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I was reading a newspaper (sometime I really do) and surprised to see a news about suicides by husbands due to sec 498 (sec 498 is about case for demanding dowry from wife. In this husband and his family member were declared guilty without any proof and they were put behind the bars without any case first). The newspaper claimed that more than 65,000/- husbands commit suicide every year due to sec 498. This number is huge more than farmer’s suicide which is a hot issue in parliament but still no body is taking care of this.

NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) published a report in which it is stated that 98% of cases u/s 498 found false. If it is true then to whom government wants to protect when women are misusing this section so abruptly? In every 3 minutes a case is filed u/s 498 and in every 8 minutes a husband is committed suicide.

Sec 498 was introduced to protect women from their in-laws abuses but as Indians work by emotions not by mind, this law gave full authority to women to do anything with their in-laws. According to sec 498 if a woman filed a FIR against her husband and other in-laws (whether they live with them or not) then police will arrest all of them and put them behind bars without a single proof. After this the husband and his family will fight in court for their bail and to prove that they are not guilty. Interesting point that in Indian law system if one part of the case is not coming in the court then there is infinite chances for them and other part will suffer till they come. So in practical when a woman filed a case after arrest of in-laws she doesn’t come to court and case is postponed till then husband and his family will be in jail without any abuse. After a long hearing if it is proved that husband and his family is not guilty then there is no punishment for woman.

These days emotional bounds are getting weaker and people don’t care about each other and temper of every person is high without any sense. People get angry and do the things for which they are sorry when anger comes down. This is a bitter truth so a single fight between husband and wife cause a case u/s 498. When husband is in jail without any cause then there is very little chance of compromise. Result a happy home destroyed. I believe this law is the main reason of broken families these days. Because the result of this case can never be reversed, because a innocent person can’t digest the punishment so husband never able to forget and after this wife is not able to compromise whatever she do after this. In India second marriage is still not popular people don’t believe in this. Once a person is divorced people treat him/her as a guilty.

I am not saying this section must be removed because dowry abuses are also true. I want to say that there must be below modifications in this law:

  1. Police must not arrest husband or his family without court order. Mere complaint by woman is not the evidence that she is victim.
  2. Only husband must be the liable and the case should be only in his name. Why his all relatives are part of this case even when they are living in other city?
  3. If the case found false then that woman must be punished. So that next person must think before filing a false case.

Family is the base of society if families are not longer exists our whole society structure will be destroyed. So law for families must not be so hard that effect of those can’t be reversed. Courts must try to compromise in these cases because many times people are in influence of advocates. But that doesn’t mean that guilty must not be punished, if husband is guilty for demanding dowry then he must be punished but not before he is found guilty. Main motive of Indian law an innocent must not be punished must be followed.

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Is our new generation is bad or old generation is not understanding

Mostly it is said that new generation is not obedient, they are clueless and careless. But whether it is true? Can’t it be possible that old generation does not understand their situation?

I have seen in many families that old people wants everyone to take permission from them. For father son always remain little. But why can’t he understand that his son is older now and he can take his own decision. He is married; he is working and doing all the works. Now his son is in lead role of home. Father can’t take decision in same manner when he was in lead role. Now he can only advice but if he is expecting to take control of all things then universal truth came “Expectations hurts”.

Moreover when they do some house work then other his old friends tease like “you are still doing work, what are your children do? Are you home servant?” these teasers make them feel that they must not do house work as they are retired now and it is their rest period. But is this right? Even a child do house work what he can do so why not old people. They must enjoy this life and small work like drop grandchildren to bus stop is not a big deal. Doing house work is not bad as it is their own home. These days husband wife both are working so how can they expect that their son’s wife can do all house work also. This is the main reason in Indian families for fight and argument.

Traditions are changing, old traditions are modified now. Old time was different, now those customs or traditions can’t be followed in same old manner. For example: in old days marriage rules were different. Arrange marriage was the only way. But these days children are leaving home for job in other cities or countries. They met someone and fell in love then what is wrong if that other person is of other religion, other caste or other culture. It is their life and they can handle it. But parents don’t approve due to religion. Is it right? Can’t new generation live in their own way?

