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The Haunted House (Part 19)


The Haunted House (Part 19)

Ritu supported her, she was eager to know what happened after. Ravi was murderer dream came to her mind and she shivered. Now the time has come to know the reality. Why they are facing these problems and why Aina’s sister wants to kill them.

“Aina, my sweet daughter was courage of our family. She was the only one who supported us after her father’s death. Her father died six years back. She got job in his company. She was doing her study while studying. For MBA training, she got leave from her company as they were not affiliated by that university. She joined Ravi’s company. This was the time when she met Ravi again. They were in same college before but that time they were not close. Aina loved him that time also but didn’t get chance to express her love. Ravi was her senior. When Ravi completed his studies and left college then Aina accepted this as her destiny. After that her father death and family responsibility helped her to control her emotions. But when she again met Ravi she started to believe this is her destiny which brought Ravi back to her life. Ravi became her only aim to live. She was mad for him. Her behavior was changing, she was not ready to listen anything against him.” Aina’s mother started to sob again. Ritu saw the water glass it was empty. So she again went to kitchen for another glass of water.

Her phone rang, she picked, it was Ravi. “Where are you?” This was Ravi’s first question.

“What happened? Why are you tensed?” Ritu was surprised to listen such worry in his voice.

“I am trying your phone from more than half hour. It is unreachable. I tried at home landline, Meera picked the phone and told that you are not at home.”

“I came to an old friend home. I was getting bored so came to Kalyani’s home. You know her. She was my best friend and I always used her to keep in her on you in college.”

“Oh yes, how I can forget.” Now Ravi’s voice becomes normal.

“If there is any urgent matter, for which you called me?” Ritu was in hurry to listen rest of story so she came to the point early. She knew it will hurt Ravi but her curiosity was making her to do this.

“No, no, just want to talk to you. You enjoy with Kalyani. We will talk in evening about this.” Ravi cut the phone at once. This was the indication that he was hurt because he never cut the phone without saying bye. Whenever he is angry or hurt he cut the phone at once. Ritu decided to sort it out in evening but this time Aina’s mother story was more important for her and for Ravi also.

She came outside and gave water to Aina’s mother. She became normal.

“Who called you?” She asked

“It was my husband. He was asking where I am. So I told that I am her.” Ritu told a lie to ensure that if there is some wrong intention in Aina’s mother then she must know that Ravi know about her. But that was precaution only as she was feeling that Aina’s mother is innocent like Aina herself.

“What happened next? After Aina started to love Ravi again?” Ritu asked eagerly.

“After that we were also ready to accept Aina’s will as we didn’t find any problem in Ravi. But what we didn’t know that Ravi didn’t have any love feeling for Aina. He was in love with you. When Aina came to know this she became mad. She was always in anger. At home she was not eating food and always in irritating mood. I and her sister were afraid to talk to her. One day we found police at our home. They told us that Aina tried to kill you. We were shocked. My Aina….” She started to sob again. This was year’s pain which was coming out now.

Ritu tried to gave her water which she refused. After all there is a limit to drink water.

Soon she started again,” I couldn’t believe that my Aina could do this. But when Aina came home she confirmed. You didn’t fill a complaint so police released her. After that she left the job and study also. She bounded her in that house. She never left the home after that.”

“You are right. She didn’t leave that house after that. She is still there.” Ritu murmured.

“What? Aina is still there. My daughter is alive?” A cry came from Aina’s mom.

“Yes, but not physically. Her soul is still there.” Ritu told her.

Tears had covered her face fully but she kept telling the story,” her sister was also angry she was always fascinated with black magic. This made her even close to that.  She locked herself in her room while doing black stuff. I was afraid and lonely. My both daughters were not talking and both were in trouble. I was alone and didn’t know what to do. We were not in position to feed ourselves. There was no income. So I used our savings. Our condition was getting worse. One day Aina killed herself. She cut her veins in night. When I went to her home in morning it was opened. It was strange because after leaving her job she used to close her door. When I opened the door I found floor was full of her blood. I cried and her sister came. She checked her pulse. Aina died in night. I told her to call ambulance but she refused. She refused to call relatives also. I saw fire of revenge in her eyes. There was something which prevented me to argue to her. She was not my daughter anymore. Dark stuff had changed her in to something else.”


