he was on second story where the glass of near window was opened. He entered inside home. Sthir was watching all this. X-ray vision was working properly. He could see that the intruder was going to first floor now. So the intruder knew that the window will be opened. Perhaps it is broken or it can be possible that someone inside home is with him. The intruder didn’t stop he went to ground floor. Now vision was getting confusing because by x-ray vision he could see all things so things of above two floors were making confusion with ground floor.

Sthir was thinking perhaps the thing which the intruder was searching on ground floor, but he was surprised when he opened a gate below stairs and went to basement. So this guy whoever he is knows everything about home. Someone has told him everything or he got the knowledge of everything from a person who lived in the home from years like Priya. A wild idea came in Sthir’s mind perhaps the person is extracting all knowledge from the victim’s mind and by this he or she can know everything about that person. So by this idea this person knows every single object or knowledge which Priya knows about home. That is why he can go so easily in the home without any problem.

He tried hard to concentrate on the intruder’s movements. It was difficult to say what he was doing in basement. But it was clear that he took something from an almirah or safe whatever it is. This time that person didn’t take the same route. He came to main gate and opened it. He came out from home from front door. Sthir got active. He put the mobile in his pocket and came near to gate. The intruder started to move in right side of home. Sthir was ready and he ran towards the intruder. The person was intelligent but he was not so fast and Sthir was two time fast than a normal person. He caught the person by his neck.

Now the person was surprised. He moved fast and his right kick caught Sthir on mouth. Sthir was not expecting so much speed from him because his previous movements were very slow but now he was fighting like an expert professional fighter. Sthir was not a normal guy now. He was stronger than any normal guy. He got ready and started to control that thief. But surprisingly the person was now stronger and fast and for more problems he was really aggressive like he doesn’t care about him. Sthir stopped two kicks by his both hands side by side and he didn’t know how or from where a kick came straight to his chest. He flew backward and crashed on the road. It is really painful when you hit a coal tar coated road with full force. The intruder was in hurry he didn’t wait Sthir to get up. He started to run. Sthir ran after him. Sthir was following the intruder now, on a sharp cut the intruder stopped suddenly and kicked backward. Sthir was in full force he tried to save the kick and move aside. But the force made him go forward. His hand grabbed the hood from the intruder’s face. His eyes were widened from shock. In the same time the intruder moved his knee to Sthir’s face and stars started to dance in front of Sthir’s eyes. He fell back covering his face with both hands. When he became normal, his head was giddy with pain and shock because when he removed the hood he found that the person was not he; he was a she; a girl. A girl who can’t be herself because the face he saw was the face of PRIYA.


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Never tell a lie (part 6)

Never tell a lie (Part 6)

Next day Sthir did his routine with balloons and cameras. When he reached the class some student were discussing about how bad happened with Rajesh’s family. Sthir’s heard and became curious what now happened to Rajesh or his family. He asked them and came to know that Rajesh’s father was working in Deputy Commissioner’s office. He became mad after Rajesh’s incident and set his house on fire. He and his wife died, Rajesh was in hospital so he was safe. Rajesh is so unlucky that his parents died and he didn’t realized what he has lost. Police is searching something in what remained of house. Rumor is Rajesh’s father got some important documents related to expansion plan of city.

This news makes Sthir uncomfortable. He decided to bunk the class and came out of room. Heena was about to come inside. Sthir was in hurry so both hit each other. Heena was about to fall due to this contact but Sthir caught her by her waist. She smiled; Sthir didn’t apologize and went away. Heena was surprised what happened. Sthir came to library and took the newspapers. He was searching for any clue. He didn’t think yet what about victim’s family. There was news about Jai’s family accident. Jai was the first victim who came to knowledge. Jai’s papa was MLA (that’s why police took immediate action that day). A thief entered in their home and opened the hidden safe. Surprisingly the thief knew where it was and how to unlock it. He went straight to safe without any problem. Security guards went to sleep somehow. Jai’s mom woke up for water. She saw the thief and shouted. Jai’s father woke up and tried to stop the thief but thief shoots both of them and run away. When police came safe was opened, all money and jewels were safe. It was still a mystery what was thief’s motive. If he was after something special then what it was?

