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ImageThe Haunted House (Part 21 final part)

“Vikas!!!!! What are you doing? Why are you helping her?” Ravi screamed.

“Ha Ha Ha” Vikas laugh was so cold that it freeze blood of Ravi.

“I am not helping her. Truth is she is helping me.”

“What? What are you saying? What we have done to you.” Ravi was surprised to hear this. He was thinking that Preeti was doing all this, now truth came that she was only helping.

“You are the person who killed my Aina.” Vikas shouted.

“Your Aina!!!!! What is this mean?” another surprised strike Ravi in mind.

“yes, My Aina.  I loved her. I loved her from my heart. But she loved you. It was you who killed her. You rejected her love. My poor love, couldn’t bear this and took her life. It was your fault. I can’t forgive you for this.”

“But how you learned this black stuff? Did Preeti taught you all this?” this time Baba Prchandnath asked.

“No no no no. Preeti didn’t teach me. It was I who taught her all this. When Ravi left college, I tried to come near Aina. I started to come close to her family. Soon I and Preeti become good friends. Aina never approved my love. But she didn’t object my friendship with Preeti. My father was a great Tantrik. I learned all this from him. Preeti was interested so I taught her one or two tricks but that was not harmful or dangerous. So she was on my side for learning more. Aina was forgetting you but again she came near you when she was doing MBA. It was my bad luck. She lost control herself in love. When you refused she took her own life. Preeti was angry also. She wanted revenge so I taught her really dark stuff.”

“You spoiled a innocent girl for your madness” Baba Prchandnath said angrily.

“She is not a child, she also wanted to take revenge for her sister death.”

“Then why she is not speaking anything. Why she is behaving like a zombie. “Baba Prcahndnath said while observing Preeti’s expressions.

“She is lost in internal Sadhna. She also wants to kill both Ravi and Ritu and now you interfered so you will also die.”

“You are using her. She is in your control. She knew exactly that Ravi is not the cause of her sister death. She was near you so you used black magic to control her.”

“Yes, I did that. But that was for Aina. Ravi was the cause. He must die today and it will happened by hand of Aina’s sister.”

“Preeti, what are you waiting for? Your sister’s murderers are in front of you. Go and kill all of them.” VIkas handed over the Trident of Baba Prchandnath to Preeti. Preeti took the trident and started to move towards Ravi.

Baba Prcahndnath tried to fre himself but invisible bounds were very strong. He saw the Mr. Jack was not there where he was lying unconscious.

“Why did you waited for four years? Why didn’t you kill them before? Why now?.” Baba Prchandnath asked his doubt.

“I tried, but I am not powerful to send my black spells in another city. I tried to find them but I didn’t get their address. When I found that they came back then I send a request to broker for letting out this property to Ravi on cheap rates. A small work of hypnotism made the owner to do this. With help of Preeti I started my black magic on Ritu first. It was working and I was getting success. first I tried to send Ravi to jail in Aina’s murder. So I show false dreams to Ritu and it was also successful but suddenly something happened after. Ritu got hint I don’t know how and my magic started to lose power.”

“Because that time Aina’s body was discovered and her soul was free from her coffin. She helped Ritu to get truth and she was the reason your magic was getting weaker. She doesn’t want to harm Ravi and Ritu. She is in favor of both. You are doing wrong. If you will hurt Ravi,  Aina will not forgive you.” Baba Prchandnath tried to convince that mad man.

“You are lying. These false things will not affect my decision.”

Baba Prcahndnath got glimpse of Mr. Jack. He was trying to get close to Preeti who is holding Trident in her hands close to Ravi’s throat.

“Why did you help us to find Preeti? It was easy to attack us while we don’t know who is doing this.” Ravi asked his doubt.

“When my magic was failed then I thought to bring you near me. Moreover if you were searching perhaps you got me before so I decided to misguide you. You yourself gave me this chance. You messaged me on FB. It was my luck. I responded and told you about Preeti. I was right you were now chasing Preeti . when My attack in hotel room was failed. I was more alert and trying to get more power. Blood moonless night came and this day dark magic is on its peak. But you were in Baba Prcahndnath’s Ashram; there my dark magic can’t work. So I called you to come here and you all fool came in my hands.”

Mr. Jack jumped on Preeti. Vikas was surprised. Preeti dropped the trident. Her moves were slow like she was in a dream. Mr. Jack’s right hand caught her near neck and she felt unconscious. Vikas had Mr. Jack’s gun. He tried to shoot Mr. Jack but gun was locked. It was clear he was not good with firearms. Mr. Jack jumped on him but stopped in mid air. Vikas’s enchantment didn’t allow him to come near. Vikas throw him about eight feet far without moving a finger. Mr. Jack again went to world of unconsciousness.                                                                                       

Vikas was angry he threw the gun one side. Preeti was not moving. He took the trident in his hand and decided to kill them himself.

“I will kill you all. You can’t destroy me.” Saying this he moved forward and gave his first strike on Ravi.

Ravi shouted for help but there was no living person who could help him.

But a dead person was able to help him, the person who loved him with her life. Aina appeared between Ravi and Trident.

Vikas was shocked he stopped. “Aina, you.. you are alive. No you can’t be. It is your soul. But why are you helping him? He killed you.”

Aina’s expressions were full of anger. She stared at Vikas.

