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Shaheen (Part 7)

Shaheen (Part 7)

Slowly life started to come on tracks for Shaheen. Samayra was in sixth class now so she left primary school. Shaheen got some freedom. When Samayra was in school then Shaheen bunked the school very carefully. She and her friend Gulshan used to go outside through backside door. The door’s handle was broken so they easily opened the gate and went outside to play in garden. Before school closing time they returned to class. Now Samayra was not in school so Shaheen got less fear because Samayra could come to class anytime to check her. Boys were not the part of her group as she afraid of boys. She Gulshan and two more girls Sapna and Kiran were a group. After Samayra left school they normally bunked classes almost twice a week. Shaheen was intelligent but she was not interested in study anymore.

She and Gulshan came to school together. Armaan was with other boys company now. One day Gulshan was ill so she didn’t come. Shaheen was going alone. In way a big girl who was dressed like her sister new school stopped her. She told her that her sister sent her to take money from her. Shaheen, Samayra and Armaan all got money for some sweets in school canteen daily. It was a very small amount. Only four small candies or one big candy was affordable. So Shaheen was not ready to give her money to that girl for her sister. That girl slapped her on face. Shaheen was not ready for that. She was shocked what happened, while she was trying to recover one more slap caught her on head. She started to weep. She was small in comparison of that girl. That girl took her money and her geometry box which she got previous week only. Shaheen didn’t know what to do. She came school weeping. She told all this to his brother. Armaan asked the name of that girl but Shaheen was unaware of that. In evening she came home with her brother because of fright of that girl. They asked Samayra about that girl but she also didn’t know about that girl. So that mystery remains unsolved that who was that girl and why she beat Shaheen.

From next day Shaheen and Gulshan started to go together again. These type of small incidents keep occurred and Shaheen was growing. Next year Armaan also left that primary school. Shaheen was in fifth class now. She was bold enough for a girl but still afraid of boys. Board examinations were coming near and her bad marks in fourth class made Raima to compel Shaheen to study more. She told Shaheen that if she will not study then she will not get good marks then and if she didn’t get good marks she will go in her sister school.  Shaheen didn’t want to go in her sister school so she started to work hard and she got the result she was passed with distinction which was rare in her family. His father organized a party on her success it was also a rare thing to celebrate a girl’s success.

Samayra told that Shaheen was going her school, Shaheen cried and asked her mother. She comforted her that she will not go in her sister school. Her sister always teased her for that. Rahmaan went to a big private school with Shaheen. First school principal asked about their study and background. Rahmaan and Raima were not graduate and this was a big minus point in eyes of that school. Rahmaan asked principal that Shaheen was great in study and she got distinction. Principal was not impressed she asked that because they can’t teach Shaheen at home as they are not graduate they need to pay extra money for tuition fees for Shaheen. Rahmaan was agree on that. Then principal smiled and gave him estimation of all cost. She demanded thirty thousand as donation for school. This amount was like a small fortune for Rahmaan he was not able to pay that. Principal rejected Shaheen’s application. Raima begged to principal and show Shaheen’s marks again and again but principal was not ready to take Shaheen in her school without donation. So they came back empty handed and Shaheen was forced to go in her sister’s school. Her sister smiled and said “See, I told you that.”

These words always imprinted on Shaheen’s heart. She started to know how world is working on money power. She got good marks but still she was not able to get admission in her preferred school. The more she knew this world more she disliked this.


Shaheen (Part 6)

Shaheen (Part 6)

A shout stopped Hussain who was now opening his clothes now. Actually what happened that Molvi Sahab was teaching students and through window he saw Hussain and Shaheen going backside. So he came to check that where are they going. He came inside and caught Hussain by his shirt and pushed him stand up. Molvi Sahab slapped Hussain many times. When Hussain’s hand left her mouth Shaheen started to cry. Molvi Sahab helped her to get up and arrange her cloths. Her full dress was covered with dust and blood was draining from her mouth. Hussain got chance and he ran away. Molvi Sahab took Shaheen outside and immediately calls Rahmaan to come at once. Rahmaan was puzzled but by hint of urgency in Molvi Sahab voice he knew that something is wrong. When he came Molvi Sahab was outside with weeping Shaheen. He told Rahmaan all in one breath and told that Shaheen was safe. Rahmaan took Shaheen to home and told Raima all things. Raima checked Shaheen for how much Hussain did to her. She asked Shaheen what Hussain did to her. Innocent Shaheen told her that Hussain beat her. He tore her cloths. Raima wanted to know every detail but Shaheen was unaware of those things. She was confused why mother was asking so much; she never cared for her fight before. When Raima was confirmed that Shaheen is safe then she told to Rahmaan. Both took breathe of relief. Shaheen was still in shock. This was first time when she was physically harassed by someone. She didn’t know why it happened to her but this incident brought a fear for boys in her mind. She knew that boys are dangerous for her and they can do a big harm to her what harm she didn’t know; but her parents worry told her that harm can’t be cured easily.