The Haunted House (Part 18)


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Shaheen (Part 3)

Shaheen (Part 3)

Shaheen was spending her childhood easily. There was no tension. When Armaan started to play with her she forgot about that bad incident. When they return from school they never took the straight road, always came from a long route which comprises many streets and parks. They enjoyed to pluck flowers from school and parks, sometime they got caught in school and teacher shouted very much but that was also fun. Shaheen liked most to enjoy swing in park. On daily basis she went to nearby park and spent time with friends. When mother asked why they were late then the common excuse was there was an extra class. Her mother knew that there can’t be any extra class for these small children but she knew that they were enjoying in the way so she never argued and they always thought that their mother took their excuse truly.  Shaheen, Gulshan, Armaan and Samayra all four were a group while returning home. First they drop Gulshan to her home after that all three came to their home. It was a different matter that Gulshan’s home was far away from school in comparison of their home. Samayra and Armaan was very close to their lovely little sister.

On Sunday, she was ill so was at home. Some neighbor’s women came to her home. It is normal in India women gathered in one home and start gossiping, it is best time pass of ladies. While talking one of them start praising her son that he is really good in Urdu (a language, which Muslim speaks). She told that he can write Shayri (a type of poem) in Urdru. Now the subject of talking moved to children’s education of Urdu.

“Arey, Sister, what I should tell you. These days this new generation doesn’t respect elders and their values. Children don’t want to learn Urdu. They prefer English.” One of them spoke.

Other spoke in her favor,” yes, you are right. My Akram also feel shame in speaking Urdu. He says that it is not necessary. Now English and Hindi is new language. In school other students make fun of his wordings.”

“This new generation is going to hell. I don’t know what will happen to them. When they will not learn Urdu then how can they understand our culture and our values? Allah, forgive them and show them the right path.”

“What about your children, Raima? Are they learning Urdu?” one of them asked Shaheen’s mother and now the full concern of all ladies shifted to Shaheen and her brother and sister.

“No, I mean…..Yes, I am teaching them at home.” Raima hestily told them.

“But why you don’t send them to Madarsa (religious school of Muslims). Molvi Sahab will teach them accurately. My son is going there since he was five. Your Armaan is elder than him na.”

“They are small, I don’t think this is right time for them to go Madarsa. When they will grow up I will surely put them in Madarsa.” Raima protested weakly. In Muslim families religion is most effective and respectful. Everybody must obey that even they don’t like or those don’t match with current world behavior.

Shaheen was listening all this, she didn’t speak between them because she was told strictly in this tender age that when elders are speaking girls must not speak between. She wanted to argue because it was her life but she was silent.

In evening when Rahmaan came to home Raima told everything to him. She told that neighbors are making talks on this so it was decided that all three children will go to Madarsa to get knowledge of Urdu and religion. Next day Rahmaan went to Madarsa and arranged their training with Molvi Sahab. Immediately from next day all three were ordered to go to Madarsa. So now three small children’s life became busy, they came from school and in evening when the time was to play they started to go Madarsa. Shaheen was missing her games very much. She was ready to give anything to change this time from learning Urdu to Play time.

This was second encounter of little Shaheen with again not desirable culture.

The Haunted House (Part 18)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 18)

Their target was escaped. In spite of Aina’s mom objection, they searched the room. There were some bones, Havan kund and other black magic artifacts. There was blood everywhere in that room. Carcasses of animals were scattered everywhere. Stout hearted baba Parchandnath was also appalled to see all this. There was pile of carcasses of cats, chicken and some other birds which were so covered with blood that you can’t differentiate. It made clear that Aina’s sister was involved in all this. They asked Aina’s mom about this. She refused to answer any of those questions. Threat of police was also useless. Ravi could easily see terror in her eyes. She was afraid of speaking. There was no point of stopping there so they left the home.

“One thing is clear, she is in hurry. So much dead animals prove that she is sacrificing daily. It is too much. She wants the power quickly.” Baba Prachandnath told them.

Ravi was frightened to listen this. “But Baba, it means she will be soon so powerful that she will be able to kill us.” Anybody could smell fear in his voice. Surely he was still afraid what he saw there in the room.