“You are not Aina. You are a slave soul of this Baba Prcahandnath. I know this. You can’t stop me.” Vikas raise Trident again.

A gunshot noise came behind Vikas. Vikas’s stopped, blood started to run from his chest. He saw back, Preeti was standing with Mr. Jack’s gun in her hand.

Her full body was shaking like she awoke from a long sleep. As soon as Vikas fall down, all enchantments were broken. Now all could move. Ravi and Ritu were staring at Aina. Aina was looking at Preeti. Tears were running down from Preeti’s eyes. She was looking to Aina with so many emotions.

Aina disappeared. Baba Prchandnath brought Mr. Jack in conscious. All things were clear. Ravi and Ritu gave support to Preeti. They all came home. Mr. Jack stayed back to deal with police. He told that Preeti did this for save all so she will be cleared. First they went to Preeti’s home. Preeti’s mom was worried to see all but when she heard the full story. She embraced Preeti. Ravi and Ritu requested them to come to their own home. it was big enough for all of them. they rejected then Baba Prachandnath told that it will help Aina to move ahead. She is held back to earth due to this. So they accepted.

As promised Mr. Jack cleared all police formalities. Police showed that act as self defense. Baba Prcahndnath did a Havan in home. Aina’s soul appeared last time. This time she was happy.




The Haunted House (Part 20)


The Haunted House (Part 20)

“Preeti called her only friend. He was friend of both Aina and Preeti, only he was allowed to come at home. I can’t remember his name. He and she both dug the ground behind the home and buried Aina there. We didn’t have money and I didn’t want to leave in that home where my daughter was dead. We sold the home after that and came here. She didn’t change after that. She lost in dark stuff. From then I am alone at home. This home is out of city so nobody comes here. Moreover Preeti don’t want anyone to come at home. I am also afraid to face anybody. Sometime ago police came in search of her and she ran away.”

It was clear that Aina’s mother didn’t know the reality of those policemen which was Ravi and Mr. Jack with Baba Prachandnath as it was in a sudden perhaps that’s why she didn’t recognize Ravi. She thought that they were real policemen.

“Do you know where Preeti is now? Did she come home after that?” Ritu asked.

“No, after that incident she didn’t come home. After years I went to her room because she never allowed me to come inside. I was shocked to see the room. Blood was everywhere. It was like hell. I locked the room. I don’t have courage to go in room. Neither I can clean the room myself nor call anyone else to do the job. So the room is locked.”

Ritu had known that Ravi didn’t kill Aina and how Aina’s body came to their home’s background. Preeti was doing all this to them. She was sorry for Aina’s mother. She asked her whether she wanted to come to their home to live with them. Aina’s mother was surprised to listen this. Tears started to roll down from her eyes. She refused with heavy heart. Ritu’s this offer made it clear that they were not wrong. She and Ravi are good persons.  Ritu took permission to leave and came home.

In the meanwhile Ravi got call from Baba Prachandnath. He told him that blood moonless night is coming. On this day dark powers are on its peak. It is only four days ahead. So he advised them to come to his Ashram, they will be safe there as the Ashram is protected with many protective spells. Ravi heard that and assured him that he will do the same.

When Ravi came home, Ritu told him the full story. First Ravi was angry because Ritu told him a lie and there could be danger in Aina’s home. But after that, emotions took him, he was sorry for Aina. When he heard that Aina took her own life, his throat choked with grief. Now he knew the reason why Aina’s sister is doing this. She believed that he was the reason for her sister’s suicide. Now his hate for her changed into sympathy.

Two days passed without any problem. On third day Ravi and Ritu shifted to Baba Prachandnath’s Ashram. Now they were safe from Dark magic. There was any news of Aina’s sister. Mr. Jack was also working but he didn’t get any clue yet. One of his men was keeping an eye on her home but she didn’t return. On day of blood moonless night Ravi got call from Vikas he told him that he saw Preeti. She was near cemetery outside city. He was coming from other city and he saw her going inside. He tried to meet her but she was like lost in air. But he is waiting outside the cemetery, he can come and they both can search her there. Ravi immediately called to Mr. Jack he immediately came to Ashram. Baba Prachandnath, Ravi and Jack prepared to go there. For safety Baba Prchandnath took his things to fight with black magic. Mr. Jack took gun but they all knew that it was useless against dark magic but it was the best weapon he could use. Ritu also came with them. All three of them objected on this idea but now Ritu was emotionally attached with Aina’s sister. She started to weep and a woman’s tears are the best weapon which no man can fight. All four of them went to cemetery, Vikas’s bike was there but Vikas was not there.  Perhaps he went inside in search of Preeti. So they all went inside. It was evening now. Cemetery was full of darkness. Baba Prchandnath again advised Ritu to stay back. But now this time Ritu was not secure alone on a lonely road. So there was no option except take her with them.

There was light in a far corner they went there. a fire between strange signs on ground. Mr. Jack took her gun in his hand. There was no one. Dark magic stuff was scattered everywhere Skull, bones, ash, nails and carcasses of animals. Baba Prchandnath stopped them with his hand sign. He took his trident in his hand and carefully entered in that place.

When he came in middle, a hand with club appeared behind Mr. Jack. A mighty strike on head sent him in world of unconsciousness. Ritu screamed, Ravi caught her and pulled her away from that strange hand which was of a hooded person. Now they both entered on that ritual place.