Samayra also came home early. She complained why Rahmaan brought only Shaheen. Shaheen told her that Hussain beat her. She told her mother that she must complain to Hussain’s mother for this but her mother told that both must not tell anybody for this incident. Samayra understood what happened. Her mother slapped her also why she didn’t care about her younger sister. This made Shaheen wept more. Now both daughter and mother were weeping. Without any offence or mistake they were punished by a person and this was their misery that they even can’t complain for this.

Shaheen didn’t go to school and Madarsa for some days. Samayra also didn’t go for two days. She went first time when Armaan was ready to go but Shaheen started school after one week and she became ready to go Madarsa only then when Armaan told Hussain is not coming from that day.

Life started again but Shaheen was different now. A happy child becomes shy nature. She was afraid of boys. Mostly she was silent and if there is necessity then she talks only to girls. She stopped making new friends. Molvi Sahab was also not asking her much. She was surprised when her mother didn’t allow her to go to street to play. She argued that she didn’t do any wrong why she can’t go outside. Her mother didn’t answer her just told her to go inside and play with toys or do study. But time heals something not everything but something can be cured.

Shaheen was now allowed to go outside to play. She was shy and afraid. That one cruel incident changed her life forever. Only at eight year age Shaheen got the cruel truth of dirty desires of a man. She knew a man can harm her in such way that she can’t tell anybody. Nobody can help her after that even her parents and if this happened she can’t face the society only she will be locked inside her home to hide her face.

Shaheen (Part 5)

Shaheen (Part 5)

Shaheen was enjoying her childhood oblivious to all these things. She was busy in her study, fight with neighbor boy, playing with friends, learning to read Quran properly. So much was there to do, what a little girl can do after that. While playing football in Madarsa Hussain hit Armaan on leg. Hussain was wearing leather shoes so Armaan was hit hard. It was a mistake but impact was big for Armaan. He was getting problem in walking. Molvi Sahab called at home and Rahmaan came to pick his children. They took him to doctor. There was no internal damage but muscle of leg were torn slightly so doctor advised to take rest for 2-3 days. Now Samayra and Shaheen were going school and Madarsa alone. It was not fun for Shaheen because her brother was taking more care for her than her sister. Samayra’s nature was little different, she was happy with her friends. Armaan was different he was always careful for Shaheen that’s why Shaheen was saved that day from Hussain. Now there was no one to save her in Madarsa. Perhaps it was the plan of Hussain it was not clear.

Next day Shaheen and Samayra went to Madarsa without Armaan. Hussain was waiting for Shaheen as usual. He always played with Shaheen so nobody was taking care for this much. Samayra immediately mixed up with her friends andHussain got the chance he asked Shaheen to come with him to play again. Shaheen was ready on one condition. She told him that he will not touch her under her skirt. Hussain agreed at once. Shaheen asked Samayra about going. Samayra was busy with her friends. She listened half and told her to go and play. Hussain took Shaheen behind the Madarsa. There was a old room which was not in use from years. The door was broken. This was a dangerous building so nobody was allowed to go there. Hussain told Shaheen that he normally played here so Shaheen also agreed. In this small age children have curiosity for everything they can easily break the rules if someone inspire them.

