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He came back (Part 4)

He came back (Part 4)

When he came outside his bedroom, environment of drawing room was tensed. His father was not reading newspaper and mother was also sitting with him. Why is she not in kitchen? There must be a big reason. He asked them what happened but his mother gave him routine reply to get ready he is late for school. But when he was getting ready his father asked him whether he went outside at night. He said “No”. His father didn’t ask anything else. He asked his mother why his father asked this. His mother told him that in morning they found front door of home open. This happened once before that time they thought that perhaps they forgot to lock which was about to impossible because his father always lock the door when he came from work. Today not only gate was open in kitchen they found refrigerator was kept open. Somebody ate some food also. It means some thief came inside at night but he only ate food because they didn’t find anything missing. His mother asked him his things are also moved or not because Sthir asked sometime that whether she touched his things.

So Sthir understood that this is same unknown person but he didn’t tell his mother about this. He wanted to keep this secret. Moreover the unknown person didn’t harm anybody which he could if he wanted. He was sure that that unknown person is testing him only. But this started to happen after that dark earth and UFO as people say case. Is it possible that some UFO came and some alien wants to test him?

He came to school but still thinking about that person or alien whatever he was. His mind was still working on UFO’s theory when his principal introduces them their new science teacher Mr. Ramanuj. New teacher asked him his name but he was lost. So principal was compelled to shout. But the level of shouting was not so much necessary. Every person in class including Sthir stunned to hear the shout. But Mr. Ramanuj was not affected by this. He smiled and asked Sthir’s name. It was like he doesn’t care about principal. This was his behavior which saved Sthir from Principal’s punishment. The new teacher was really cool. Science was Sthir’s one of favorite subject. He was very much interested in space. Other teachers were always angry with Sthir because he asks questions on every stream of science. But this new teacher was happy to listen Sthir’s queries. He answered with a smile every question. At the end of class Sthir got another favorite teacher.

He became habitual of that being following feeling while returning home. He was sure that someone is keeping an eye on him and he is the one who is coming to his home at night. When he came home he found many people gathered outside his home. He frightened about thinking some mishappen. He run inside home and found a Tantrik (an exorcist) was there. His parents were sitting in front of him and he was doing some strange rituals. Sthir was surprised and angry on his parent’s superstitious nature. They were assuming that some ghost is doing all this.

The Tantrik called him and give him a thread to bind on his hand which his mother immediately bound to his arm. Sthir didn’t want to do so but he didn’t dare to object his mother. Till evening the tantrik did his rituals and at last when he was satisfied that no evil soul can survive now in the house then only he left the home. Surely before leaving home he got handsome money from Sthir’s parents.

Night was not ok. Sthir woke up by scream of his mother. When he woke up he found his mother was screaming at the door of his room. There was a strange light in his room which immediately stopped. He didn’t understand from where the light was coming. His father came to his room running. His mother followed his father and embraced Sthir at once like she was afraid to lose him. His father switched on the lights and asked his mother where is he. Sthir asked “Who?” But nobody was paying attention to him. His mother told that he was there. Sthir asked his mother “Who?” His father looked beneath the bed and searched in bathroom also but there was nobody. His mother took him in their bedroom. She was not ready to leave him alone. A knock was on front door. His father opened the door and found some neighbors were there with Lathi (big stick) in their hands. They heard Sthir’s mother scream and thought that there is some thief. Sthir’s mother told that there was a ghost in Sthir’s room. She woke up at night and found a light was coming from Sthir’s room she thought that Sthir left light open. So she came to switch off the light and found there was a ghost with big head about to jump on Sthir. So she screamed. Sthir was surprised that everybody took this as universal truth. In evening Tantrik did his ritual this made everyone clear that there is a big violent ghost in their home. Everybody start talking and it was decided that Tantrik will be called again because somebody suggested that perhaps due to rituals ghost is angry so he presented itself in front of them. But they were safe as they all wore the holly thread given by Tantrik. His mother checked the thread on his arm and it was no there. Sthir was in trouble now because in evening he removed that thread from his arm as he knew there is no ghost.