I was travelling in train and met some people. One was a old person. He was complaining because he got upper berth. He was saying that I am more than 70 years old so why didn’t I get lower seat. It is rail department fault. I told him that it is online system. I reserved the seat one month back and I preferred lower seat as full train was empty that time so I got lower seat. Now you reserved only 2-3 days back so there was no lower seat available. I was right but he got offended because I cut his talk. He told him in offended voice that he worked 32 year as a teacher and I am telling him about online system. I understood that he didn’t like but I was also in mood to teach him. Because yes I know he is old but it doesn’t mean he is right in every case. He was a teacher but a history teacher and he left job more than 10 years. So how he was so sure about online system? So I argued and proved with help of online ticket and internet on my mobile that I was right. He was not happy but when he came to know that I am a CA then he felt that I can have some knowledge. This incident shows that sometime old people doesn’t want to understand.

You can’t clap with one hand. Only problem can’t be with new generation or old generation. New generation is in speed and it is their necessity also. because in this completion era if they can’t be fast then they will be left behind. Old generation must understand now they are not on driver seat they are seating with driver. So they can’t expect life car will move on their intention. They can guide with their experience but they can’t run the car as before.

Why Onion is getting high


Why Onion is getting high

These days only discussion in India is “Why onion prices are rising?”

This was not completed further news came that Potato and tomato have catch the onion road. The only reason is being told that big businessmen are stocking these. Our government is requesting them not to do so. So big and powerful nation can’t take action against some corrupt businessmen like a small country Venezuela. This country use military action against these type of big businessmen to control stocking. Anyway this is not the basis of my article.

My logic is

“Can’t this is due to our unprogrammed development? In process of development our government gave agriculture land near cities to industries. Farmers were also happy because they got a very high price for their land. After getting money they left agriculture and start living luxurious life. Their children got billions of rupees and no work. Now they are turning to crime side. NCR region is great example for this situation. Industry is developing but where is that agriculture land? Our agriculture position was not upto standard before also. Now we don’t have land for agriculture. So how we are supposing to get more food? Demand and supply rule is universal rule, when supply in decreasing then price will be high because demand is high.

Second point is government’s vote policy. I have already written article on free distribution of things by government. When farmers are getting free electricity, free water supply then why they are being provided free mobile, free laptop, free food. When we are giving all things free then we are making them beggar and beggar can’t provide food to anybody. On the other hand, city people are paying more for electricity, water and more taxes to contribute in free equipments scheme.

My suggestion is before giving agriculture land to industry government must arrange other land for agriculture otherwise industry will be everywhere but agriculture will be nowhere.


So government of India is trying to save Rupees from falling, to save share market from falling, to save inflation. See they are considering to increase PF on gross salary not only basic. But is it really reason for that?

Sometime before government planned to use PF money in share market it helps shares for some time. But without a strong and proper policy the effect was short lived. Now government is planning to get more money but increasing PF amount. Who will be affected by this? We the common men.  Companies will not increase your salary the increased PF amount will reduce cash salary which we can spend and will give government opportunity to use this money in share market or their uncontrolled expenses and useless policies like free mobile, laptop etc.

This is the dictatorship only. Compel common men to pay more money (it can’t be called tax as it is your money) but like New pension scheme it will be depended on share market then what will happen if a employee requires its PF and market is low. Moreover it this inflation we want more money to spend but government is planning to reduce money in hand. For government employee it increase 10% DA but what about private sector employees. Whether we are not citizen of India? Why can’t government think about us?

Companies will not give more money because they are for profit. So increasing PF amount will reduce salary only. This is a useless and unplanned scheme like past schemes it is short termed. It will help market in short period but after that the excess money will be fetched outside India by FIIs. I think it is time when government must think properly and make a proper scheme to help market and people. Getting money by force is not the option for every time.