Shaheen and Hussain were alone in the room. Hussain gave Shaheen a chocolate which was her favorite. She opened the packet and start eating. He was sitting on the dusty floor and asked Shaheen to sit but she refused as this will spoil her cloths and mom will beat her for this. So Hussain made her sit in his lap to save her cloths. Shaheen was eating chocolate and Hussain started to move his hands on her body. Shaheen tried to stop him but he gave her two more chocolate and told if she will not obeyed him then he will take chocolate back. Little Shaheen didn’t know what he is planning to do or what harm she can get by touching only. That time chocolate was more valuable for her. So she ignored his hands. Hussain got courage and he started to open her shirt’s button. Shaheen was small but she knew that it is wrong to remove cloths in front of others. She objected and handed back chocolate to Hussain. He didn’t stop and put his hand under her shirt. She threatened him that she will shout. Hussain put his hand on her mouth. Little Shaheen was unable to speak. Now her innocent brain knew that she is in danger. She started to fight with him. But she was small. Hussain hand moved under her skirt and removed her underwear. Shaheen was throwing her hands and legs. She pinched as hard as she could on his hands. She tried to bite him but her mouth was tightly closed. Hussain threw her on ground with one hand other one was still on her mouth. Now Shaheen started crying, no voice was coming out only tears were rolling on her white cheeks. Her defense was losing she was tired to remove his hands from her body. Hussain removed his hand from her mouth and put his mouth on her lips. Shaheen opened her mouth but Hussain bite on her lips. Blood started to run from her mouth. Her clothes were opened and she was helpless lying on the floor under heavy body of Hussain.

Shaheen (Part 4)

Schedule was really busy, and worst Shaheen didn’t know Arabi Language. Quran is written in Arabi language and Shaheen was not able to learn it. Her brother and sister were much better than her. Other students were making fun of her for her unawareness of language. In her home Arabi and Urdu was not first language and from heart she didn’t want to learn that language on her playing time; so half heart and comments of others made it more difficult for her. So she decided to play a trick. She went home and asked her mom whether she knew Arabi, as expected answer was positive. So she asked her to read for her. Raima started to read and quick Shaheen started to write that in Hindi language. So she wrote first page in Hindi in her notebook. Next day when she went to Madarsa, she surprised all by reading full page without any mistake. Everybody was thinking that she was reading Arabi, but truth was that she was reading in Hindi. This improves her position among other students. Now she was one of the best students in Madarsa who could read Holy Quran properly. On daily basis she was getting her notes from her mom and getting good marks in class. Even Armaan and Samayra didn’t know her secret. They were proud that their sister is so intelligent.

As a popular girl Shaheen was modest because she knew the actuality. Students were noticing her. One of them was specially doing this. Shaheen noticed that a boy who was elder than her about Six years was staring at her in class. She was a child so she thought perhaps he doesn’t know about class. So she ignored. Next day that boy came near and sits behind her. She didn’t object as it was routine to change seats. From that day that boy always sits near her. He tried to talk to her. His name was Hussain Khan. Shaheen was only eight that time. Everything was a play for her. Hussain was taking interest in her and trying to get near. She allowed her to play with her group. Hussain never missed any chance to touch her or catch her by her body in game. Shaheen was taking it casually.

School life was going well. Classes were interesting not due to study, they found new game which could be played on notebooks. So they were using notebooks not for study but for game. Many notebooks were disappeared in shape of planes. Pages were filled not by alphabets but by games words. They didn’t change their way to home yet. The only difference is that now they were not able to take their sleep at home after school because in evening they were supposed to go Madarsa. So they started to play at noon. One of boy in her neighborhood was always against her. She didn’t know why but he seemed to hate her. He always searched the chance to hurt her. One day he threw a stone to her. That stone cut her on her leg. Blood came out from tender skin. She cried and came home weeping. Her mother took it normally like nothing happened. Shaheen told her that that boy always against her. Her mother loved her and did nothing. She knew that it is only children fight. But this made Shaheen think that her mother don’t do anything against other children so she decided that she will not tell her mother anything in future.

Hussain was careful in this matter. When he was close to Shaheen no other was able to touch her and he was always with her from entering the Madarsa. He was bigger than any other so nobody wanted to fight him. From some days he started to touch Shaheen in class also. Shaheen was feeling uncomfortable sometimes, when his hands tried to move inside her cloths. She objected sometime by pinching him on hand. She was thinking that he was teasing her only because he was protecting her from everyone so she liked to remain near him. One day Hussain told her that he had a new airplane which can really fly. Shaheen was curious to see that. He told that he can’t show her here because other will break that. So they both bunked the class and went behind the Madarsa. Hussain had a beg in which he had a toy airplane. Shaheen asked him whether she can fly that but Hussain told that he needs to teach her how to fly airplane. She was agreed. Hussain gave airplane in her hand and started to move his hands in her skirt. Shaheen stopped him but he told that it is the way to learn. She stopped objecting and Hussain got chance to fulfill his dirty desires. He told her that there people will come and will see the method to fly so they need to go in some private room. Shaheen agreed because it was first time when she was about to fly an airplane. In the meanwhile Armaan became aware of absent of Shaheen in class. He asked Samayra also but she didn’t know also. So Armaan took permission of Molvi ji and went in search of Shaheen. When Shaheen and Hussain were going for some private he called her. Hussain was afraid. He told that they were playing. Armaan took Shaheen and went in the class after all he was also a child. That day Shaheen was saved by her brother but Hussain was still in search of his next chance which he was about to get really early.