He came back (Part 3)

He came back (Part 3)

It was the nightmare, principal normally don’t take this type of classes. But today he doubted that Sthir did that to his chair, but he didn’t have the proof. He asked Sthir about today’s incident which he obviously denied to know anything. It was odd incident so principal was also not able to blame him undoubtfully. That’s why he asked him by many means but Sthir was very clever for him. So he made him to listen so much that Sthir lost the count of time. Years spent and the lecture was over. Sthir and principal both took breathe of relief.

When Sthir was coming back he again feels that feeling that somebody is following him. He stopped and started to undo his shoe laces and then knot again, immediately he turned back but still there was no one. After some steps he started looking his favorite bird which was never be here and again did the same. He looked back and everywhere but there was nobody. Now he went back and started to look behind trees. But the result was the same. At last he gave up and started to his home. Perhaps his instinct has been malfunctioning.

At home everything was normal. It is really good about Indian people they forget everything soon. So that dark earth incident was not so lucky to be remembered more than 2 days. He took his dinner with his family, listen his father’s lectures, tried to watch TV, listen his father’s lectures, and demanded to eat some sweet, listen his father’s lectures. At last he decided to go to bed. He slept soon. He woke up in the morning again by himself. It shows something again happened. He came out his bedroom, situation was tensed, and it was his feeling, because there were no other people only his mom and dad were there. But both didn’t talk to him. They were silent due to some reason. He tried to ask his mother but she told him to be ready as he woke up late.

When he left home for school he was expecting that he will able to ask some people. He was thinking that perhaps that UFO incident happened again. But in village everything was normal, nobody was talking about some mystery. So whichever is happened it was in his home only. This thought troubled him but he was only a child. Nobody wants his advice or questions. So he entered the school to deal with principal again.

He didn’t use his laser gun again in class. Yesterday incident was still warm, every student was talking about this and this was making principal in very bad mood. End of the school time, good news came. Principal was not giving him extra class. Today was his last extra class. Ms Neelam was incharge today. She was very nice. She gave him some work to do and after that they talk some time. So in total it was not his bad day.

He started to his journey full of suspicious again. Same feeling, today he didn’t turn back because he knew he will not find anybody. He was getting used to it. But in the way there was a paper wrap thing was placed. It could be dropped by somebody by mistake but normally people are not hurry who uses this small road. So there is very less chance that somebody dropped it by mistake. Somebody has placed it but why? Perhaps for him, it can be the same mysterious person who made his laser gun and who is keeping an eye on him or it can be a bomb also. But who will get so much benefit to kill a small boy.

So he picked the thing and opened the wrapper. There was a box inside and when he opened the box he was surprised to see the incomplete model of his laser gun. But if it is here then what laser gun he had in home. Perhaps this is a test by that unknown person whether he can complete the gun or not. He took the challenge. He came back to home with that incomplete model. He tried to find the complete laser gun for help but it was nowhere. He asked him mother. He knew the answer and he was proved right. His mother didn’t touch his cupboard so that unknown person really wanted to test whether he is able to complete it or not. Now he had seen the complete model and he really tried to understand that. He started his work. He really works hard to remember all modification on that model. After 3-4 mistakes he completed that but when he tried to use laser produced and broke. There were five wires which must be stick together with a very little gap. So they must be near but shouldn’t touch each other. He tried to use glue but it was not enough as it was not perfect glue. It was ordinary glue for papers. What should he do? He tried to use paper but in this way all wires touched each other. He didn’t have such equipments or medium. If he would be in school lab it was easy task. Perhaps he can do tomorrow at school. He left the project but after dinner he got a thought. What if the unknown person wants him to do it now? Otherwise it will not a task if he had all the equipments. So he started to think, his mother told him to keep rest roti (Indian bread for eating) for cows (it is Indian cultures that they give food to cows as cow is a holy animal). He got the idea. He went to kitchen and keeps roties separate and took some flour. He put some water and use wet flour to keep all wires together with distance. The idea was successful and the laser did the work perfectly.

