ImageThe Haunted House (Part 18)

Their target was escaped. In spite of Aina’s mom objection, they searched the room. There were some bones, Havan kund and other black magic artifacts. There was blood everywhere in that room. Carcasses of animals were scattered everywhere. Stout hearted baba Parchandnath was also appalled to see all this. There was pile of carcasses of cats, chicken and some other birds which were so covered with blood that you can’t differentiate. It made clear that Aina’s sister was involved in all this. They asked Aina’s mom about this. She refused to answer any of those questions. Threat of police was also useless. Ravi could easily see terror in her eyes. She was afraid of speaking. There was no point of stopping there so they left the home.

“One thing is clear, she is in hurry. So much dead animals prove that she is sacrificing daily. It is too much. She wants the power quickly.” Baba Prachandnath told them.

Ravi was frightened to listen this. “But Baba, it means she will be soon so powerful that she will be able to kill us.” Anybody could smell fear in his voice. Surely he was still afraid what he saw there in the room.

“Black magic has its limit also. It needs your life energy. Sure it will increase her power but it will cost her life energy. If she is doing this so fast then it will soak her life energy in same speed. Soul takes time to generate life energy; if you are using excess life energy then it will affect your soul.” Baba Prchandnath explained.

“Ok, Mr. Ravi, I seek your permission to go. I will track her down again.” Mr. Jack was eager to solve this case as soon as possible. It was a challenge to him. After all he was new and if he will solve the case his reputation will be good.

“Ok, Mr. Jack thanks for your help.” Ravi tried to smile but his face didn’t support him.

After Mr. Jack, Ravi and Baba Prachandnath left the place. Ravi came home and told the bizarre environment in Aina’s home. Ritu was also frightened. It was clear that Aina’s sister can go to any length to harm them and it was not a normal thing. One thing was still not clear why she was doing this. They didn’t harm her. Even Ravi didn’t do wrong to Aina. Yes, she loved him but he never did wrong to her then why she is doing this?

Ritu didn’t tell Ravi, but she wanted the answers of these questions. When the pressure of these questions becomes inevitable she decided to visit Aina’s home. She went to Aina’s home alone. Aina’s mom opened the door. When Ritu told her, her name, she was surprised but she let her come in.

Ritu went in, Aina’s mother offered her seat. Both set in guest room. Both remain silent for some time. Ritu was trying to find how she can start talking. She didn’t do any harm but she knew that this lady lost her daughter and somehow she blamed herself for this.

“Aina, always talk about you.” It was Aina’s mother who started to talk.

“I am sorry, for all. I know I can’t fill the gap which you got in your life.”

“No, it is not your fault. I know. Aina never wanted to disturb you. She loved Ravi and she didn’t has any grudge against you.” Tears were flowing on Aina’s mother cheeks.

Ritu came near to her and embrace her. Aina’s mother lost control and start weeping. The pain, the loss which she was bearing in her heart from many years was coming outside. She kept weeping for many minutes. At last Ritu stood up and asked for kitchen. Aina’s mother guided her by her hand sign. She was still sobbing. Ritu went and brought a glass of water for her. After drinking water Aina’s mother become silent. Ritu was still holding her in her arms.

Soon Aina’s mother becomes normal. She started to talk to Ritu normally. Ritu asked her doubt, why Aina’s sister want to kill them. Aina’s mother kept silence for some time then she started to tell Ritu the whole story.

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