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 21 final part)

“Vikas!!!!! What are you doing? Why are you helping her?” Ravi screamed.

“Ha Ha Ha” Vikas laugh was so cold that it freeze blood of Ravi.

“I am not helping her. Truth is she is helping me.”

“What? What are you saying? What we have done to you.” Ravi was surprised to hear this. He was thinking that Preeti was doing all this, now truth came that she was only helping.

“You are the person who killed my Aina.” Vikas shouted.

“Your Aina!!!!! What is this mean?” another surprised strike Ravi in mind.

“yes, My Aina.  I loved her. I loved her from my heart. But she loved you. It was you who killed her. You rejected her love. My poor love, couldn’t bear this and took her life. It was your fault. I can’t forgive you for this.”

“But how you learned this black stuff? Did Preeti taught you all this?” this time Baba Prchandnath asked.

“No no no no. Preeti didn’t teach me. It was I who taught her all this. When Ravi left college, I tried to come near Aina. I started to come close to her family. Soon I and Preeti become good friends. Aina never approved my love. But she didn’t object my friendship with Preeti. My father was a great Tantrik. I learned all this from him. Preeti was interested so I taught her one or two tricks but that was not harmful or dangerous. So she was on my side for learning more. Aina was forgetting you but again she came near you when she was doing MBA. It was my bad luck. She lost control herself in love. When you refused she took her own life. Preeti was angry also. She wanted revenge so I taught her really dark stuff.”

“You spoiled a innocent girl for your madness” Baba Prchandnath said angrily.

“She is not a child, she also wanted to take revenge for her sister death.”

“Then why she is not speaking anything. Why she is behaving like a zombie. “Baba Prcahndnath said while observing Preeti’s expressions.

“She is lost in internal Sadhna. She also wants to kill both Ravi and Ritu and now you interfered so you will also die.”

“You are using her. She is in your control. She knew exactly that Ravi is not the cause of her sister death. She was near you so you used black magic to control her.”

“Yes, I did that. But that was for Aina. Ravi was the cause. He must die today and it will happened by hand of Aina’s sister.”

“Preeti, what are you waiting for? Your sister’s murderers are in front of you. Go and kill all of them.” VIkas handed over the Trident of Baba Prchandnath to Preeti. Preeti took the trident and started to move towards Ravi.

Baba Prcahndnath tried to fre himself but invisible bounds were very strong. He saw the Mr. Jack was not there where he was lying unconscious.

“Why did you waited for four years? Why didn’t you kill them before? Why now?.” Baba Prchandnath asked his doubt.

“I tried, but I am not powerful to send my black spells in another city. I tried to find them but I didn’t get their address. When I found that they came back then I send a request to broker for letting out this property to Ravi on cheap rates. A small work of hypnotism made the owner to do this. With help of Preeti I started my black magic on Ritu first. It was working and I was getting success. first I tried to send Ravi to jail in Aina’s murder. So I show false dreams to Ritu and it was also successful but suddenly something happened after. Ritu got hint I don’t know how and my magic started to lose power.”

“Because that time Aina’s body was discovered and her soul was free from her coffin. She helped Ritu to get truth and she was the reason your magic was getting weaker. She doesn’t want to harm Ravi and Ritu. She is in favor of both. You are doing wrong. If you will hurt Ravi,  Aina will not forgive you.” Baba Prchandnath tried to convince that mad man.

“You are lying. These false things will not affect my decision.”

Baba Prcahndnath got glimpse of Mr. Jack. He was trying to get close to Preeti who is holding Trident in her hands close to Ravi’s throat.

“Why did you help us to find Preeti? It was easy to attack us while we don’t know who is doing this.” Ravi asked his doubt.