“Black magic has its limit also. It needs your life energy. Sure it will increase her power but it will cost her life energy. If she is doing this so fast then it will soak her life energy in same speed. Soul takes time to generate life energy; if you are using excess life energy then it will affect your soul.” Baba Prchandnath explained.

“Ok, Mr. Ravi, I seek your permission to go. I will track her down again.” Mr. Jack was eager to solve this case as soon as possible. It was a challenge to him. After all he was new and if he will solve the case his reputation will be good.

“Ok, Mr. Jack thanks for your help.” Ravi tried to smile but his face didn’t support him.

After Mr. Jack, Ravi and Baba Prachandnath left the place. Ravi came home and told the bizarre environment in Aina’s home. Ritu was also frightened. It was clear that Aina’s sister can go to any length to harm them and it was not a normal thing. One thing was still not clear why she was doing this. They didn’t harm her. Even Ravi didn’t do wrong to Aina. Yes, she loved him but he never did wrong to her then why she is doing this?

Ritu didn’t tell Ravi, but she wanted the answers of these questions. When the pressure of these questions becomes inevitable she decided to visit Aina’s home. She went to Aina’s home alone. Aina’s mom opened the door. When Ritu told her, her name, she was surprised but she let her come in.

Ritu went in, Aina’s mother offered her seat. Both set in guest room. Both remain silent for some time. Ritu was trying to find how she can start talking. She didn’t do any harm but she knew that this lady lost her daughter and somehow she blamed herself for this.

“Aina, always talk about you.” It was Aina’s mother who started to talk.

“I am sorry, for all. I know I can’t fill the gap which you got in your life.”

“No, it is not your fault. I know. Aina never wanted to disturb you. She loved Ravi and she didn’t has any grudge against you.” Tears were flowing on Aina’s mother cheeks.

Ritu came near to her and embrace her. Aina’s mother lost control and start weeping. The pain, the loss which she was bearing in her heart from many years was coming outside. She kept weeping for many minutes. At last Ritu stood up and asked for kitchen. Aina’s mother guided her by her hand sign. She was still sobbing. Ritu went and brought a glass of water for her. After drinking water Aina’s mother become silent. Ritu was still holding her in her arms.

Soon Aina’s mother becomes normal. She started to talk to Ritu normally. Ritu asked her doubt, why Aina’s sister want to kill them. Aina’s mother kept silence for some time then she started to tell Ritu the whole story.

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Shaheen (Part 2)

Shaheen (Part 2)

Childhood of Shaheen was very happy. She had a big brother and an elder sister to protect and for love. She was the youngest so favorite toy of full family. Soon Samayra started her school. When Shaheen saw her going in colorful uniform, she always struggle to go with her. Both sisters wept. Samayra didn’t want to go to school and Shaheen wanted to go with her. Neighbors advised Raima and her mother-in-law not to send Samayra in big school as she is a girl. Why should spend so much money on a girl when she will go to other home. But it is Samayra fortune that she got nice parents like Rahmaan and Raima. They didn’t differentiate between Samayra and Armaan.

Time has wings it fly fast. Next year Armaan took admission in school. Shaheen became more upset, now she was alone in home. She was small enough to be kept in home. So she always runs here and there in home. Raima started to take extra care, not of Shaheen of things of home from Shaheen. Whatever thing comes in her small hand scattered in pieces within minutes.

As she was only child at home, she was star of her grandma’s eyes. But bad luck was also an essential part of her life. Her grandma closed her eyes. Shaheen was too young to understand but when all were weeping her tiny heart told her that something terrible happened. She also wept and when she didn’t find her grandma lap to hide from this sorrow she wept more. This sorrow made her ill. Now her parents were more tensed because they were dealing with funeral of mother and illness of daughter.

This time his brother took responsibility of her. He was himself very small but he was not intelligent in study but was capable of understand social responsibility. He left his school for some days and spent entire time with his younger sister. He played with her and took her outside to see market. Small Shaheen was happy now, his innocent heart forget the sorrow of grandma, but when she is at home she always went to grandma room to check whether she is there or not.

Time passed and Shaheen got admission in school. Her wishes to wear uniform and went to school in rickshaw completed. She was happy not only to join school by meeting and making new friends. In her home she was not allowed to meet other people very much. Here she got friends, a girl named Gulshan became her best friend. They always set together and took lunch from each other’s Tiffin box.