Baba Prchandnath moved back to see what happened. A bat came from nowhere and stuck him on his face. This unexpected attack compelled him to drop his trident. He tried to remove that bat from his face but it was not leaving his face like it was glued to his face. But after a great struggle he succeeded to remove it. When he looked in search of his trident then it was not there. He saw it in hand of a girl. No doubt she was Preeti.

Baba Prchandnath tried to reach her but his feet was glued to the ground. An invisible force was not allowing him to move. He looked for Ravi and Ritu. They both were also in same position stuck to one place unable to move. Preeti laughing came near to them. Baba Prchandnath’s lips moved and moved in some silent enchantment. He looked to the ground near his feet which was keeping him block. But nothing happened.

“There is no way, you can break these bounds. I have enchanted this place and now your power can’t do anything here. You will die here with them.”

“Preeti, you are doing mistake. We are not the reason for yours sister.” Ravi shouted.

“Shut up” Preeti shouted and made a gesture with his hand and enchanted.

Ravi tried to speak again but no voice came from his throat. Ritu also tried to speak but her voice was also silent.

“You will pay for my sister death. She died due to you. I have waited this for a long time.” Preeti said.

“Yes, I will give you so horrible and painful death that your soul will be frightened to leave this place.” The hooded person came in view. He bowed to ground near Mr. Jack and took his gun in his hand.

“Who are you?” Baba Prchandnath shouted. This was the same question Ravi and Ritu also wanted to ask but their voice was not supporting them.

The hooded person removed his hood and Ravi’s mouth opened in shock. He tried to shout the name but he was not able to speak.

“I know Ravi you wants to speak something.” The unknown person speaks something. Now Ravi was able to speak. When he got his voice back he shouted the name of that unknown person.

The Haunted House (Part 19)

The Haunted House (Part 1)

But that was true

A strange love story

The Haunted House (Part 19)


The Haunted House (Part 19)

Ritu supported her, she was eager to know what happened after. Ravi was murderer dream came to her mind and she shivered. Now the time has come to know the reality. Why they are facing these problems and why Aina’s sister wants to kill them.

“Aina, my sweet daughter was courage of our family. She was the only one who supported us after her father’s death. Her father died six years back. She got job in his company. She was doing her study while studying. For MBA training, she got leave from her company as they were not affiliated by that university. She joined Ravi’s company. This was the time when she met Ravi again. They were in same college before but that time they were not close. Aina loved him that time also but didn’t get chance to express her love. Ravi was her senior. When Ravi completed his studies and left college then Aina accepted this as her destiny. After that her father death and family responsibility helped her to control her emotions. But when she again met Ravi she started to believe this is her destiny which brought Ravi back to her life. Ravi became her only aim to live. She was mad for him. Her behavior was changing, she was not ready to listen anything against him.” Aina’s mother started to sob again. Ritu saw the water glass it was empty. So she again went to kitchen for another glass of water.

Her phone rang, she picked, it was Ravi. “Where are you?” This was Ravi’s first question.

“What happened? Why are you tensed?” Ritu was surprised to listen such worry in his voice.

“I am trying your phone from more than half hour. It is unreachable. I tried at home landline, Meera picked the phone and told that you are not at home.”

“I came to an old friend home. I was getting bored so came to Kalyani’s home. You know her. She was my best friend and I always used her to keep in her on you in college.”

“Oh yes, how I can forget.” Now Ravi’s voice becomes normal.

“If there is any urgent matter, for which you called me?” Ritu was in hurry to listen rest of story so she came to the point early. She knew it will hurt Ravi but her curiosity was making her to do this.

“No, no, just want to talk to you. You enjoy with Kalyani. We will talk in evening about this.” Ravi cut the phone at once. This was the indication that he was hurt because he never cut the phone without saying bye. Whenever he is angry or hurt he cut the phone at once. Ritu decided to sort it out in evening but this time Aina’s mother story was more important for her and for Ravi also.

She came outside and gave water to Aina’s mother. She became normal.

“Who called you?” She asked

“It was my husband. He was asking where I am. So I told that I am her.” Ritu told a lie to ensure that if there is some wrong intention in Aina’s mother then she must know that Ravi know about her. But that was precaution only as she was feeling that Aina’s mother is innocent like Aina herself.

“What happened next? After Aina started to love Ravi again?” Ritu asked eagerly.

“After that we were also ready to accept Aina’s will as we didn’t find any problem in Ravi. But what we didn’t know that Ravi didn’t have any love feeling for Aina. He was in love with you. When Aina came to know this she became mad. She was always in anger. At home she was not eating food and always in irritating mood. I and her sister were afraid to talk to her. One day we found police at our home. They told us that Aina tried to kill you. We were shocked. My Aina….” She started to sob again. This was year’s pain which was coming out now.

Ritu tried to gave her water which she refused. After all there is a limit to drink water.

Soon she started again,” I couldn’t believe that my Aina could do this. But when Aina came home she confirmed. You didn’t fill a complaint so police released her. After that she left the job and study also. She bounded her in that house. She never left the home after that.”

“You are right. She didn’t leave that house after that. She is still there.” Ritu murmured.

“What? Aina is still there. My daughter is alive?” A cry came from Aina’s mom.

“Yes, but not physically. Her soul is still there.” Ritu told her.

