Shaheen (Part 4)

Schedule was really busy, and worst Shaheen didn’t know Arabi Language. Quran is written in Arabi language and Shaheen was not able to learn it. Her brother and sister were much better than her. Other students were making fun of her for her unawareness of language. In her home Arabi and Urdu was not first language and from heart she didn’t want to learn that language on her playing time; so half heart and comments of others made it more difficult for her. So she decided to play a trick. She went home and asked her mom whether she knew Arabi, as expected answer was positive. So she asked her to read for her. Raima started to read and quick Shaheen started to write that in Hindi language. So she wrote first page in Hindi in her notebook. Next day when she went to Madarsa, she surprised all by reading full page without any mistake. Everybody was thinking that she was reading Arabi, but truth was that she was reading in Hindi. This improves her position among other students. Now she was one of the best students in Madarsa who could read Holy Quran properly. On daily basis she was getting her notes from her mom and getting good marks in class. Even Armaan and Samayra didn’t know her secret. They were proud that their sister is so intelligent.

As a popular girl Shaheen was modest because she knew the actuality. Students were noticing her. One of them was specially doing this. Shaheen noticed that a boy who was elder than her about Six years was staring at her in class. She was a child so she thought perhaps he doesn’t know about class. So she ignored. Next day that boy came near and sits behind her. She didn’t object as it was routine to change seats. From that day that boy always sits near her. He tried to talk to her. His name was Hussain Khan. Shaheen was only eight that time. Everything was a play for her. Hussain was taking interest in her and trying to get near. She allowed her to play with her group. Hussain never missed any chance to touch her or catch her by her body in game. Shaheen was taking it casually.

School life was going well. Classes were interesting not due to study, they found new game which could be played on notebooks. So they were using notebooks not for study but for game. Many notebooks were disappeared in shape of planes. Pages were filled not by alphabets but by games words. They didn’t change their way to home yet. The only difference is that now they were not able to take their sleep at home after school because in evening they were supposed to go Madarsa. So they started to play at noon. One of boy in her neighborhood was always against her. She didn’t know why but he seemed to hate her. He always searched the chance to hurt her. One day he threw a stone to her. That stone cut her on her leg. Blood came out from tender skin. She cried and came home weeping. Her mother took it normally like nothing happened. Shaheen told her that that boy always against her. Her mother loved her and did nothing. She knew that it is only children fight. But this made Shaheen think that her mother don’t do anything against other children so she decided that she will not tell her mother anything in future.

Hussain was careful in this matter. When he was close to Shaheen no other was able to touch her and he was always with her from entering the Madarsa. He was bigger than any other so nobody wanted to fight him. From some days he started to touch Shaheen in class also. Shaheen was feeling uncomfortable sometimes, when his hands tried to move inside her cloths. She objected sometime by pinching him on hand. She was thinking that he was teasing her only because he was protecting her from everyone so she liked to remain near him. One day Hussain told her that he had a new airplane which can really fly. Shaheen was curious to see that. He told that he can’t show her here because other will break that. So they both bunked the class and went behind the Madarsa. Hussain had a beg in which he had a toy airplane. Shaheen asked him whether she can fly that but Hussain told that he needs to teach her how to fly airplane. She was agreed. Hussain gave airplane in her hand and started to move his hands in her skirt. Shaheen stopped him but he told that it is the way to learn. She stopped objecting and Hussain got chance to fulfill his dirty desires. He told her that there people will come and will see the method to fly so they need to go in some private room. Shaheen agreed because it was first time when she was about to fly an airplane. In the meanwhile Armaan became aware of absent of Shaheen in class. He asked Samayra also but she didn’t know also. So Armaan took permission of Molvi ji and went in search of Shaheen. When Shaheen and Hussain were going for some private he called her. Hussain was afraid. He told that they were playing. Armaan took Shaheen and went in the class after all he was also a child. That day Shaheen was saved by her brother but Hussain was still in search of his next chance which he was about to get really early.