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Is our new generation is bad or old generation is not understanding

Mostly it is said that new generation is not obedient, they are clueless and careless. But whether it is true? Can’t it be possible that old generation does not understand their situation?

I have seen in many families that old people wants everyone to take permission from them. For father son always remain little. But why can’t he understand that his son is older now and he can take his own decision. He is married; he is working and doing all the works. Now his son is in lead role of home. Father can’t take decision in same manner when he was in lead role. Now he can only advice but if he is expecting to take control of all things then universal truth came “Expectations hurts”.

Moreover when they do some house work then other his old friends tease like “you are still doing work, what are your children do? Are you home servant?” these teasers make them feel that they must not do house work as they are retired now and it is their rest period. But is this right? Even a child do house work what he can do so why not old people. They must enjoy this life and small work like drop grandchildren to bus stop is not a big deal. Doing house work is not bad as it is their own home. These days husband wife both are working so how can they expect that their son’s wife can do all house work also. This is the main reason in Indian families for fight and argument.

Traditions are changing, old traditions are modified now. Old time was different, now those customs or traditions can’t be followed in same old manner. For example: in old days marriage rules were different. Arrange marriage was the only way. But these days children are leaving home for job in other cities or countries. They met someone and fell in love then what is wrong if that other person is of other religion, other caste or other culture. It is their life and they can handle it. But parents don’t approve due to religion. Is it right? Can’t new generation live in their own way?

I was travelling in train and met some people. One was a old person. He was complaining because he got upper berth. He was saying that I am more than 70 years old so why didn’t I get lower seat. It is rail department fault. I told him that it is online system. I reserved the seat one month back and I preferred lower seat as full train was empty that time so I got lower seat. Now you reserved only 2-3 days back so there was no lower seat available. I was right but he got offended because I cut his talk. He told him in offended voice that he worked 32 year as a teacher and I am telling him about online system. I understood that he didn’t like but I was also in mood to teach him. Because yes I know he is old but it doesn’t mean he is right in every case. He was a teacher but a history teacher and he left job more than 10 years. So how he was so sure about online system? So I argued and proved with help of online ticket and internet on my mobile that I was right. He was not happy but when he came to know that I am a CA then he felt that I can have some knowledge. This incident shows that sometime old people doesn’t want to understand.

You can’t clap with one hand. Only problem can’t be with new generation or old generation. New generation is in speed and it is their necessity also. because in this completion era if they can’t be fast then they will be left behind. Old generation must understand now they are not on driver seat they are seating with driver. So they can’t expect life car will move on their intention. They can guide with their experience but they can’t run the car as before.


Why Onion is getting high


Why Onion is getting high

These days only discussion in India is “Why onion prices are rising?”

This was not completed further news came that Potato and tomato have catch the onion road. The only reason is being told that big businessmen are stocking these. Our government is requesting them not to do so. So big and powerful nation can’t take action against some corrupt businessmen like a small country Venezuela. This country use military action against these type of big businessmen to control stocking. Anyway this is not the basis of my article.

My logic is

“Can’t this is due to our unprogrammed development? In process of development our government gave agriculture land near cities to industries. Farmers were also happy because they got a very high price for their land. After getting money they left agriculture and start living luxurious life. Their children got billions of rupees and no work. Now they are turning to crime side. NCR region is great example for this situation. Industry is developing but where is that agriculture land? Our agriculture position was not upto standard before also. Now we don’t have land for agriculture. So how we are supposing to get more food? Demand and supply rule is universal rule, when supply in decreasing then price will be high because demand is high.

Second point is government’s vote policy. I have already written article on free distribution of things by government. When farmers are getting free electricity, free water supply then why they are being provided free mobile, free laptop, free food. When we are giving all things free then we are making them beggar and beggar can’t provide food to anybody. On the other hand, city people are paying more for electricity, water and more taxes to contribute in free equipments scheme.

My suggestion is before giving agriculture land to industry government must arrange other land for agriculture otherwise industry will be everywhere but agriculture will be nowhere.


The Haunted House (Part 16)


The Haunted House (Part 16)

This was the day when Aina told Ravi all her feelings.

“Ravi, I Love You”

“What are you saying Aina? We are just good friends.” Ravi was surprised to listen these words. He didn’t think about Aina in this way.

“Yes Ravi, I love you and I can’t live without you. I want to marry you. I know that you also love me but don’t express your feelings.”

“No, Aina, you are taking it wrong. I never saw you like this. You are my good friend. I love someone else.”

“Who is that? Please say it is a lie” Aina start weeping. Tears were dripping from her beautiful eyes.

“Her name is Ritu and we are planning to marry soon.”

“How could you do this to me?” Aina was sobbing now.

“Forget me Aina” Ravi told wrong words.

“No, I can’t forget you and I will not let that witch marry you. You are mine, only mine.” Aina’s sadness becomes anger now.

