Next day they all went to office early because Mr. Ganesh was coming today. Prakash was not ready but it was necessary so there was no other option. Prakash’s phone beeped in the way, he checked this was message from Divya. This time it was not forwarded message.

Good Morning, I don’t know what is the reason, why are you so upset? Perhaps I am the reason. I am sorry for that if I have done anything wrong

So she was blaming herself. He needs to tell her. But he waited because Satya and Jayant were with him. After reaching office, first thing he did was he called Divya.

“Hi Divya, this is Prakash.”

“Sorry for everything. Please forgive if I have done something wrong.” Divya was about to weep.

“No.. No.. There is nothing wrong by your side. Actually there is some personal reason.”

“Tell me, what is the reason? Please, I didn’t sleep yesterday. That’s why I am on leave today.”

Prakash didn’t tell this to Jayant also. But he didn’t know why his heart was saying that he can’t hide anything from Divya. So he told Divya what happened.

“Did you tell Aina that we talked?” Prakash was suspicious because he thought perhaps Divya told Aina as both were friends.

“No, I didn’t tell anybody. Please believe me.”

“I believe you, I don’t know why? But I really believe you that’s why I told you everything.”

“Thanks a lot. I….” Divya wanted to say more but Prakash cut if off by saying that he need to start working as his boss is coming. Both said bye to each other.

Mr. Ganesh came after one hour. Till then they arrange all documents and files for him. It is strange when senior is comes they need to leave their work and prepare documents of all work. Anyway, this is working culture.

Mr. Ganesh met to Mr. Mantri and called for Satya. Jayant and Prakash were instructed to complete work as soon as possible. All figures were placed by company’s officers. They converted the figures in USD. Now the checking part was in process. They started on that again. Mr. Mantri, Mr. Ganesh and Satya were discussing the notes. Because in changing balance sheet according to international standards, many balance sheet and P/L heads were regrouped.

Before lunch time foreign auditors came.

Mr. Ganesh, Mr. Mantri and foreign auditor set on separate table and Satya, Jayant and Prakash set on other, after senior and junior difference is still there in market. Huh. Anyway, Mr. Kapoor told them about evening party, so they were talking about dinner. Satya have told them that this will be in ‘Ice berg’ that was a good pub. After lunch time was really busy, but he managed to try to call Aina but when Aina heard his voice, she disconnected the phone. Prakash was calling from company phone so there were 100 lines, every time he called there was a new number used. So Aina didn’t know that it is his number. There were two messages exchange with Divya.

At dinner time they went to ‘ice berg’. Party was really good. Parkash and one other staff member of company were not used to drink so they set in the corner of table. Everybody else was taking drinks. First time in life Prakash thought that drink is good atleast for official party it is good because if he take he could be able to sit near director finance and other seniors. There was one male and female singer who was singing on demand of customers. Mr. Ganesh also gave his demand. Mostly food was vegetarian. But the foreign guest requested for chicken tikka masala, Mr. Mantri was vegetarian so he asked them to join him. But mostly were also vegetarian. Now Parkash felt that he must eat non-veg so that next time this situation comes, he can company some senior person. Mr. Kapoor took the liberty to accompany foreign guest. Anyway party was great and this helped Prakash to forget about Aina, but only for some hours only.

Late night they came to hotel, before sleep he checked his phone. There was a message from Divya of good night and surprisingly a message from Aina also for good night perhaps by mistake she didn’t remove him from her friend list to which she always message.

GDR work took one week only after this. All work was done and they came to home again. He lost Aina but found Divya in this trip. When he came back he found that Anu had taken transfer from their firm.

Aina tried to contact him three or four times. But this time he didn’t replied because he didn’t want to be hurt again without any reason. And if there is reason then atleast he knew the reason.

Now Divya was coming close to him. He didn’t feel this before because he was never so comfortable with talking to someone like he was with Divya. He was able to share each and everything. He told her about Aina also. Divya was really understanding, she listened everything and accepted all. Result came and Satya and Jayant both cleared this time. Both got good job and they left the firm. Now Prakash was senior. But his final exam was coming near.

Divya was his junior, after sometime he was really busy in his exam study. He got only two months leaves for the exams. There was a time when he didn’t like CA but now his primary target was to clear CA urgently because this is the way by which he could get job and marry Divya.

He really studied hard but when the result came, Prakash was not cleared. He was really sad but it was Divya who was with him always. She assured him that next time he will clear. This failure taught him a new lesson about hard work and a passion about work. Because he was studying hard before but now his failure taught him to study with a passion.

Now he was senior, so there was a lot of pressure of audit and investigation on him, with that, study also becomes major concern now. So his life was really tough and he was feeling toughness of CA life now. But now, he was really enjoying this life, his goal was fixed and that was to clear CA.