There was nothing much he got. So in two cases something happened after that. But what about others, there was no news for them. He wanted to know more but how. When he left library he met Heena again. This time they didn’t hit each other but Heena was not happy. Sthir ignored and started to go but Heena stopped him. She caught his hand and dragged him to canteen. On the side corner table she ordered two coffees. She didn’t talk to Sthir when coffee arrived she simply started to sip her coffee. Sthir got restless; he knew why Heena is behaving like this. He never tried to get attention, girls were always circling him. But this was something new for him, Heena was ignoring and it was affecting him. It is human tendency when someone is caring and coming near they don’t feel the value but when someone is ignoring then they tried to get close. Same was happening here, when Heena was trying to come near Sthir was showing attitude but now today he was feeling strange. After five long minutes, Sthir spoke “Sorry, Heena, I was in hurry. Actually I was thinking something and didn’t see you.”

“It’s OK.” A flat simple answer came from Heena lips

“So…” Sthir was trying to start conversation.

“So?” Heena put full stop on his conversation.

“How was the class?”


“Arr… what did you learn?”

“If you are so much interested then why didn’t you attend the class?” Heena snapped.

Sthir understood that his behavior hurt Heena very much. Now there was no other option except to tell Heena everything. So he told Heena about his investigation about these weird incidents. Heena became interested and her mood changed. Girls are so complicated when you are trying to make them understand by using your full mind then they will not understand but when you leave your knowledge and tell them more strange things from your heart they will understand everything. Now she was not angry. Sthir didn’t tell her about cameras because it would surprise her about how he knew this technology. She tried to give her suggestions but none of them was great as she didn’t know the truth and she was not able to think about so latest technology. But one thing which Heena told Sthir was the key which Sthir was searching. Priya was daughter of municipal commissioner of the city. Heena knew Priya. Sthir asked her anything bad happened to her family after this. But Heena told that everything was ok, nothing wrong happened to her family it is what she knew. Now mood was good and both became secret keeper also. Full day was spent so they left college.

Sthir came to hostel and started to thing. So mostly students belong to rich and powerful families, someone is trying to control or get something very important and when action is so dangerous then the motive would be disaster.


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Never tell a lie (part 5)

Never tell a lie (Part 5)

When Sthir got hint that his enemy is also a scientist, he was more careful. Now he understood that why his camera’s didn’t catch any movement. But if that person knew that Sthir is trying to catch him then he will be more careful. He checked his computer and scanned all the cameras. All cameras were working. Now he checked the recordings, one camera shows some disturbance for five seconds. Its pictures were disturbed like electro-magnetic rays caught it. Perhaps it was the moment when that scientist was crossing the camera.  Now he knew that these cameras will not help him.

Sthir decided to use X-ray with camera. He adjusted X-ray system with camera. Now this camera could be use to see through walls. He adjusted this with his hostel’s roof from where the whole college could be seen. He checked his computer and found this was working great but there was one problem, roof was not so high to cover all college. So camera was showing only a part of college clearly rest of part was not properly visible. He needed to adjust the camera high, but HOW? He didn’t get much equipment. He was watching buildings to check from where he could be able to fit the camera, but all buildings near college were low. Next day when he was going to college then he saw a rickshaw, it had a banner for pulse polio advertisement. He got an idea. He bunked the college and went to municipal department and met the officer. He suggested using an air balloon, so that it could be seen from a long distance. The idea was great. The officer liked this but he told that they don’t have a balloon so big. So Sthir gave an idea, he told them to use banner for balloon cover. For balloon he suggested to use many small balloons and cover them with banner. The officer liked the idea and approved.

After that Sthir went to college’s NSS (National Service Scheme) office, he become member and gave his first idea on first day. He suggested that they must aware people to give their children pulse polio drop. The idea was approved and NSS volunteers started the work. So he got permission to put balloon with pulse polio message.