She was safe from bullies of his class because she had a big brother and sister to take care of them. So her life was going well. But when she was four and her brother was five something happened. Her brother became ill and didn’t talk to anybody. Her parents were taking care of him but didn’t take him to doctor. Shaheen was her favorite but he was not talking to her. He kept crying and weeping in pain. Next day, Shaheen tried to pull him from his bed, he refused. Shaheen was stubborn she pulled him with full might. But how much strength she got to pick her brother. She couldn’t lift her brother; lost control and fell on his brother. Her tiny hand touched him on his pelvis. Armaan cried in pain. Their mother came running and seeing this slapped Shaheen. Little Shaheen didn’t understand what she had done. She wept but her mother was not giving any attention to her. She was looking after Armaan. Even her brother didn’t take care of her. He was weeping. When she told this to her sister she told that Armaan bhai got Khatna. Shaheen didn’t understand what that was but she understood that something terrible happened to Armaan bhai.

After some days Armaan started to walk, it took about more than 15 days when he becomes about normal. This was the first tradition which Shaheen came to face and didn’t understand why it was necessary while nobody enjoy it or need it.



Rahmaan Hussain was neither so intelligent nor so smart that he would get a very beautiful wife. His would be wife Raima was a normal girl. He always wanted to marry a girl who looks like Hema Malini (a famous Indian actress who is known by name of Dream Girl). But it was not happening. His parents fixed his marriage in a typical Muslim family.  The girl completed her school education and her parents decided that now it is time for her marriage. She was not so educated, not so good looking but she was an expert in home. She could take care of home efficiently and was a great cook also. She wanted to study more but in Muslim families it is her parent’s wish which she must obey. So both were not so happy but still both were married.

Early time of marriage was not so special. Rahmaan Hussain had a furniture shop. Earning was good for a middle class family. His routine was fixed, in morning go to shop and at night come to home. Raima had big dreams about her marriage that she will go to a hill station for honeymoon but home responsibilities didn’t allow her to go. Her father-in-law was mostly ill. She needed to look after him. She even didn’t understand the meaning of marriage she became pregnant. In very first year of marriage she became mother of one daughter. Yet that was a muslim family they were not orthodox. Rahmaan took his daughter as Allah’s gift. She was named Samayra. But desire of a son was not completed. Rahmaan’s parents were pressurizing them for a son. Rahmaan and Raima were not happy because Raima was not so healthy. Even doctor said to keep time gap between next children. Rahmaan brought medicine for birth control because he didn’t want Raima to suffer. In the mean while Rahmaan’s father got a stroke. Doctor said that his condition was critical.

His father told his son his last wish that he wants to see his grandson’s face before death. Now Rahmaan was helpless. Those medicines were thrown in the dustbin. So Raima became pregnant again in next year. This time it was a son. He was named Armaan (means wish). After all it was his grandparent’s long awaited wish. But his grandfather was not able to enjoy his grandson’s childhood for long. He died after one month. He was happy because he saw his grandson’s face but his last wish brought Raima near her death once. During Armaan’s birth her condition was so critical that once doctor lost the hope. But it was Samayra and Armaan’s fortune that she was escaped from death.

Now family was happy. Rahmaan didn’t want another child. They started to enjoy their life full of responsibilities. With two children expenses were high now. Armaan was working hard to keep balance with income and expense. Her mother-in-law always complained for Samayra because she didn’t like her as she was daughter. On the other hand Armaan was always in her lap.

Life was going sweet till Raima forgot to take medicine. She was not keeping track properly. It was not her fault she was busy at home so much with two small children, one old mother-in-law and her own sick condition. It was disaster when she felt that she was pregnant. Armaan ran to doctor for check up. Doctor confirmed their fear. His religion was not permitting still for Raima’s sake Armaan asked doctor for abortion. But doctor refused to do that as this was illegal and child was three months so it was not possible.