Tears had covered her face fully but she kept telling the story,” her sister was also angry she was always fascinated with black magic. This made her even close to that.  She locked herself in her room while doing black stuff. I was afraid and lonely. My both daughters were not talking and both were in trouble. I was alone and didn’t know what to do. We were not in position to feed ourselves. There was no income. So I used our savings. Our condition was getting worse. One day Aina killed herself. She cut her veins in night. When I went to her home in morning it was opened. It was strange because after leaving her job she used to close her door. When I opened the door I found floor was full of her blood. I cried and her sister came. She checked her pulse. Aina died in night. I told her to call ambulance but she refused. She refused to call relatives also. I saw fire of revenge in her eyes. There was something which prevented me to argue to her. She was not my daughter anymore. Dark stuff had changed her in to something else.”


The Haunted House (Part 18)


He came back

The Lost Highway

The Haunted House (Part 18)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 18)

Their target was escaped. In spite of Aina’s mom objection, they searched the room. There were some bones, Havan kund and other black magic artifacts. There was blood everywhere in that room. Carcasses of animals were scattered everywhere. Stout hearted baba Parchandnath was also appalled to see all this. There was pile of carcasses of cats, chicken and some other birds which were so covered with blood that you can’t differentiate. It made clear that Aina’s sister was involved in all this. They asked Aina’s mom about this. She refused to answer any of those questions. Threat of police was also useless. Ravi could easily see terror in her eyes. She was afraid of speaking. There was no point of stopping there so they left the home.

“One thing is clear, she is in hurry. So much dead animals prove that she is sacrificing daily. It is too much. She wants the power quickly.” Baba Prachandnath told them.

Ravi was frightened to listen this. “But Baba, it means she will be soon so powerful that she will be able to kill us.” Anybody could smell fear in his voice. Surely he was still afraid what he saw there in the room.

“Black magic has its limit also. It needs your life energy. Sure it will increase her power but it will cost her life energy. If she is doing this so fast then it will soak her life energy in same speed. Soul takes time to generate life energy; if you are using excess life energy then it will affect your soul.” Baba Prchandnath explained.

“Ok, Mr. Ravi, I seek your permission to go. I will track her down again.” Mr. Jack was eager to solve this case as soon as possible. It was a challenge to him. After all he was new and if he will solve the case his reputation will be good.

“Ok, Mr. Jack thanks for your help.” Ravi tried to smile but his face didn’t support him.

After Mr. Jack, Ravi and Baba Prachandnath left the place. Ravi came home and told the bizarre environment in Aina’s home. Ritu was also frightened. It was clear that Aina’s sister can go to any length to harm them and it was not a normal thing. One thing was still not clear why she was doing this. They didn’t harm her. Even Ravi didn’t do wrong to Aina. Yes, she loved him but he never did wrong to her then why she is doing this?

Ritu didn’t tell Ravi, but she wanted the answers of these questions. When the pressure of these questions becomes inevitable she decided to visit Aina’s home. She went to Aina’s home alone. Aina’s mom opened the door. When Ritu told her, her name, she was surprised but she let her come in.

Ritu went in, Aina’s mother offered her seat. Both set in guest room. Both remain silent for some time. Ritu was trying to find how she can start talking. She didn’t do any harm but she knew that this lady lost her daughter and somehow she blamed herself for this.

“Aina, always talk about you.” It was Aina’s mother who started to talk.

“I am sorry, for all. I know I can’t fill the gap which you got in your life.”

“No, it is not your fault. I know. Aina never wanted to disturb you. She loved Ravi and she didn’t has any grudge against you.” Tears were flowing on Aina’s mother cheeks.

Ritu came near to her and embrace her. Aina’s mother lost control and start weeping. The pain, the loss which she was bearing in her heart from many years was coming outside. She kept weeping for many minutes. At last Ritu stood up and asked for kitchen. Aina’s mother guided her by her hand sign. She was still sobbing. Ritu went and brought a glass of water for her. After drinking water Aina’s mother become silent. Ritu was still holding her in her arms.

Soon Aina’s mother becomes normal. She started to talk to Ritu normally. Ritu asked her doubt, why Aina’s sister want to kill them. Aina’s mother kept silence for some time then she started to tell Ritu the whole story.

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The Haunted House (part 17)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 17)

Ravi decided to take matter in his hands also. Baba Prachandnath was really helpful but he has his limitations. Now when Ravi knew that Aina’s sister is involved in this he hired a private detective Mr. Jack. Actually his name was Jai Kishan but for short and as modern he changed it as Jack. Mr. Jack asked for details but the only thing he got was Aina’s sis pics. He told Ravi that he will try but as there is no detail and he don’t believe in ghosts so he will not be much helpful.

Next day Ravi and Ritu went to court for murder case of Aina. Police view was different now. They knew about black magic now. In India, people easily believe in magic or supernatural powers and Baba Prachandnath has his reputation. Court doesn’t support or agree with black magic but police loosened the case. So there was no hearing that day. Ravi got next date after two months. After the new threads (which baba Prachandnath provided) there was no evil Aina incident. Sometime in night they heard some noises but no harm to them. Both were happy now.