Next day his mother didn’t wake him up again. When he woke up he checked his project first. But it was not there. So he was right that unknown person was testing him. But WHO IS THE PERSON? WHAT HE WANTS? AND AS HIS MOTHER DIDN’T WAKE HIM UP IT MEANS SOMETHING AGAIN HAPPENED IN HOME.

He came back (Part 2)

He came back (Part 2)

When he started to the school then he found that elder people of village were outside their houses and discussing something. He saw outside the village on hill many people are gathered. This place was seen near his way so he went there and found there was round burn mark on the ground. All grass was burnt and earth was black. People were gathered there and discussing about this. So this was the matter. Perhaps that thing which he saw at night came here. He was sure now that it was not lightening. He had heard about stories of UFS’s, so his mind went there immediately. Then he remembered that how almost all the stories went false so he also removed that idea.

In the school all children were discussing that there is something happened, but nobody knew exactly as they were from other side of hill. Now it is Sthir turn to be the center of attraction. He told everybody what happened and told about night incident also. Students were asking more details so he added one or two lines from his side also. So the story was spread. After lunch principal called him and asked about the story details then Sthir came to know that after adding his lines students added one or two line from their sides also. Now the story which was finally decided was that Sthir was outside yesterday night. He saw some lights from sky. When he looked above then a UFO was coming down. Sthir saw that a UFO landed on the earth and one alien came outside and tried to catch Sthir but Sthir ran away and hide in home.

Sthir was surprised how the story took so many twists. He tried to explain but Principal was same old typical Principal who doesn’t listen, doesn’t understand students. He was punished, two more classes after school time for three days. It was too much, he was not able to attend the class for whole school time, now he need to attend two more classes its mean more one and half hour. A message was sent to his home by principal because his punishment was started from same day.

After that boring class, he started his lazy journey to home. When he was in the way, he felt that someone is following him. He looked back but there was no one. This is the first time in life he felt that. He thought he heard some noise but after a great try he didn’t hear that sound again. He was a little frightened. It was like someone very near but he was not able to see him.

At last he came home, today the way to home seemed very long because he was continuously looking back. His mother didn’t let him go to play because his principal called. He was furious without his fault he was punished in home and school both places. But he was brilliant in these cases. As he was a great mischief master from beginning, when he was grounded he always do some experiments. Today again he started to play with wires and electricity. He was trying to produce laser by these equipments. Soon he was able to produce laser light by this. This was not like he wanted; laser was produced but in small amount and for some time. He tried and tried but he was not able to think the reason. He need more time to complete the project. But when he watched the watch it was night about dinner time. When he decided to go for dinner he sensed the same feeling that somebody is with him, somebody is watching him.

He came to dinner table and got a great lecture from his father. It was routine so he ignored. At night he slept dreamlessly. His mother woke him up but he was very sleepy. That was not normal. He was a bit lazy but so much laziness was not his nature. It was like he could sleep the whole day. But going school was his biggest responsibility. His mother told him to clear the table on which his yesterday experiment was placed. He came there and found that his whole sleep was gone. His experiment was changed. Somebody has touched his experiment; not only it was touched it was modified. Who can do this? His parents don’t know about science and moreover his father will never come to his room at night and mother will not touch this scrap (in her view). He checked the project and became surprised to see that it was working perfectly. Somebody added some adjustments with this and it was working well. The unknown person added a trigger also to control the laser. When he produced laser he found it was really powerful because where it touched the table, a burn mark there to prove that laser burned the wood.

It was like a basic laser gun now. But who did that? It was a secret. He asked his mother whether somebody came to his room at night, his mother gave negative answer.

The whole day in school he was thinking about yesterday night. He brought that laser gun to school and when his principal came to give class to them. He got a chance and used his laser to burn his chair. It was not so powerful that it could burn the chair immediately. He used the gun in small time so that the plastic didn’t burn immediately. He used the gun many time and it was a big black spot on chair. When principal set on the chair it was not able to bear his weight. He sunk down in the chair and the whole class was on their foot laughing. Nobody was able to explain how this happened. But this incident didn’t remove his punishment; today again he remained in school for two periods horribly by principal himself this time.