Ravi woke up. He was sweating. Ritu was sleeping near him. It was a dream which reminded him all the past incidents with Aina.

He married Ritu after that and he loves her so much but still in the one corner of his heart Aina was still living.

He knew Aina was mad for him. She pushed Ritu from office. Ritu was standing and watching outside. Ravi was inside office. Aina came and pushed Ritu. Ritu fell down but by luck she got hold of window. She screamed and Ravi came running. He was stunned to see Ritu was hanging in mid air with window and Aina was standing there watching and waiting for Ritu to fall down. Ravi came forward to help Ritu, Aina didn’ t stop him. On her face expressions were hard like she was feeling guilty to do so. She ran downward. Ravi was trying to get hold Ritu. In the meanwhile a woman hand appeared in window and pulled Ritu. Someone got hold on Ritu. Now Ritu was safe. Ravi came downward to see and surprised to see it was Aina who saved Ritu. When Ritu saw Ravi she ran to him; hugged him and wept. Aina was also standing there with tears in her eyes. Other staff was surprised. They didn’t know what was going on. But when they understand someone called police. Police caught Aina for attempt to murder but Ravi and Ritu didn’t file complaint. They forgive Aina as she saved Ritu. After that Ravi searched a new job and left Nagpur. After that they didn’t hear about Aina.

He was keeping his head in arms. He looked up and found Aina was standing in front of him in white dress with a lovely sad smile on her lips. This time he didn’t get afraid. Now he and Ritu were able to differentiate between good and evil Aina. She was good Aina. He collected all his courage and stood up from bed. He came near to Aina, she didn’t move. Same sad smile was on her lips, her eyes were full of love.

“How are you” Ravi asked and immediately he was ashamed on his own question. She is dead and what he is asking.

“Why are you here?” It was his next question.

But Aina didn’t reply. Her smile becomes sadder. She tried to speak but Ravi didn’t hear any voice. Perhaps he can’t hear souls and Aina was not able to communicate with him. She pointed her finger towards Ritu.

“What do you want to say? Are you still want to hurt her?” this was the wrong question. Aina looked to him with so sad eyes like all the world’s pain has been comprises in them. She disappeared.

Ravi didn’t get any answer. He came to bed and falls asleep. In the morning, everything was normal. He didn’t tell Ritu about night incident. He didn’t know but he was missing Aina a lot. Perhaps he was feeling guilty. Aina loved him; she was not a bad girl. Yes, she pushed Ritu in rage but it was she who saved Ritu. She regretted on her act. She can’t hurt Ritu now. All the incidents when Aina came, she helped Ritu and him from evil Aina. It is not Baba Parchandnath’s lockets which are saving them it is his Aina who is protecting them. But who is that second Aina? She can’t be his Aina. She is a decoy.

He was feeling Aina’s presence. Now he was comfortable when Aina is near him. Now he believes Aina.

He came back (Part 6)

He came back (Part 6)

Next day when he went to school he asked his father to ask Overnight people about courier. He was worried about his competition. In class of Mr. Ramanuj he forgot all this because he was discussing life on other planets. It was one of his favorite subject. He knew that there is life in other planets also and he was sure that alien has been visited his home and keeping an eye on him. He told them his views and Mr. Ramanuj was agreeing with his views. He told them many incidents when people saw aliens. Some were false and some were true. When Sthir told one incident when a person came back to earth from alien planet and someone killed him after that, Mr. Ramanuj kept silent.

At home his father was cursing the courier guy because still parcel was not sent. It was back again this time his father took the parcel back and the courier guy deducts half money for his services even parcel was not sent. He told that he worked a lot on this so it is his right. Now they were losing days for sending parcel. They went to market and searched for courier. They found another courier agency, they accepted the parcel and assured them, but they were worried. Charges were high but atleast DTDC has its name. So they gave the parcel. Sthir was praying that this time parcel must reach city.

Night was not normal that day. Sthir’s mother was going to washroom at night. She saw lights in kitchen. It was like same lights on which she saw the ghost. She thought that the ghost has come again so she came to her husband. She woke him up. Sthir’s father took his gun and both of them came to kitchen. Lights were still there. They came inside, Sthir’s father first ready with his gun then Sthir’s mother. But kitchen scene was terrifying. He forgets to click the gun trigger. Utensils were flying in the air. They were in a perfect formation like they are marching one by one. Three layers of utensils were in the air. In the middle gas cylinder was placed. Utensils were circling the cylinder. From cylinder a fire was emerging, it means there was no safety, cylinder was in direct touch with fire. But cylinder was ok it didn’t catch fire, otherwise there will be a blast. Both become statue no one was able to move. After some time light become low and utensils were coming down. They were settling in same perfect formation. The place on kitchen table was not so much so utensil rows were divided in three. Now there was nine story building by utensils. Both were amazed and horrified. This was first time when they saw a ghost activity by their own eyes. But ghost didn’t harm them. Light was gone and kitchen become normal except cylinder in the middle and utensils arranged in a strange and beautiful formation.