That night was not easy, there was a storm outside the house. Actually it was only in one house compound. Ritu and Ravi were inside house and enjoying dinner when glass on window was broken due to wind. They left that window opened because weather was pleasant. But when they started dinner weather changed in seconds. Window door swung with full force resulting broken glass. Ravi and Ritu left the dinner and run to close all windows. Within one minute they closed all windows. That broken window was also closed but wind was coming from broken glass. This stopped the fast wind to come inside the home. They came to dinner table for rest dinner and frightened to see that all was covered with blood. Some bones were also scattered on the table. Ritu screamed; Ravi caught her in his embrace.

A loud giggling voice came from above and both screamed to see a flying white figure exact above their heads. Evil Aina was returned.

They ran to stairs to go to bedroom but Evil aina with dripping blood smile appeared in front of them. They turned to go outside but as soon as they ran only two steps another evil Aina appeared there. Ravi thought to run right, immediately one Aina appeared there. One after another 8 Aina appeared circled to them. They were helpless. Ritu checked her thread, it was there. She immediately checked Ravi’s arm. Thread provided by baba Prachandnath was there. Aina was laughing. They saw one Aina outside the circle of Evil Aina. She was same calm and beautiful. Surely she was good Aina. But this time she was worried. She was trying to come inside but she was helpless like an invisible wall was stopping her.

Neither Evil Aina nor Good Aina was able to come near to them. Good Aina was trying so hard, it was clear from her expressions. In same time Evil Aina was not coming near but she was not letting them go. They were afraid to go near Evil Aina and she was all over the place. At last Good Aina got success, she crossed that invisible wall. Evil Aina moved to her. She was surprised, one by one her all other 7 clones disappeared. Now there was good Aina and only one Bad Aina. Both looked each other and both disappeared.

Ravi and Ritu didn’t sleep that night. After the new threads they thought they are safe. But Evil Aina is getting powerful. In the morning they went to baba Prachandnath. He told them that evil powers are increasing their powers. In the mean while Ravi got call from Mr. Jack. He called him to come to outside city. He told that he found Aina’s sister. Immediately Ravi, Ritu and Baba Prchandnath started to reach the given address in Ravi’s car. In 20 long minutes they reached the place. It was a small house outside the city and near the village.

Mr. Jack met them there. He told that Aina’s sister is inside. They knocked the door, an old lady opened the door. She was Aina’s mom. They went inside while she was stopping them. Mr. Jack told her that they are from police and want to meet her daughter. She was really worried to listen. She still tried to stop them but they didn’t care. All efforts were vain because Aina’s daughter was not inside. It seemed that she run away while she got the chance.

The Haunted House (Part 16)


The Haunted House (Part 16)

This was the day when Aina told Ravi all her feelings.

“Ravi, I Love You”

“What are you saying Aina? We are just good friends.” Ravi was surprised to listen these words. He didn’t think about Aina in this way.

“Yes Ravi, I love you and I can’t live without you. I want to marry you. I know that you also love me but don’t express your feelings.”

“No, Aina, you are taking it wrong. I never saw you like this. You are my good friend. I love someone else.”

“Who is that? Please say it is a lie” Aina start weeping. Tears were dripping from her beautiful eyes.

“Her name is Ritu and we are planning to marry soon.”

“How could you do this to me?” Aina was sobbing now.

“Forget me Aina” Ravi told wrong words.

“No, I can’t forget you and I will not let that witch marry you. You are mine, only mine.” Aina’s sadness becomes anger now.

Ravi woke up. He was sweating. Ritu was sleeping near him. It was a dream which reminded him all the past incidents with Aina.

He married Ritu after that and he loves her so much but still in the one corner of his heart Aina was still living.

He knew Aina was mad for him. She pushed Ritu from office. Ritu was standing and watching outside. Ravi was inside office. Aina came and pushed Ritu. Ritu fell down but by luck she got hold of window. She screamed and Ravi came running. He was stunned to see Ritu was hanging in mid air with window and Aina was standing there watching and waiting for Ritu to fall down. Ravi came forward to help Ritu, Aina didn’ t stop him. On her face expressions were hard like she was feeling guilty to do so. She ran downward. Ravi was trying to get hold Ritu. In the meanwhile a woman hand appeared in window and pulled Ritu. Someone got hold on Ritu. Now Ritu was safe. Ravi came downward to see and surprised to see it was Aina who saved Ritu. When Ritu saw Ravi she ran to him; hugged him and wept. Aina was also standing there with tears in her eyes. Other staff was surprised. They didn’t know what was going on. But when they understand someone called police. Police caught Aina for attempt to murder but Ravi and Ritu didn’t file complaint. They forgive Aina as she saved Ritu. After that Ravi searched a new job and left Nagpur. After that they didn’t hear about Aina.

He was keeping his head in arms. He looked up and found Aina was standing in front of him in white dress with a lovely sad smile on her lips. This time he didn’t get afraid. Now he and Ritu were able to differentiate between good and evil Aina. She was good Aina. He collected all his courage and stood up from bed. He came near to Aina, she didn’t move. Same sad smile was on her lips, her eyes were full of love.

“How are you” Ravi asked and immediately he was ashamed on his own question. She is dead and what he is asking.

“Why are you here?” It was his next question.

But Aina didn’t reply. Her smile becomes sadder. She tried to speak but Ravi didn’t hear any voice. Perhaps he can’t hear souls and Aina was not able to communicate with him. She pointed her finger towards Ritu.