He fitted three of his cameras around his college so that he could see full college. Heena came to him searching. She was upset that he was not attending class from yesterday. He told her about his services to society. She was excited by the idea to help people, so she also become NSS member and started work with them especially with Sthir. Soon three big banners were flying over college. Problem was just one these were supposed to be bringing down daily and replace balloons.

Now Sthir was able to keep an eye on whole college at night. He checked his computer at night a night vision was showing. Full college was showing like outlines. Two images were showing in colleges. But these were street dogs that got some way to enter in college. College guard was sitting on college gate. Everything was ok.

Next day he got up early and went to NSS office got keys of roof and replace the balloons so that nobody could see the cameras. His work was done. He came to class. He was the first student who came in class. He opened his beg and pulled out a book on physics which he took from library. He was really early, nobody came to class yet but Sthir was not the person who was missing any of them except one. He was reading the book when someone came near him and a sweet voice came in his ears “Hi”

He lifted his head Heena was there. Today she was in white jeans and a colorful top. She was looking stunning. She gave him her same beautiful smile and again said “Hi”

Sthir was so lost in seeing her beauty that he forgot to reply, second time he controlled himself and said “Hi, How are you?”

Heena smiled and said “See the weather, is it time to read a book? Even out teacher took leave to enjoy the weather.”

“But I have a class to attend… What? Mr. Sharma is on leave? That’s why class is empty.”

“Oh come on, let’s have coffee in the canteen.” Heena caught his hand and pull gently.

Sthir didn’t like to go but he was not able to say no to Heena. He put back the book in beg and both started to go to canteen. Their class was on first floor when they were going down two of their class mates were sitting on stairs. They looked them together and a naughty smile came on their lips. Sthir got the point what they were thinking he looked at Heena but she ignored them, a cute smile was on her lips also.

It was not like Heena was not beautiful, she was really beautiful, and many students were trying to talk to her but she liked Sthir. Both came to canteen and ordered two coffees. First time Heena got a real chance to talk to Sthir in real way. Heena started to ask Sthir about his family, his friends and his Past. Sthir was confused because he knew that he lost many years. He didn’t know where he was or if he knew he never told anyone about that past. He knew before coming to college that this question would be raised so he had already made a story about his school and life. He told the same to Heena. Heena didn’t doubt as it was normal story or because she loved him so much that anything which he would say She will believe him.


He came back (part 1)

Never tell a lie (part 4)

Never tell a lie (part 1)

Never tell a lie (part 4)

Never tell a lie (Part 4)

Rajesh was also in the same strange condition. He was in Sthir’s class so Sthir knew him very much. First time he got the chance to meet some victim and he didn’t lose that. He immediately went to Rajesh and guided him to class. No teacher had come yet. He told all others to clear the place so that Rajesh can get air, crowd can depress him in this condition. Many students went away but some were still there. He took Rajesh to nearby bench. They set there and Sthir tried to talk but Rajesh didn’t give any response. He was lost somewhere. Hiding from others eyes, Sthir pinched him on his back but Rajesh didn’t’ winced or complained. Sthir checked his eyes there were ok but not responding to any view. He put his hand around Rajesh’ neck, they were in open and he couldn’t check him fully. So he was showing that he is comforting him and was checking so much which is possible there. He felt one burn mark on his neck backside. He checked immediately, there was two burn marks on Rajesh’s neck in back side. That was covered with hair so no one could see without removing the hairs. He also felt his pulse and blood pressure while holding him. It was one of his new ability which he got after his disappearance. Rajesh’s pulse was heavy and blood pressure was high. His breathing was also not normal it was fast. Gathered students were also interested now, but Sthir didn’t show them that marks and removed his hands and gazed. Students didn’t understand whether he saw something or not.