He came back

He came back

Have you ever think whether we are alone in universe? Do you ever think what these UFO’s are? If you believe in scientist theories that these are illusion of light, sand and some electromagnetic rays then believe me you are purely wrong. If you don’t believe on outer space then you don’t need to read this and you must live your simple beautiful life without any fear from space.

Sthir was going to school. He was really bored by this watch bound life. Daily at 5 a.m. his mother woke him up. Sleepy he gets ready for school. His school was not very far away from his home so he usually go on foot. His school was other side of hill. When his father drops him to school on his bike, they go by road which is around the hill and took much time. When he goes school on foot he uses a small path which go straight up the hill and go down to school. It was small and short but only problem was it was made only for walk. Sthir was very much used to go on this path. When he is early then he runs to school because in that case he can play a 5 over match of cricket, but this happens rarely because normally he is late. In routine there is no problem but when it is rain or sky full of clouds then it is very difficult and dangerous way. That time the path become slippery and there is no arrangement of light on the way.

That night was cloudy and there was heavy rain in the evening. It was a small hill not a big mountain otherwise life will be really tough in rainy days. Still rain on hill is not comfortable. It was dark; due to rain electricity was not available. Sthir mom made him sleep early. It was silence everywhere. Sthir was not able to sleep because due to rain he didn’t go outside in the day, so he slept. Now he was not sleepy. He was looking outside the window. He was not able to see anything but he was sitting on his bed. He saw some lights on the hill and heard a big noise like something big hit the earth. This happened in just some seconds then everything became normal. He was not sure it was lightening hit the ground or something else. But it was not his concern and he slept after that.

Next day it was normal but his father dropped him as the hill way was slippery. In school also everything was normal. After lunch principal came into the class and announced that there will be a competition organized by an NGO. Whoever will win the competition will get a big prize. Sthir never liked exams but competition was something different and a big prize. He was excited. He was not the topper in class but he was a brilliant student with distinction in mischief.

Next day NGO’s people came to school and start the competition. It was not like a typical competition in which you all get some questions and write the answers. NGO’s people called students one by one and asked different questions, not related to one topic but of other topics which are not related to study at all. These people were strange also. Although they appear normal with no strange hand or magic wand but their behavior was different. They were very much interested in students. Normally when somebody came to this place from a far away city they don’t like the environment and they are always in hurry to go back, but these were not showing such interest. They were talking students with pleasure and making fun with them. They also played with students.

When Sthir was called he was little nervous. The person was very jolly he welcomed Sthir with a smile. He started to ask Sthir about his family, his interest and his favorite game cricket. Sthir was eager to talk about cricket. But he was surprised when the NGO person didn’t argue or react when he mentioned that he make five runs by hitting the ball hard (in cricket there is 4 run or 6 run. 5 runs are rare only when there is no ball or wide ball etc). But it was minor thing. The person asked him about science actually he didn’t ask he discussed with Sthir. They discussed more than other students talked to others. When Sthir was coming he saw a big smile on that persons face like he found a treasure. This made Sthir confident that he will won the competition.

But when the result came, Aakash the topper of school won the competition. He got a really big trophy. Sthir was angry and frustrated. But in childhood this anger is short termed. Next day he forgot the thing and was busy in watch bound time table again.

Three days spent after the competition. Sthir was sleeping in his home. This was a normal day and there was no reason for a person to wake up at night. But a noise in the room make Sthir woke up. He opened the eyes and found 6 very big eyes looking at him, two from right side, two from left side and two from above his head. He shouted with all might. In some seconds somebody switch on the lights. He opened the eyes and found his parents were in the room with worried look. His father asked him about shouting. He told them but there was no body in the room. So they thought it was a dream. His mother took him in their room and he slept immediately.

In the morning, when he woke up himself (strange thing because his mother always woke him up) he found nobody in the room. He came outside and found his father was in the drawing room with some neighbors, his mother was in kitchen with two neighbors ladies. They were discussing on something. His mother brought tea for all, when she saw him she told him to make hurry to go to school. He knew something is wrong because nobody was interested to prepare him for school.