“What do you want to say? Are you still want to hurt her?” this was the wrong question. Aina looked to him with so sad eyes like all the world’s pain has been comprises in them. She disappeared.

Ravi didn’t get any answer. He came to bed and falls asleep. In the morning, everything was normal. He didn’t tell Ritu about night incident. He didn’t know but he was missing Aina a lot. Perhaps he was feeling guilty. Aina loved him; she was not a bad girl. Yes, she pushed Ritu in rage but it was she who saved Ritu. She regretted on her act. She can’t hurt Ritu now. All the incidents when Aina came, she helped Ritu and him from evil Aina. It is not Baba Parchandnath’s lockets which are saving them it is his Aina who is protecting them. But who is that second Aina? She can’t be his Aina. She is a decoy.

He was feeling Aina’s presence. Now he was comfortable when Aina is near him. Now he believes Aina.

The Haunted House (Part 15)


The Haunted House (Part 15)

He went to Baba Parchandnath in the morning and told him everything.

“Hmm, it makes sense. When you told me about Aina’s sister then I got hint that it is not soul which is torturing you, it is black magic. That’s why I changed the locket. Now it was for protecting you from dark magic. If this locket wasn’t with you last night you could have been died.”

“But what is happening Baba. I can’t understand. Tell me.”

“I can’t tell you exactly. But one thing is clear. Someone wants to harm you and your wife with dark magic. He or she is the real enemy. Aina’s soul is only medium, I think she is also pray not predator.”

“You mean to say, Aina’s sister is using Aina’s soul to hurt us.”

“I can’t say Aina’s sister is doing this or not. But as you saw her near your room then she can be involved.”

“What she wants from me? I didn’t do anything wrong with her.” Ravi was frustrated and furious also.

“Don’t worry, son. You just make sure that you and your wife don’t leave the locket behind. This must be with you all the time. Do you understand? ALL THE TIME.

“Ok Baba.” Saying this Ravi left Ashram.

He came to hotel and decided to go back to home. Last night incident proved that they are not safe anywhere, so why he was wasting money to pay hotel bills and moreover he wanted to go home.

Ritu objected first but when she heard Ravi’s experience and involvement of black magic in the case, she also become ready to go home.

Luggage was not much because they took only necessary items and cloths for some days only. So packing was really fast.

“Now, I would have to spend my whole time in kitchen again.” Ritu said in funny style. But this funny line was also not able to bring smile on Ravi’s face. They moved to home same day. Home was same lonely, dusty, old and haunted.

When Ravi opened the gate a cool breeze touched his face. This breeze smelled flowers. He said, “What a smel…..” He stopped in middle because Aina was standing in the middle of hall to welcome them.

God knows why but she smiled to see Ravi and Ritu, same beautiful and sad smile. Ravi and Ritu looked her horrified. Neither Aina took a single step to them nor she changed her face in an evil and ugly creature. It showed that she was good Aina. She smiled like she was happy they are home and vanished.

Ravi checked his own locket and Ritu’s also because they had locket still Aina came near to them. But she didn’t do anything perhaps it was due to locket or it was not her intention at all to harm them. Afterall he knew that one Aina is good and helping them.

That night Ravi was restless not due to horror, Aina’s beautiful sad face was coming in his eyes everytime. She was looking same like before. He didn’t know when he slept thinking about Aina.

“Good Morning Sir.” A simple but lightly harsh voice came to his ear. He saw up and found a beautiful girl was standing there. She was in jeans and top, a file in her hand and a beautiful smile on her lips.

“Yes?” Ravi asked

“Sir, I am new trainee here. My name is Aina. I am here to learn from you. I have heard this organization is really good and you are one of the best persons.” She told while coming in the cabin.

Ravi smiled, same lines which every new trainee speaks. These lines were taught in their institute to greet with some senior person and as a new person in corporate world they memorized these like life saving prayer. But this girl was some different. Her face was full of joy, confidence and ambition.

“Sir, your smile is really good.” Aina said smilingly.

“What? Oh yes..” Ravi blushed. This was the first time when someone said this to him. He was right there is really something different in this girl.

He was sitting in cafeteria. “Hi” a voice full of vibration of joy came in his ears without looking up his lips stretched in a smile. This voice he can identify from millions.

“Aina, how are you?” Ravi raised his head and without seeing asked.

“Fine and Shining.” Aina smiled.

It was routine, when he was in cafeteria for lunch Aina always came to his table. They mostly took lunch together, Not mostly always.

“So how is your day?” Aina always started her talk by this line.

“It is still in process.” This was the fix reply from Ravi.

Both smiled.

“Ravi, I want to tell you something.”

“Yes, tell me.”

“You came to my dream last night.” Aina told him. When she was telling this a strange emotion was in her eyes which Ravi never understood.

“Aina, you tells me this twice in a week from last 3 months. Some time thrice also.” Ravi smiled

“But its true. You are now coming more frequently.” Same strange smile in her lips

“Oh, Aina don’t make fun of me” Ravi said shyly

Dark clouds covered the sky and it was raining and lightening. It was dark outside. Ravi and Aina were alone in the office.