Teachers came and Sthir handed over Rajesh to them. Principal called for police also. Sthir left for class, today there was a test, so he hurriedly came to class. Heena was waiting for him in class, when she saw him she waved to him to come to her. She was saving a seat near her for him. Sthir didn’t want to break her heart so he went there and sit near her. He knew that he can’t concentrate on all the evidences while she is there but he couldn’t ignore her. She was his one of best friends and he always liked her smile so much. Today she was in her red and green suit which was his favorite. Heena didn’t like that suit much but when Sthir praised her, it became her favorite also. She told him that class was cancelled due to this incident so was test. Now they have full period free. Sthir tried to go but Heena didn’t let him. They started to talk, first Sthir’s mind was calculating all the possibilities but now he left the topic and drowns in her endless talking.

Students started to talk about ghosts. Someone spread rumors about ghosts. Some claimed that they have seen some strange transparent things. It is easy to believe in ghosts in India because from childhood we are taught to believe in supernatural things which can be ghosts or divine powers.

After college he went to his hostel. He started to put all incidents together, he noted all on sticky notes, one incident on one note. After this he put all on the wall. These incidents were happening in night, in college. The culprit was not waiting for only one; two persons were attacked by him in same time. One thing was common, all told lies except last one which was not clear. In first case Jai also lied to his parents that he was going to a special class. Sthir was confident that Rajesh also told lie to his parents and came to college. He talked to Rajesh’s best friend Mona. First she told that she doesn’t know anything but Sthir got the hint that she was telling a lie. So he threatened her that he is calling the cops. She became afraid and asked Sthir not to call cops. She was ready to tell everything on one promise that her name must not come in this case. Sthir promised because he knew that she was not a culprit. She told that Rajesh came to college to hide some notes so that they both could use these in today’s test. So it cleared that Sthir’s theory was right that whenever someone came in college with a lie he become victim. But question was “Why? Who is doing this? What is his problem if someone is lying?”

It was clear it was not work of ghosts because Sthir saw some strange marks on the neck of Rajesh. It could be possible that it is only a coincidence because he didn’t check it on other victim’s body. So he wanted to make it sure. He knew Akshit was in which hospital. So he went there to meet him. His mother was there. Sthir introduced him as his classmate so she allowed him to meet Akshit. Sthir asked her mother for a glass of water, while she was filling glass with water, Sthir checked Akshit’s neck. There were same marks like Rajesh’s. Now it was getting clear that this was due to some science experiment. But who was able to do this? This was a very high level technology which is not known existence on earth. Sthir was preparing himself to fight a genius scientist.

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Never tell a lie (part 3)

Never tell a lie (Part 3)

Police came and enquired the teacher who talked to Akshit last. He was taken to police station to identify the other person. The teacher immediately recognized the person that he was Akshit’s father. An elderly person came in sight shouting that the teacher is a liar; he did something to his son. Teacher was confused; police inspector told him that the shouting person is Akshit’s father. Now the question was raised who the other person is and why the teacher was lying.

The teacher Mr. Mehta told them that pervious night he caught Akshit taking drugs so he called to his father by his phone. His father told that he is coming and this person came and took Akshit. After that Mr. Mehta also left college. Now the mystery was who the other man is while Akshit’s father was in front of police. He told that Mr. Mehta is telling a lie. Police inspector asked for Akshti’s mobile which they recovered from him. He checked the number, Mr. Mehta told the time so they found the number from phone. The police inspector dialed the no, a person pick up the phone and asked,” Hi Akshit, what’s up?”

Inspector asked,” Who is this?”

The other person enquired about inspector and asked how the inspector is holding Akshit’s phone. Inspector introduced himself and asked about the person. He told that he is Akshit’s friend Rohit. Inspector asked him to come to police station immediately. All were waiting for Rohit now. The puzzle could be solved after Rohit’s story.