Raima was not happy but every bad news brings good news also. For her relief her mother-in-law was very happy and looking after her very well. Actually she was hoping that this time also a boy will be born. Rahmaan was sad to look at falling health of Raima but her mother-in-law really cared her. She was taking care of both children and Raima also in such old age. As her husband was not with her Raima’s mother-in-law was chatting with her whole day. Soon they become like friends because both don’t have other options. While chatting Raima came to know that her mother-in-law was not a bad person. She was fourteen when she married. Her three children were girls so they were killed. Rahmaan was boy so he was permitted to live. All here wishes were crushed by this culture. So her behavior became rude and that’s the reason she don’t want a more girl to suffer all this again. Raima told her that time has changed and now they are not like others. They will look after the girl with more care.

The time came. A new member entered in their life. She was a girl. Everybody was happy to see her and found that Raima is also healthy. Even her mother-in-law welcomed this new girl. She gave her name on her mother’s name Shaheen.

The Haunted House (part 17)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 17)

Ravi decided to take matter in his hands also. Baba Prachandnath was really helpful but he has his limitations. Now when Ravi knew that Aina’s sister is involved in this he hired a private detective Mr. Jack. Actually his name was Jai Kishan but for short and as modern he changed it as Jack. Mr. Jack asked for details but the only thing he got was Aina’s sis pics. He told Ravi that he will try but as there is no detail and he don’t believe in ghosts so he will not be much helpful.

Next day Ravi and Ritu went to court for murder case of Aina. Police view was different now. They knew about black magic now. In India, people easily believe in magic or supernatural powers and Baba Prachandnath has his reputation. Court doesn’t support or agree with black magic but police loosened the case. So there was no hearing that day. Ravi got next date after two months. After the new threads (which baba Prachandnath provided) there was no evil Aina incident. Sometime in night they heard some noises but no harm to them. Both were happy now.

That night was not easy, there was a storm outside the house. Actually it was only in one house compound. Ritu and Ravi were inside house and enjoying dinner when glass on window was broken due to wind. They left that window opened because weather was pleasant. But when they started dinner weather changed in seconds. Window door swung with full force resulting broken glass. Ravi and Ritu left the dinner and run to close all windows. Within one minute they closed all windows. That broken window was also closed but wind was coming from broken glass. This stopped the fast wind to come inside the home. They came to dinner table for rest dinner and frightened to see that all was covered with blood. Some bones were also scattered on the table. Ritu screamed; Ravi caught her in his embrace.

A loud giggling voice came from above and both screamed to see a flying white figure exact above their heads. Evil Aina was returned.

They ran to stairs to go to bedroom but Evil aina with dripping blood smile appeared in front of them. They turned to go outside but as soon as they ran only two steps another evil Aina appeared there. Ravi thought to run right, immediately one Aina appeared there. One after another 8 Aina appeared circled to them. They were helpless. Ritu checked her thread, it was there. She immediately checked Ravi’s arm. Thread provided by baba Prachandnath was there. Aina was laughing. They saw one Aina outside the circle of Evil Aina. She was same calm and beautiful. Surely she was good Aina. But this time she was worried. She was trying to come inside but she was helpless like an invisible wall was stopping her.

Neither Evil Aina nor Good Aina was able to come near to them. Good Aina was trying so hard, it was clear from her expressions. In same time Evil Aina was not coming near but she was not letting them go. They were afraid to go near Evil Aina and she was all over the place. At last Good Aina got success, she crossed that invisible wall. Evil Aina moved to her. She was surprised, one by one her all other 7 clones disappeared. Now there was good Aina and only one Bad Aina. Both looked each other and both disappeared.

Ravi and Ritu didn’t sleep that night. After the new threads they thought they are safe. But Evil Aina is getting powerful. In the morning they went to baba Prachandnath. He told them that evil powers are increasing their powers. In the mean while Ravi got call from Mr. Jack. He called him to come to outside city. He told that he found Aina’s sister. Immediately Ravi, Ritu and Baba Prchandnath started to reach the given address in Ravi’s car. In 20 long minutes they reached the place. It was a small house outside the city and near the village.

Mr. Jack met them there. He told that Aina’s sister is inside. They knocked the door, an old lady opened the door. She was Aina’s mom. They went inside while she was stopping them. Mr. Jack told her that they are from police and want to meet her daughter. She was really worried to listen. She still tried to stop them but they didn’t care. All efforts were vain because Aina’s daughter was not inside. It seemed that she run away while she got the chance.