“When my magic was failed then I thought to bring you near me. Moreover if you were searching perhaps you got me before so I decided to misguide you. You yourself gave me this chance. You messaged me on FB. It was my luck. I responded and told you about Preeti. I was right you were now chasing Preeti . when My attack in hotel room was failed. I was more alert and trying to get more power. Blood moonless night came and this day dark magic is on its peak. But you were in Baba Prcahndnath’s Ashram; there my dark magic can’t work. So I called you to come here and you all fool came in my hands.”

Mr. Jack jumped on Preeti. Vikas was surprised. Preeti dropped the trident. Her moves were slow like she was in a dream. Mr. Jack’s right hand caught her near neck and she felt unconscious. Vikas had Mr. Jack’s gun. He tried to shoot Mr. Jack but gun was locked. It was clear he was not good with firearms. Mr. Jack jumped on him but stopped in mid air. Vikas’s enchantment didn’t allow him to come near. Vikas throw him about eight feet far without moving a finger. Mr. Jack again went to world of unconsciousness.                                                                                       

Vikas was angry he threw the gun one side. Preeti was not moving. He took the trident in his hand and decided to kill them himself.

“I will kill you all. You can’t destroy me.” Saying this he moved forward and gave his first strike on Ravi.

Ravi shouted for help but there was no living person who could help him.

But a dead person was able to help him, the person who loved him with her life. Aina appeared between Ravi and Trident.

Vikas was shocked he stopped. “Aina, you.. you are alive. No you can’t be. It is your soul. But why are you helping him? He killed you.”

Aina’s expressions were full of anger. She stared at Vikas.

“You are not Aina. You are a slave soul of this Baba Prcahandnath. I know this. You can’t stop me.” Vikas raise Trident again.

A gunshot noise came behind Vikas. Vikas’s stopped, blood started to run from his chest. He saw back, Preeti was standing with Mr. Jack’s gun in her hand.

Her full body was shaking like she awoke from a long sleep. As soon as Vikas fall down, all enchantments were broken. Now all could move. Ravi and Ritu were staring at Aina. Aina was looking at Preeti. Tears were running down from Preeti’s eyes. She was looking to Aina with so many emotions.

Aina disappeared. Baba Prchandnath brought Mr. Jack in conscious. All things were clear. Ravi and Ritu gave support to Preeti. They all came home. Mr. Jack stayed back to deal with police. He told that Preeti did this for save all so she will be cleared. First they went to Preeti’s home. Preeti’s mom was worried to see all but when she heard the full story. She embraced Preeti. Ravi and Ritu requested them to come to their own home. it was big enough for all of them. they rejected then Baba Prachandnath told that it will help Aina to move ahead. She is held back to earth due to this. So they accepted.

As promised Mr. Jack cleared all police formalities. Police showed that act as self defense. Baba Prcahndnath did a Havan in home. Aina’s soul appeared last time. This time she was happy.



The Haunted House (Part 20)


The Haunted House (Part 20)

“Preeti called her only friend. He was friend of both Aina and Preeti, only he was allowed to come at home. I can’t remember his name. He and she both dug the ground behind the home and buried Aina there. We didn’t have money and I didn’t want to leave in that home where my daughter was dead. We sold the home after that and came here. She didn’t change after that. She lost in dark stuff. From then I am alone at home. This home is out of city so nobody comes here. Moreover Preeti don’t want anyone to come at home. I am also afraid to face anybody. Sometime ago police came in search of her and she ran away.”

It was clear that Aina’s mother didn’t know the reality of those policemen which was Ravi and Mr. Jack with Baba Prachandnath as it was in a sudden perhaps that’s why she didn’t recognize Ravi. She thought that they were real policemen.

“Do you know where Preeti is now? Did she come home after that?” Ritu asked.

“No, after that incident she didn’t come home. After years I went to her room because she never allowed me to come inside. I was shocked to see the room. Blood was everywhere. It was like hell. I locked the room. I don’t have courage to go in room. Neither I can clean the room myself nor call anyone else to do the job. So the room is locked.”

Ritu had known that Ravi didn’t kill Aina and how Aina’s body came to their home’s background. Preeti was doing all this to them. She was sorry for Aina’s mother. She asked her whether she wanted to come to their home to live with them. Aina’s mother was surprised to listen this. Tears started to roll down from her eyes. She refused with heavy heart. Ritu’s this offer made it clear that they were not wrong. She and Ravi are good persons.  Ritu took permission to leave and came home.