Sthir was outside the police station with other students. When the news spread many students came to police station. In first case, they didn’t react but second case was worst a girl was raped due to this sickness or disease whatever it is. Now the cases numbers were increasing. They wanted police to take action on this. Principal Mr. Chakrvarti also came. He went inside but Sthir and other students were not allowed to come inside. Others were talking but Sthir was listening everything from outside. Situation was critical. Ten minutes passed but Rohit didn’t come. Akshit’s father was becoming out of control, inspector ordered two constables to go to Rohit’s place. One of students knew his home so he accompanied them. After five minutes Rohit came with his father on his bike. Constables were still in search of him, inspector called them to come back. Akshit’s father caught Rohit by throat, police officers came forward and separate them. Rohit’s father got angry and shouted that he will call his lawyer. Inspector told him that two person had lost their mind and his son’s actions are suspicious in this matter. So if he will take any wrong action it will prove that his son is involved in this.

Rohit’s father’s temper immediately came down. Inspector asked Rohit what is going on. Who the other person with Akshit is? Rohit told that when Mr. Mehta caught Akshit then they immediately thought a plan. They removed Rohit’s name from Akshit’s phone. When Mr. Mehta asked his father number then Akshit’s friend gave Rohit’s number. Mr. Mehta talked to Rohit while he was thinking that he was talking to Akshit’s father. After this Rohit and his friends hired a junior artist to play a real life role as Akshit’s father. He came to rescue Akshit from Mr. Mehta’s clutches. He took Akshit and both left Mr. Mehta’s office after that that junior artist called to Rohit and confirmed that everything is ok. He told that he is goint to drop Akshit to his home and Akshit is still in influence of drugs. He told that after that he will come to his home for money but Rothit told that he will pay tomorrow and there is no need to come at night. After that there was no contact, the artist didn’t call in morning.

Now the situation was clear, Mr. Mehta was not guilty. Police inspector permitted him to leave. Rohit’s father slapped Rohit for this lie. He told that due to this Akshit and that man lost their memory. Akshit’s father was silent now. He realized that it was his son’s fault, no other was guilty for this. But what happened to Akshit? If he lost his memory due to drug then what about the other man? He didn’t take any drugs.

Police was bewildered; the situation was out of control. They didn’t have any clue what was happening in the college. Principal Chakrvarti ordered that no student will stay in college after 5 p.m. Hostel wardens were instructed to check every student after 7 p.m. every student must come in hostel before 7 p.m. Students argued that they have coaching and other work, this time is early but Principal was not in mood to listen anything. No teacher argued this time because this party incident supported that principal was right.

One week passed there was no other incident. It is Indian culture when there is no accident for sometime rules are eased and started to bend by people. Now teacher and students were less afraid but still no student was allowed to stay at college after 5 pm and every hostler must entered in hostel before 7 pm. Sthir was also bound to rule but thanks to his mind he placed his moving cameras all in campus. These cameras came back after party to him. These cameras had robotic legs which were folded but when Sthir sent signal they started to move to origin of that signal. He was not able to keep any eye on whole college so he put one at college entrance and one near bathroom where second incident was held. One was held near art block, one was on hostel gate and one was inside hostel which was moving everywhere so that he could check every place after some time, one moving camera was also marching in college. Next day when he came to college there was a huge rush. One more victim was wandering in the college, he was one of the student of Sthir’s batch.


He came back

Never tell a lie (part 2)

Shaheen (Part 1)


Never tell a lie (Part 2)

Never tell a lie (Part 2)

Nobody knew what happened to Priya and Rajeev. Rumors was spreading that they both ran away and married now, but these rumors were stopped when police find out Rajeev. He was found near a temple. His situation was same like Jai. He didn’t know who he is? Police asked about Priya but he was unaware about himself how he could tell about anybody else. Police used force because they thought perhaps he was telling a lie. Police was thinking about human trafficking. But it was wrong because doctors find that Rajeev really lost his memory and motive to will. He was not interested in food and living.