Country-which require everything free

I read a story in childhood. Once there was a king who knew how to make gold out of iron. He made a lot of gold and start distributing to his people. Everyone was happy as without doing anything they were getting money. So every person stopped working and started to live on donation of gold by king. A neighbor king came to know this and he attacked on that country. Kind tried to fight but all soldiers were lazy and people also didn’t able to fight back. So he lost the battle. Neighbor king killed the king and make slave of full country. His minister asked him why he killed the king because they can capture him and he could make gold for them. Neighbor king answered “Money without work is poison for manhood. The King’s ability could make me greedy then my situation would be same like him. So I killed the king”

Does this story seem familiar? In India whether we are not seeing this again? Politicians are promising for free things. A state government is giving free laptop to students and students are happy but they don’t care who is paying for this. Because government doesn’t produce money, it only regulates the money so free stuff will be paid by tax amount which student’s parents are giving.  A government is giving free mobile to labors. Some villages in which these mobiles are being distributing don’t have electricity. Some are giving free food, free cloths, free transport, free onions etc.

Isn’t it making our people beggar? People are demanding free everything. But who will pay? This is a part of corruption. This free stuff is being purchased from relatives of these politicians. Obviously they charged much extra and even quality of these is not up to mark. You have seen free food in Bihar. Many students were died. Nobody is arrested or punished for that and from where money to purchase these things will come? Definitely from tax of people, which must be use for infrastructure and development. Now, that part is still under development after more than 66 years of freedom we are still developing country.  Why? Because our politicians are making us to lose hope, to lose strength, to lose self respect they are making us beggars and the universal truth is Beggars don’t write history.

Visiting Jaipur?-Think again.

Visiting Jaipur?-Think again.

Last week I was in Jaipur-Pink City of India, one of the most visiting cities in India. That’s why I was not publishing anything last week.  If you are also planning to visit Jaipur then think again. You are planning to make a dream tour but corruption and cheat people can spoil your dream.

First of all, if you are going by train or bus then make sure don’t go in rainy season, because roads are full of water, mud and holes. I went by train with my relatives. When we came outside station a big group of auto and taxi people were waiting us. But make sure don’t hire taxi or auto from station because they charge high. Instead of them, come outside station and for 3-4 minute walk you will get reward because outside station auto will be cheap then inside station. But still it is high, when they see you with luggage then you are easy prey because you are outsider so you will pay high. No auto is ready to go by meter calculation which is government approved method. Anyway we hired an auto for about 1 k.m. only who charged Rs 50/- only. But by meter it would be Rs 15/- only and we were Indian, so you can think how much they can charge to a foreigner. Best way, ask someone the distance and then 15/- for first K.m. after that about 6/- per k.m. and then bargain for price.

We hired a budget hotel as didn’t want to spend too much money on only sleeping in night. I bargain to reduce price and it is good thing you must negotiate all hotels can reduce prices. Sometime I negotiate to 50% also (it is really true). We came to room it was not best but for price it was ok and everything was there TV, cooler, attached bathroom. But when we tried TV then there was no cable signal. So to complain to manager I picked the phone but phone was also not working. So I came down. Manager told me due to rain TV and phones are not working. But I told that while coming down I heard TV noise in some rooms. He told in some room it is working. So I asked to change the room. He agreed and we took a room in which TV was working. But after shifting we saw there was no cooler in that room. So I complained again by going down (phone was not working in that room also). He told as I negotiate so its room rent is equal to that reduced price so all my negotiation was in vain. We were shifted to a cheap room for which I agreed. So always check everything that it is working and negotiate for rates.

Next day we hired auto again for taxi stand, it was only 5 minute walk away. But as we didn’t know and auto charged 30/- for this (which is really a fraud). Taxi charges were ok but we heard all conditions ; parking charges were not included and there was time bound also. So I negotiate again, he was asking for 600/- but now it was for 500/-. We started from ‘Raj Mandir Cinema’. It is a cinema it was told that it is great inside but inside we were not allowed as taxi can’t go inside. So we saw Raj Mandir but also didn’t saw because we didn’t go inside. Anyway we were on the way. When we went to ‘City Palace’ we paid Rs. 50/- for camera use. But when I tried to take picture inside then security stopped me. I show them receipt of camera use then he told that it is for outside only. What the hell…. Then why I paid for camera? Outside many people were using camera that didn’t pay for camera. So if you are going ‘City Palace’ don’t pay for camera as they allow taking camera with you without paying also and didn’t allow using inside after paying also. This happen to other forts also. So keep this in mind.

