Shaheen (Part 7)

Slowly life started to come on tracks for Shaheen. Samayra was in sixth class now so she left primary school. Shaheen got some freedom. When Samayra was in school then Shaheen bunked the school very carefully. She and her friend Gulshan used to go outside through backside door. The door’s handle was broken so they easily opened the gate and went outside to play in garden. Before school closing time they returned to class. Now Samayra was not in school so Shaheen got less fear because Samayra could come to class anytime to check her. Boys were not the part of her group as she afraid of boys. She Gulshan and two more girls Sapna and Kiran were a group. After Samayra left school they normally bunked classes almost twice a week. Shaheen was intelligent but she was not interested in study anymore.

She and Gulshan came to school together. Armaan was with other boys company now. One day Gulshan was ill so she didn’t come. Shaheen was going alone. In way a big girl who was dressed like her sister new school stopped her. She told her that her sister sent her to take money from her. Shaheen, Samayra and Armaan all got money for some sweets in school canteen daily. It was a very small amount. Only four small candies or one big candy was affordable. So Shaheen was not ready to give her money to that girl for her sister. That girl slapped her on face. Shaheen was not ready for that. She was shocked what happened, while she was trying to recover one more slap caught her on head. She started to weep. She was small in comparison of that girl. That girl took her money and her geometry box which she got previous week only. Shaheen didn’t know what to do. She came school weeping. She told all this to his brother. Armaan asked the name of that girl but Shaheen was unaware of that. In evening she came home with her brother because of fright of that girl. They asked Samayra about that girl but she also didn’t know about that girl. So that mystery remains unsolved that who was that girl and why she beat Shaheen.

From next day Shaheen and Gulshan started to go together again. These type of small incidents keep occurred and Shaheen was growing. Next year Armaan also left that primary school. Shaheen was in fifth class now. She was bold enough for a girl but still afraid of boys. Board examinations were coming near and her bad marks in fourth class made Raima to compel Shaheen to study more. She told Shaheen that if she will not study then she will not get good marks then and if she didn’t get good marks she will go in her sister school.  Shaheen didn’t want to go in her sister school so she started to work hard and she got the result she was passed with distinction which was rare in her family. His father organized a party on her success it was also a rare thing to celebrate a girl’s success.

Samayra told that Shaheen was going her school, Shaheen cried and asked her mother. She comforted her that she will not go in her sister school. Her sister always teased her for that. Rahmaan went to a big private school with Shaheen. First school principal asked about their study and background. Rahmaan and Raima were not graduate and this was a big minus point in eyes of that school. Rahmaan asked principal that Shaheen was great in study and she got distinction. Principal was not impressed she asked that because they can’t teach Shaheen at home as they are not graduate they need to pay extra money for tuition fees for Shaheen. Rahmaan was agree on that. Then principal smiled and gave him estimation of all cost. She demanded thirty thousand as donation for school. This amount was like a small fortune for Rahmaan he was not able to pay that. Principal rejected Shaheen’s application. Raima begged to principal and show Shaheen’s marks again and again but principal was not ready to take Shaheen in her school without donation. So they came back empty handed and Shaheen was forced to go in her sister’s school. Her sister smiled and said “See, I told you that.”

These words always imprinted on Shaheen’s heart. She started to know how world is working on money power. She got good marks but still she was not able to get admission in her preferred school. The more she knew this world more she disliked this.