Sthir was thinking about this now he rejected the possibility of drugs. Why Rajeev and Priya will use drugs when they were going to Goa together. Rajeev was found in city it means he didn’t go to Goa so did Priya. Now the question is what happened to both and where is Priya? He second question was answered by police next day. Priya was recovered from slum area. Her situation was critical. She was molested by some criminals. Priya was in the same state of Rajeev. She didn’t know what to do or what not to. Police forced those criminals to speak truth. They told that they found Priya wandering on roads. She was lost and didn’t know where to go. Priya was beautiful and young so they brought her to slums. She didn’t object and came like a child who believes on everyone without any doubt. After reaching here they raped her but she didn’t fight and didn’t shout. She was behaving like she didn’t care about herself. She didn’t eat from two days, that’s why her situation was going down. So they decided to drop her on road so that if she died due to molestation and hunger then nobody doubt on them. In doing this process they were caught by police.

Sthir was the one who reported police about this. Actually he was searching for Priya and any clue about this terrible incident. He was using his special powers. He could hear from a long distance and most valuable power is he can differentiate all voices from each other. So he was able to hear in traffic noise also. When he heard the talk of those criminals about a mad girl who could not defend herself, he went there and found Priya. Priya’s parents came to hospital and wept by seeing the situation of their beloved daughter.

Principle Chakrvarti announced next day that no student must tell lie and go alone at night. Student heard that boring lecture and left the hall after meeting. This age is like this, they don’t think about any danger. They plan only for today not for future, enjoyment is the first priority and safety is secondary. Arts block organized a party. As usual Principle was against it he didn’t allow to use college campus for this party but all teachers told him that if party will be in campus then they could apply rules and they could keep an eye on students else if party is organized outside then anything can be happen because there will not be any rules.

Women protection society organized a rally outside college. They were blaming college management for not safety of Priya. This came in news and become a major issue. Now principle thought about teacher’s advice and allowed the party in campus. Students were happy. Shikha a first year art student asked Sthir for party. Sthir was not interested to go into a party but by looking present situation he was ready to go to keep an eye on students. When Heena heart about this she was angry, she was a science student like Sthir and was not allowed without any invitation. So she asked Harshit an art student who had crush on her and she knew that.

Now both Sthir and Heena were going to party. Both were not interested but Sthir was going for safety of students and Heena was going for safety of Sthir from other girls. Sthir took some spy cams and made a cap with that. This cap was amazing, it had lights on this which were changing and revolving around the cap. Actually spy cam was hidden in that by revolving in cap it could capture 360 degree view of party. He gave this type of caps to some other students also as gift. They took it happily because these were cool. Sthir put wireless connection between spy cams and his pc now all recording was saved in his computer.

Party started, Sthir was with Shikha and Heena with Harshit, and both were not interested in their partner. Party was good, dance started and some students went on floor to dance. Harshit asked Heena but she rejected but when Sthir was ready to dance with Shikha she became ready. Sthir didn’t want to say no to Shikha as she was the one who provided him permission to come to party. He caps were doing well. He noticed that some students were going in bathroom and when they are coming their body movements were changed. He went to bathroom and found that they were using drugs. Sthir was angry but he didn’t have authority to stop. Neither he could stop this himself nor could he tell this to any teacher because it will show him teacher’s spy and no student wants this label for him. He came outside and sit on a chair. Heena also came there. Sthir knew why Heena is there. they started to talk. Harshit and Shikha came there also. They eat and took soft drinks. After three hours party was over. Everybody was going home. Some students were in influence of drugs. Akshit had his gang, he took overdose of drug because his girl Nikita dumped him. He was trying to get benefit of her in party, his friends also misbehaved with her when she objected He told her that it is common. She was angry because she was not a thing. So she left him and he took overdose of drugs.

When Sthir was leaving the place he heard a teacher caught Akshit and his friends for taking drugs. He was calling to his father. His father was coming there, so teacher asked Akshit to stay. Every other student left the place only teachers and Akshit were there. Sthir also left the campus. He was statisfied that no student is harmed now. He went to drop Shikha after the party. When he came back he used his powers to find any clue in campus. But there was no one. So he was happy that everybody went to home safely. Next day news spread that Akshit and one unknown person were found near bridge unconscious. They don’t have memory of previous night.


