The Haunted House (Part 11)

Ritu was at home, she didn’t have much work. So went to bedroom to sleep. She opened the cupboard to get her night dress as her saree was heavy. As she opened the cupboard she moved backward with horror. White face of Aina with red eyes was in front of her. Her body was not there, only the head was in the cupboard. As Ritu moved backward in hurry, she lost her balance and fall down. Her eyes were fixed on Aina’s face. Aina was laughing. Same horror was present in Aina’s eyes. Ritu tried to get out from the room. She was not able to get up so she tried to move out by pushing her body towards door. Aina screamed and her face started to move forward. When her face came to the end of rack and when Ritu thought it will fell down, her whole body appeared. Now Aina with full body moved forward to Ritu. There was no escape for Ritu now.

When Aina came near to bed, a shadow appeared in front of her blocking her way to Ritu. Ritu was not able to see the face of the shadow. But she was sure it was good Aina as it was also a girl’s shadow. But this time evil Aina didn’t backward and disappeared like last time. She stood still and glared at good Aina. Good Aina also stood still. Ritu was not able to see expressions on good Aina as her face was towards evil Aina. This situation remained about 10-15 seconds but for Ritu it was like hours were spending. At last, evil Aina accepted her defeat and disappeared. Good Aina also disappeared without turning her head to Ritu.

Ritu came down running and jumping two steps in one step on stairs. Meera saw and understood that something happened again. Now it started again after some time peace. When Aina’s body was found and Ravi got caught then for some time there was no ghostly incident.

When Ravi was searching details of Aina by his own way, Ritu decided to get a way in her own style. She started to figure out the secret of other Aina. So Baba Prachandnath was called to home again. When he came he was also surprised to know the both incidents.

“It can’t be, there is no way when one soul can be on two places in one time and more surprisingly both are on opposite side.” Baba Prachandnath told

“But Baba, it is true, I saw her. Whether it can be that she had two character one is good and one is bad and now after death her both character found separate way to revel themselves” Ritu presented her point.

“But how is it possible? There must be some mistake. I have never seen this before. Soul can’t be divided and if possible then how one part can fight with other? If they are opposite then why one is strong? Where was that good part before? Why that didn’t come to help you before? ” Baba Prachandnath was also confused. There was a lot of questions but no answer was available.

Baba asked Ritu to show her bedroom. When Baba came to bedroom he stopped and took his Trishul in front like last time. It was the sign that there can be any danger.

“There is some spirit in the room. I can sense that. But one thing is sure this spirit is some different. Its aura is different which I felt last time. Last time it was dark and full of hate but this time it is golden and full of sorrow.” Baba Prachandnath was smelling something in the air. His eyes were glittering with a strange light.

“See Baba, it must be the other one. She came to help us. She is stopping that dangerous one.”

Baba opened the door and get inside. Ritu was afraid but now when Baba Prchandnath and Meera were with her she got courage to enter in bedroom again. But this time it was mistake. When they three entered in the bedroom the bedroom’s door closed itself. Ritu was in last so first she tried to open the door but it didn’t opened as it was locked outside. But there was no other person in the home except them so it was sure that it was act of Aina.

Now all the three were trapped in the bedroom. Soon a powerful wind started to blow in the room. No window was opened then how this wind came into the room? This wind was full of water drops like small rain drops. Soon wind pressure and water drops quantity both increased. In about five minutes wind and water drops were so heavy like they were caught in a rain storm. Ritu and Meera screamed but nobody was able to hear anything even their own voice. Soon the atmosphere of room was changed there was no room, they were in a water hole. Water was everywhere. Ritu was getting problem in taking breathe. She tried to open her eyes. With watery eyes she saw that they were in their bedroom, all furniture was there but the room was full of water. All three of them were trying to get out and take a breath of air. But door was locked and there was no other option. There was a light in one corner near TV. Aina was sitting in the chair. She was staring them with her evil eyes and there was a victory smile on her lips which were dropping blood.