In the meanwhile Ravi got call from Baba Prachandnath. He told him that blood moonless night is coming. On this day dark powers are on its peak. It is only four days ahead. So he advised them to come to his Ashram, they will be safe there as the Ashram is protected with many protective spells. Ravi heard that and assured him that he will do the same.

When Ravi came home, Ritu told him the full story. First Ravi was angry because Ritu told him a lie and there could be danger in Aina’s home. But after that, emotions took him, he was sorry for Aina. When he heard that Aina took her own life, his throat choked with grief. Now he knew the reason why Aina’s sister is doing this. She believed that he was the reason for her sister’s suicide. Now his hate for her changed into sympathy.

Two days passed without any problem. On third day Ravi and Ritu shifted to Baba Prachandnath’s Ashram. Now they were safe from Dark magic. There was any news of Aina’s sister. Mr. Jack was also working but he didn’t get any clue yet. One of his men was keeping an eye on her home but she didn’t return. On day of blood moonless night Ravi got call from Vikas he told him that he saw Preeti. She was near cemetery outside city. He was coming from other city and he saw her going inside. He tried to meet her but she was like lost in air. But he is waiting outside the cemetery, he can come and they both can search her there. Ravi immediately called to Mr. Jack he immediately came to Ashram. Baba Prachandnath, Ravi and Jack prepared to go there. For safety Baba Prchandnath took his things to fight with black magic. Mr. Jack took gun but they all knew that it was useless against dark magic but it was the best weapon he could use. Ritu also came with them. All three of them objected on this idea but now Ritu was emotionally attached with Aina’s sister. She started to weep and a woman’s tears are the best weapon which no man can fight. All four of them went to cemetery, Vikas’s bike was there but Vikas was not there.  Perhaps he went inside in search of Preeti. So they all went inside. It was evening now. Cemetery was full of darkness. Baba Prchandnath again advised Ritu to stay back. But now this time Ritu was not secure alone on a lonely road. So there was no option except take her with them.

There was light in a far corner they went there. a fire between strange signs on ground. Mr. Jack took her gun in his hand. There was no one. Dark magic stuff was scattered everywhere Skull, bones, ash, nails and carcasses of animals. Baba Prchandnath stopped them with his hand sign. He took his trident in his hand and carefully entered in that place.

When he came in middle, a hand with club appeared behind Mr. Jack. A mighty strike on head sent him in world of unconsciousness. Ritu screamed, Ravi caught her and pulled her away from that strange hand which was of a hooded person. Now they both entered on that ritual place.

Baba Prchandnath moved back to see what happened. A bat came from nowhere and stuck him on his face. This unexpected attack compelled him to drop his trident. He tried to remove that bat from his face but it was not leaving his face like it was glued to his face. But after a great struggle he succeeded to remove it. When he looked in search of his trident then it was not there. He saw it in hand of a girl. No doubt she was Preeti.

Baba Prchandnath tried to reach her but his feet was glued to the ground. An invisible force was not allowing him to move. He looked for Ravi and Ritu. They both were also in same position stuck to one place unable to move. Preeti laughing came near to them. Baba Prchandnath’s lips moved and moved in some silent enchantment. He looked to the ground near his feet which was keeping him block. But nothing happened.

“There is no way, you can break these bounds. I have enchanted this place and now your power can’t do anything here. You will die here with them.”

“Preeti, you are doing mistake. We are not the reason for yours sister.” Ravi shouted.

“Shut up” Preeti shouted and made a gesture with his hand and enchanted.

Ravi tried to speak again but no voice came from his throat. Ritu also tried to speak but her voice was also silent.

“You will pay for my sister death. She died due to you. I have waited this for a long time.” Preeti said.

“Yes, I will give you so horrible and painful death that your soul will be frightened to leave this place.” The hooded person came in view. He bowed to ground near Mr. Jack and took his gun in his hand.

“Who are you?” Baba Prchandnath shouted. This was the same question Ravi and Ritu also wanted to ask but their voice was not supporting them.

The hooded person removed his hood and Ravi’s mouth opened in shock. He tried to shout the name but he was not able to speak.

“I know Ravi you wants to speak something.” The unknown person speaks something. Now Ravi was able to speak. When he got his voice back he shouted the name of that unknown person.

The Haunted House (Part 19)

The Haunted House (Part 1)

But that was true

A strange love story