The Haunted House (Part 14)


The Haunted House (Part 14)

Ravi told this to Baba Prachandnath, he was not so surprised like Ravi. Now Baba Prachandnath got hint what is happening but he didn’t tell Ravi anything. He just gave Ravi and Ritu other lockets and assured them that this time these will protect more. Ravi went to hotel manager and asked for the detail of that girl which stayed in nearby room which manager refused politely. It was their hotel policy not to disclose one clients detail to other and Ravi was not able to prove urgency for this as he was not telling them about ghost incidents. Manager was also right because every time a beautiful girl stays in room one person normally asks about that girl’s detail.

Ravi and Ritu still stayed in hotel. After putting that lockets there were no incidents. Next night Ravi heard some noise in hotel room. He woke up horrified. First he thought that again Aina came to haunt them. There was nobody or smoky figure in the room; But voices were there. He concentrated and found that those voices came from outside the room.

Ravi came outside and found there is nobody outside but voices were still there and they were lower than inside. It means somebody is in room but he checked the room. He came inside and checked again still nobody is there, voices were much clear than outside. He tried to know the direction from where these voices were coming but it seems these were coming from far away and appear in the middle of the room. He went one side than voices seem to come from other side there the same thing happened. He went outside there was very low voice but he started to put his ear on every door of the floor. He was feeling stupid and afraid if somebody ask what he was doing he got no answer. People will think that he is eye dropping in rooms but some power was telling him to do that. He got success in the front room he heard the same noises. But in the corridor voices were very low. It means these voices were teleporting from that room to his room.

He put his eye on keyhole. The room was filled with smoke. He saw a girl; due to smoke he was not able to see the face. She was doing some ritual. Fire was burning in front of her. A sweet and strange smell was coming from that room. Ravi thought to knock the door but that strange smell was so sweet he wanted to smell it some more time. He was flying in the sky, around him there was clouds. He was enjoying. Clouds were everywhere and he was floating between them. He touched one of them, it was so soft and comfortable. He caught one and used that as a bed sheet. It was the most comfortable bed he ever used. One soft and beautiful hand came and caught his hand. He looked above it was Ritu. What she was doing here? But it was not the question. They both started to dance in clouds. It was like a dream. Ravi kissed Ritu on lips and Ritu answered it with more passion. Soon both were on cloud bed. Ravi was happy these were best moments of his life which he was enjoying with full heart. But something sharp was pinching him. A sharp object was in cloud which was disturbing him. He reached for it with his hand, he caught the thing and found it was not part of cloud it was the locket which Baba Prachandnath gave him. It was lighting and pinching him hard. Ritu moved away with horror in her eyes.

“Ravi, what is this? It is not for protect us. It is for killing us. It is the reason that we are facing all the problems.”

“But Ritu, Baba gave this to help us.”

“Look I have also removed this. After that I didn’t face anything evil.”Ritu showed her arm and there was no locket.

“Ok, if you say so.” Ravi didn’t argue much and ritu is his wife why she would say lie to him.

When he took the locket in hand to remove it burst with light. Ravi put his hand on eyes to avoid the light and when he removed the hand he was lying in the corridor. It was morning. It took 5 seconds to remember what happened in night. He checked the room. It was empty now. Surely the person went away when he was unconscious. He came in his room, Ritu was slept peacefully. He fell on the bed with her but couldn’t sleep because it was 5:30 AM.

The Haunted House (Part 13)


The Haunted House (Part 13)

Ritu ran outside, Aina followed but she didn’t come outside the bathroom. Ritu took her cloths from almirah with trambling hands. She was not able to do anything. After some time when she got hold on her breath she called for room service. When a waiter came she told her to stay in room and call to her husband. Waiter called to manager, soon hotel staff came in her room. Ravi was called immediately. Ritu was not able to say anything she was only pointing to bathroom. A waiter went inside and found nothing. Manager was afraid to see her condition, after all it was the matter of his hotel reputation. When Ravi came and Ritu told the whole story everybody was shocked. Manager told him that it is first time when a customer saw a ghost in hotel. Ravi told him that it is ok, perhaps Ritu was confused with light or something like this. He didn’t tell them the real story because if they get to know perhaps manager would tell them to leave the hotel.

Ravi decided to go to Baba Prchandnath. He was their final hope. He was in hurry so didn’t see the girl who was coming out from side room. They collapsed and beg of the girl fall down. Ravi asked her sorry and tried to grab the beg from the floor. When he saw the girl, she was afraid and had confuse-strange-afraid expressions. Both were in hurry so nobody stopped to talk.

They immediately went to Baba Prchandnath Ashram. When he heard the whole story he was also afraid first time.

“Normally souls don’t leave the place of death. They can’t travel without a body so far away. If Aina’s dead body was found in that home and she belongs to that home then how she can travel to hotel? There is something which we are ignoring or we can’t see.”

Baba Prachandnath gave them two lockets for help. As there was no other option, both came to hotel. Ritu was afraid but the locket was giving her some assurance of safety. Ravi opened her laptop and opened Facebook. He was sure that there will not be any information regarding Aina, but as usually happens what we expect never happens. Same case happened here there was a message from an old friend of Aina. His name was Vikas. He studied with Aina and he was one of her close friends. Aina told him about Ravi that was why he responded to an unknown person. When Ravi asked him about her then he asked why he want to know. When Aina is dead why Ravi wants to know about her after so many years. Ravi told him the whole story and told him that he didn’t love Aina. Vikas also didn’t know about how Aina died. But he had some photos of old college friends. He told that he can provide him those pictures. Ravi didn’t know what he will do with old pictures but any smallest clue could help him this strange situation. So he asked Vikas for those pictures. Vikas told him that he don’t have those pictures on laptop, he had those in his album. Ravi asked him to scan the pictures which he refused. He said that he wanted to meet Ravi and he can give him album for some time. So Ravi agreed to meet him next day.