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Never tell a lie

Never tell a lie

Sthir was old enough. Nobody knew why he became adult so soon. He was about 18 now but his friends were still about 14-15. Not only physical but he was changed from inside also. He was still brilliant but now he was much more. He got some other qualities. He cleared his 12th class. He needed 10th mark sheet to get admission in next class but nobody knows how he managed to get that. He cleared exam and got admission in college. Now he was in same age group students. His parents were surprised how he managed to do that but they didn’t question him much because they found their son after decades. College was not in his village so he left the village and came to city. He got admission in college hostel.

Sthir was different in nature also. Now he liked to stay alone. He got physics in prime subject. He was much more brilliant now. He seemed to know more than his lecturers in college. It was proved this in first week in his college. He had all the answers for his lecturer’s questions but no lecturer was able to clear his doubts. It makes him one of the most popular student of his class. He was handsome it was due to his disappearance secret or he was really like this it was not certain. But many girls were very much interested in him. Many of them tried to be friend with him but he was a shy in this case.

To know about Sthir please see previous story He Came Back

Principal of this college Mr. Chakrvarti was very strict. He never allowed outsider to come in college and didn’t allow his students to do anything wrong. One day Sthir came to college and there was an open meeting notice on the board. He went to the meeting and found the whole college was gathered there even police was there. Sthir understood that there is something terribly wrong. Principal announced mysteriously disappearance of a student. Jai was a student of B.Sc 2nd year in the college. One day he went missing. A police complained was launched. After two days Jai was found behind bushes in college ground. He had lost his mind, he lost his memory also. He was behaving odd; he was not interested in food or anything. When his parents came then he didn’t recognize them and didn’t show any interest to know about them. It was like he had lost all interest of living. Because he was found in college so police came to investigate. Now Inspector took the mike and asked that is there anyone who knows about this. Nobody raise the hand. Meeting was dismissed and everybody returned to classes.

The whole day this news was the main discussion point of everyone. Heena came to Sthir to talk. She was a beautiful girl with dark hair, beautiful eyes and a very lovely smile. Her bronze color was shining in sun light. “Hey Sthir, what’s going on?”

“Nothing much, just thinking about Jai and his mysterious behavior.”

“Don’t worry; I think it is a drug case. Perhaps he took some drugs and overdose made this happen.”

“I think you are right.” Sthir thought it was the best explanation and it cleared all the doubts.

Then they went to class. There also all students were talking about this. Most popular story was same like Heena a drug case. Police was also thinking on this, they talked to many students and their questions were also revolving around any drug racket.

In some days this news becomes old and boring. Students forgot about that. A college trip was organized. Chemistry head Mr. Upadhyay organized that but Principal Mr. Chakrvarti was against that. He was always against of all cultural activities. Trip to Manali was organized and many students were ready. Nobody cared about Principal objection. Two buses were hired and all students were advised to reach at college till 8 pm. Departure time was 8:30 pm.

Rajeev and Priya loved each other. They never left any chance to meet each other. They planned to go Goa instead of Manali. Rajeev booked flight ticket for both. They informed their home that they will go with college tour. They planned to meet at hotel but Priya’s parents came to drop her to college so both came to college but decided to go to hotel after departure of bus. Priya’s parents dropped her and she came to bus but they were waiting so she seat in the bus. She called Rajeev and he also came inside the bus. They waited and when buses were about to go both stepped down the bus and went in a empty class room. Their friends knew that so nobody objected. Teacher and parents were ignored about this. After going bus Priya’s parents went away. As per plan Rajeev and Priya came outside and started to go outside for taking auto for hotel. Priya wanted to go to bathroom so they went there and Priya went inside. Rajeev was waiting outside when he heard scream of Priya. He ran inside and door closed itself.

After two days the tour returned. Police was waiting outside college. Everyone was surprised. Police enquired about Priya. Her parents were with police. They asked about Priya because her phone was not reachable. Her other friends were not in the tour so they were not able to contact with her. Nobody told them where they go because every friend thought Priya and Rajeev were enjoying in Goa and their phone were switch off. They were supposed to come before this tour but both were missing.

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