Every food item is sold more than MRP. You can negotiate. Cold drinks are normally 5/- extra everywhere in forts and visiting places, sometime they ask more 7/- Rs. than MRP also. Near bus stand I tried to purchase ‘Limca’. It was in scheme 600+ 150 ml free. They asked for 35/-. I saw MRP it was 30/- I asked this so shopkeeper replied that it is extra quantity so he is charging extra. Like he himself is giving free this. I took the small one without scheme and pay as MRP.  I got some story plot in mind. Normally I note it in my smart phone. But I wanted to write and I didn’t bring my laptop with me. So I purchase a pen and a small notebook. I purchased Rs. 5/- pen in 10/- (double) and notebook he charged Rs. 13/- but when I saw MRP it was 10/- only. So I objected so he told that it is old price but he got me new with MRP 13/-. But it got more pages than before. So you must always negotiate so that you can get things on MRP only (selling more than MRP is illegal but in Jaipur government didn’t care after all outsiders don’t vote for them.)

When I check out of hotel then they charged 10% as surcharged. I objected then manager told me it is tax. As I am myself a chartered accountant I told him that it is not applicable on him and if yes, then show me proof for paying tax. He opened the table drawer and took out a board captioned “10% surcharge extra” which was not on desk so I didn’t see it before. I again asked for proof of paying tax. He told that he will not but he do pay tax. So I argued and he removed the so called tax amount. You must ask before taking hotel whether charges are inclusive or exclusive of tax. Most budget hotels don’t pay tax so you can argue for this. I saved money by this in many hotels. Big and five star hotel really pay all taxes so you can’t negotiate for tax in them. If they are charging tax then ask for formal bill with Tin (for sales tax) and Service tax No mentioned on the bill.

Jaipur is really worth seeing. Forts and other visiting places are good but security of luggage and this type of cheating is really high. So be careful and keep in mind the above notes.

Cheapest country in the world

If you are hungry and don’t have enough money to feed your family then this is great news for you. I am telling you the cheapest country in the whole world in term of fooding. Here you can eat food in only 2 USD. Not for one time, not for one day but for full month. So tell me, what you say? Isn’t the cheapest country in the world? Do you want to know the name of this country? Offcourse it is INDIA.

Ruling party’s ministers are telling the way, how we can eat in less than 2 USD (120 Rs. approx) for a month. Mr. Farook Abdulla told that a person can eat in 1 Rs. only for one time. So for three times a day cost is 3 Rs and for one month it is 90 Rs. still we have 30 Rs, with that we can eat sweets or anything for luxury food.

In Delhi (capital of India) it is some expensive. Here you can eat in 5/-Rs. for one time so for one day it is 15/- and for the month it is 450/- (8 USD approx). Still one of the cheapest foods in the world. Mr. Rashid Masood of central government clarifies this.

But one of the most expensive city in the world Mumbai is really expensive, here you can eat food for 12/- Rs. so for one day it is 36/- and for the month it is 1080/- (18 USD approx). Mr. Raj Babber told this to the world. But still it is less expensive from the other cities in the world.

So what are you waiting for, come to India. You can eat life time in a one month salary of average person in USA (5000/- USD approx).

But you must aware that this data is only for food. For rest of things, I can’t guarantee you. Here electricity bills is much high then other countries and if government get still loss due to their officers illogical expenses then they can charge extra amount in electricity bills for surcharge or any other name. Petrol is also much more expensive than any other neighbor countries even from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri lanka. If you get robbed, then police can charge amount for note down FIR. So always keep some extra money in your shoes for that purpose.  If you got accident then no guarantee that an ambulance will come within one hour but if you able to call for pizza then it will come within half hour. So you can wait ambulance with enjoying pizza and your wounds.