Ravi called to his office for leave. His boss was unhappy but as he was aware of his situation so he didn’t object much. That night was restless. Nothing dangerous thing happened but sometime Ravi felt that that locket is vibrating. He took it as locket is protecting them from that strange power. Ritu saw some lights in the room, twice she thought window curtain as flying Aina. But it happens when you are very much afraid then even rope can be seen as snake.

Next day in morning also everything was ok. When Ritu went to bathroom for a bath she removed the locket by mistake. As soon as she put the locket on stand a smoke begin to take outline of a girl. She immediately put on the locket and that smoke dissolved in the air. It could be her imagination also because water was hot and steam was coming out from it. But she was not ready to take any r-isk.

Ravi went to the place where Vikas and he were to meet. He went early but Vikas was already there. It was like both wanted to meet each other eagerly. Vikas ordered two coffees. They talked, obviously the main concern of talking was Aina. Vikas was Aina’s one of the best friend. He was close to her family also. He told Ravi that after Aina missing, her family left the home and went away. He didn’t know where. It was strange because her mother was really fond of him. He showed him old pictures. Ravi saw but no face was familiar. Aina was looking beautiful in those old pictures. Then a picture caught his eyes. It was Aina’s home photo of her birthday. Vikas was with her and the girl with whom he collapsed yesterday was also in that picture.

“Who is that girl?” Ravi asked immediately.

“This is Aina’s sister. Her name is Preeti.” Vikas told him

“What the hell! What Aina’s sister been doing in nearby room of his room?” Now Ravi got hint that Aina’s sister has some concern with these strange incidents.

The Haunted House (Part 12)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 12)

Baba Prachandnath aimed his Trishul to Aina but water pressure was very high his was not able to hold it properly. They were going to die now. But that was not the time of their death. Door of the room opened itself. All water disappeared immediately like there was not a drop of water there. Ravi came inside. All three of them were on ground.

“What happened? What are you doing on floor?”

“Ravi… Ravi… Ravi..” Ritu said and caught Ravi in a tight embrace like he was his only support of life.

“Hey, Ritu, calm down.” Ravi hold shaking Ritu.

Baba Prachandnath and Meera stood up. Baba Prachandnath was also shocked.

“I have never heard or saw anything like this. This thing whatever it is not a mere soul. No soul can be so powerful and it can’t be in two places in one time.”

“For god sake, somebody tell me what happened.” Ravi was dying to know.

Baba Prachandnath told him everything and also told that they must leave the house for some days because he need time to know better about this soul or whatever it is.

“But where we can go immediately? I need some time to get a new home.” Ravi objected on the idea of leaving home.

Baba Prachandnath tried to explain the situation, “I am not saying to leave the house permanently. Moreover if you are dead then money or house has no value for you.”

“Except you are a ghost” Ravi commented dryly.

“It’s your choice son; I can’t understand what this thing is. A soul can’t do this. This is like a illusion and not a simple on; a powerful one. This is beyond the limit of a soul.

Baba was right, Ravi called his friend and asked him to book a hotel for him and his wife. The same day they left the house with two suitcases and went to a hotel.

Ravi tried to contact his neighbors to know about Aina and his family. He got to know that Aina was living there with her sister and mother. One day Aina went missing, her sister and mother left the home. But where they went nobody knew. Ravi guessed that Aina didn’t go missing she was dead that same time and because Aina’s body was found in the same house so it can be possible that Aina’s family was responsible for that.  One aunty told him that she saw Aina’s sister in the street near that home after this incident. It was her home so they didn’t object or notice much. So it was clear that Aina’s sister came to this home after Aina’s death. But what was her motive he was not clear and he was also not sure that they killed Aina, it may be possible that they knew about Aina’s death and they hide that fact only. But all matter was a serious mystery. He needed some more facts to decide a theory. In present all facts were confusing he was not able to reach on any point.

His work was also affected by this. He was not looking for his work properly and started searching for more details about Aina, his family and this haunted house.  But he was not getting anything better. Now he opened his briefcase and start reading her resume again. He got the college name, now there is one more area from where he can get any information. He got Aina’s gmail id. He searched and found her facebook account which was not deleted or deactivated yet. Perhaps nobody messaged facebook for Aina’s death. He found her friend list and started to send them messages to find anything about Aina. There was very less chance that anybody will reply but there was no other option and he needed to take every single chance.

In hotel, it was ok. Neither bad Aina nor good Aina was there to disturb them. Next day when Ravi was in office, Ritu decided to take bath because she was not worried about breakfast in hotel so she was getting ready late. She went to bathroom and opened the tap in bath tub. After that watery incident she was afraid of water a little but in hotel which is far away from that haunted house she was safe.

She brought her towel and checked the water it was perfect neither much hot nor much cold. She put the towel on shelf and opened laces of her gown. She turned to water and screamed. Aina was lying in the bath tub and enjoying the bath with her white face and blood dripping smile. Her red eyes were looking directly to her and her cruel smile was declaring that she was the bad Aina.