They came to Sthir’s room to check. Sthir was sleeping. His mother went to wash room, his father was guarding outside with the gun which offcourse has not much help. Sthir’s parents didn’t sleep that night. In the morning they didn’t tell anybody the miracle of night. They decided to keep this to them because nobody was able to help them now and moreover ghost was not hurting them. But from inside they were afraid. Sthir felt the horror but didn’t ask because he knew it will be related with alien sorry ghost activity. Sthir was in history class. He was getting bored. He saw outside the window there was an alien. AN ALIEN!!!! In the day broad daylight. He tried to tell teacher but there was no teacher.  He was alone in the class room not only teacher all other students were vanished. He again saw outside the class the alien was going to hill.

Sthir ran outside the class. He was surprised to see that full school was empty. He was the only person in the school. But when he reached to main gate he saw Mr. Ramanuj. He was smiling. He told him about alien then Mr. Ramanuj laughed. While laughing his face was changing. His skin was melting and a green color was emerging. His nose was expending and from inside purple color was visible. His lips were expending in gigantic form and in red color like blood; his whole face was swelling rapidly. Not only face his whole body was changing. His size was getting low. Soon he was changed in a monster. It was same like he saw outside the school. So Mr. Ramanuj is also an alien.  But it didn’t attack on Sthir it smiled at him. It said that they have chosen him from all the school. He is brilliant and they need him for experiments now it is time to go. Sthir tried to run away but the alien was much fast than him. He caught Sthir by hand and pulled. He took Sthir on his broad shoulder and started to walk to hill where a UFO was ready to fly.

He came back (Part 5)

He came back (Part 5)

He knew that his parents are very superstitious. He immediately becomes innocent about the thread. When his mother asked he told that he doesn’t know anything. He told that when he slept the thread was there but now he doesn’t know where it went. Somebody suggested that perhaps the ghost found a way to separate the thread from Sthir. Nobody doubted on an innocent and small child. They checked the room and found the thread in the dustbin. So it proved that the ghost did the act in the same time it proved that ghost is really powerful.

The night was sleepless for Sthir’s parents. But Sthir knew the truth so he was not worried but he was thinking about that person who was in the room. He kept asking his mother about the ghost.

“Mom, what was the look of ghost?”

“sshhhhh. Don’t talk about that.” His mother was worried like if she will talk about the ghost then the ghost will come.

“Please mom, tell whether he had four arms? What was his color?”

“Sthir, go and sleep. Don’t talk about the ghost.” His father told him in high volume.

This was the indication that talking is over. Now he is not able to talk. He went to his room offcourse with his mother as she was not letting him to be alone. He took his science experiment which he was making for a competition organized in the main city. It took him three round with his mother to bring all the equipment in his parent’s room. His father didn’t allow him to work in his room alone. Competition was in city and his presence was not compulsory. He needed to submit his project by courier till next week. He was working on this since last 3 weeks. He was making a space project which was based on a rocket travelling to space. This rocket was going and there was other galaxies and one black hole also. For black hole he used a electric magnet.  When time spends its power increase and it attracts other planets which were made of steel balls. For sun he used a bulb when rocket came near to it its power increase and it become brighter like you are in rocket and coming near to it. It was really great project. It was about to complete he got night and completed the project. Next day he took leave as he didn’t sleep at night.

His father packed the project and went to Overnight express courier service. He told them that it is made of glass so needed extra care. The agent took the parcel and charged very high amount. He assured them that the parcel will reach city next day. Sthir was relaxed. Now they went to Tantrik for exorcism. Tantrik heard the whole thing and announced that the ghost is more powerful than he imagined. He told that now it took more money and a big ritual which will needed one more tantrik. Sthir knew that the tantrik is making fool of his parents but he was helpless, nobody listens to a small boy.

So in evening another ritual was performed. The whole home was full of smoke. Two tantriks made strange performance and got a big amount from his father. All three of them were given most powerful threads in the world. Now no ghost was able to touch them. So everybody in home was secure.

Night was silent. No ghost appeared in their home. Next day he went to school, he told his father to confirm courier person about the parcel. School was normal. Mr. Ramanuj asked him why he didn’t come home. He told that he was ill but by looking at Mr. Ramanuj eyes he was sure that he is not convinced but he didn’t argue.

Day was as normal as it can be. It was normal that principal shouted at him. It was also normal when he felt that someone is following him. It was normal when people were talking about strange thing. It was normal that his father is worried. But this time his worry was not due to ghost it was due to courier service. The parcel was not dispatched; main courier service returned the courier due to packing is not sufficient. They said it is glass item so needed more safety measures. So his father purchased a lot of cotton and wrapped that parcel again and dispatched again from Overnight express itself. Now the agent told that it will be reached next day definitely. Now Sthir was worried because one day reduced and if there is some problem in reaching then he will be disqualified.