Still you want to come in India to live then make sure you are not a girl, because if someone starts to like you and you refuse then he can throw acid on you. OR it may happen that you will be pulled in a bus and raped in major places where you want to visit. But after that if media will raise this issue then you will be treated in big hospitals even in foreign countries.

So what are you waiting for, come to India.


Jet-Etihad airways deal

The FDI policy for civil aviation, which was revised in September last year, allows foreign airlines and foreign institutional investors to invest up to 49 per cent in an Indian airline. NRIs are already allowed 100 per cent investment. This changed the investment plans a lot. First effect was seen in Jet airways and Etihad Airway deal.

This deal is in news these days. India’s largest private sector airline has decided to sell 24% of its shares to Etihad airways. Now there are very arguments on this, some are in favor and others are against.

Even Prime Minister’s Office has sought clarifications from Ministries concerned, including Commerce and Industry, on the proposed Rs. 2,058 crore Jet-Etihad deal.

The deal, largest foreign investment proposal in the aviation sector, is facing regulatory hurdles with various ministries raising major concerns over the ultimate control of Jet Airways post transaction.

Serious questions continue to be raised over the Jet-Etihad FDI deal, with two more members of Parliament now joining the ranks of those maintaining the deal benefits only Jet Airways’ promoters and not the country.

So what is this deal:

Jet Airways (India) has reported a higher net loss of Rs.495.5 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2013, as compared to Rs.298 crore in the corresponding period in the previous year.

This was due to higher fuel cost and depreciation of the rupee against the U.S. dollar, the company said. Total income came down to Rs.3,990.5 crore from Rs.4,092.7 crore.

For the year ended March 2013, the company posted a lower net loss of Rs.485.5 crore as compared to a net loss of Rs.1,255.3 crore in the previous year. Total income increased by 13 per cent to Rs.17,068.7 crore.

To get financial help and the benefit of management of Etihad Airways, , shareholders of Jet Airways (India), at an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on Friday, approved the preferential allotment of 2,72,63,372 equity shares amounting to 24 per cent stake for Rs.2,060 crore to Etihad Airways PJSC as per the investment agreement signed on April 24, 2013 between the two airline companies.

The main issue of this deal is after this the revenue center and main headquarter of Jet Airways will be shifted to Abu Dhabi and this will follow UAE rules and laws.

It means the revenue of Jet Airways will be taxed in UAE and government of India will lose control on Jet airways.

Not only this, there is a provision in this deal that any decision will be passed by atleast 75% of board approval. Now, due to this deal there is 3 directors (one of which will be vice chairman) of Etihad airway got seat in board of director of Jet Airways. So without their approval no decision can be taken.

Etihad Airways , which is acquiring 24 per cent stake in Jet Airways for Rs.2,058 crore ($379 million), has made a provision in the share purchase agreement to acquire additional stake in the Naresh Goyal’s airline in future.

Etihad has a clause of right of first refusal in case Mr. Goyal decides to sell additional stake in Jet going forward. After this deal Mr. Goyal stake is 51% in Jet airways.

Etihad has also agreed to closely work with Jet to improve its all round performance, including finance. It is learnt that Etihad will augment additional finance of more than Rs.700 crore for Jet so as to improve its finances. Jet has agreed to establish a hub in Abu Dhabi. It will feed passengers to Etihad’s network by connecting all Indian cities with Abu Dhabi.

This decision is seems good. But experts are saying this will be beneficial for UAE, because due to this Jet Airways in increasing seats to UAE. This will help UAE to connect India’s more cities. On a look it is not bad but it will decrease seats to other countries. India is second biggest consumer market in world now. So UAE wants to connect to every city in India more easily than any other country.

But on the other hand, these experts forget the 1.8 million indian people work in UAE. Those in favour of these agreements argue that more flights to these countries has benefited Indians living there. Earlier, they had to spend their yearly savings to make one trip back home.

But after the exchange of liberal bilateral agreements with various Gulf states, the situation has eased. In this context, they mention how fares between Dubai and interior points in India have tumbled by almost one-third after more airlines have been given permission to operate between the two countries.

Now the decision is pending by government of India and this deal is still pending. Government is thinking on various sides to check the deal.