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The Haunted House (part 11)


The Haunted House (Part 11)

Ritu was at home, she didn’t have much work. So went to bedroom to sleep. She opened the cupboard to get her night dress as her saree was heavy. As she opened the cupboard she moved backward with horror. White face of Aina with red eyes was in front of her. Her body was not there, only the head was in the cupboard. As Ritu moved backward in hurry, she lost her balance and fall down. Her eyes were fixed on Aina’s face. Aina was laughing. Same horror was present in Aina’s eyes. Ritu tried to get out from the room. She was not able to get up so she tried to move out by pushing her body towards door. Aina screamed and her face started to move forward. When her face came to the end of rack and when Ritu thought it will fell down, her whole body appeared. Now Aina with full body moved forward to Ritu. There was no escape for Ritu now.

When Aina came near to bed, a shadow appeared in front of her blocking her way to Ritu. Ritu was not able to see the face of the shadow. But she was sure it was good Aina as it was also a girl’s shadow. But this time evil Aina didn’t backward and disappeared like last time. She stood still and glared at good Aina. Good Aina also stood still. Ritu was not able to see expressions on good Aina as her face was towards evil Aina. This situation remained about 10-15 seconds but for Ritu it was like hours were spending. At last, evil Aina accepted her defeat and disappeared. Good Aina also disappeared without turning her head to Ritu.

Ritu came down running and jumping two steps in one step on stairs. Meera saw and understood that something happened again. Now it started again after some time peace. When Aina’s body was found and Ravi got caught then for some time there was no ghostly incident.

When Ravi was searching details of Aina by his own way, Ritu decided to get a way in her own style. She started to figure out the secret of other Aina. So Baba Prachandnath was called to home again. When he came he was also surprised to know the both incidents.

“It can’t be, there is no way when one soul can be on two places in one time and more surprisingly both are on opposite side.” Baba Prachandnath told

“But Baba, it is true, I saw her. Whether it can be that she had two character one is good and one is bad and now after death her both character found separate way to revel themselves” Ritu presented her point.

“But how is it possible? There must be some mistake. I have never seen this before. Soul can’t be divided and if possible then how one part can fight with other? If they are opposite then why one is strong? Where was that good part before? Why that didn’t come to help you before? ” Baba Prachandnath was also confused. There was a lot of questions but no answer was available.

Baba asked Ritu to show her bedroom. When Baba came to bedroom he stopped and took his Trishul in front like last time. It was the sign that there can be any danger.

“There is some spirit in the room. I can sense that. But one thing is sure this spirit is some different. Its aura is different which I felt last time. Last time it was dark and full of hate but this time it is golden and full of sorrow.” Baba Prachandnath was smelling something in the air. His eyes were glittering with a strange light.

“See Baba, it must be the other one. She came to help us. She is stopping that dangerous one.”

Baba opened the door and get inside. Ritu was afraid but now when Baba Prchandnath and Meera were with her she got courage to enter in bedroom again. But this time it was mistake. When they three entered in the bedroom the bedroom’s door closed itself. Ritu was in last so first she tried to open the door but it didn’t opened as it was locked outside. But there was no other person in the home except them so it was sure that it was act of Aina.

Now all the three were trapped in the bedroom. Soon a powerful wind started to blow in the room. No window was opened then how this wind came into the room? This wind was full of water drops like small rain drops. Soon wind pressure and water drops quantity both increased. In about five minutes wind and water drops were so heavy like they were caught in a rain storm. Ritu and Meera screamed but nobody was able to hear anything even their own voice. Soon the atmosphere of room was changed there was no room, they were in a water hole. Water was everywhere. Ritu was getting problem in taking breathe. She tried to open her eyes. With watery eyes she saw that they were in their bedroom, all furniture was there but the room was full of water. All three of them were trying to get out and take a breath of air. But door was locked and there was no other option. There was a light in one corner near TV. Aina was sitting in the chair. She was staring them with her evil eyes and there was a victory smile on her lips which were dropping blood.


The Haunted House (Part 10)


The Haunted House (Part 10)

“What was that? How it can be? There can’t be two Aina?” Ravi was also confused when Ritu told him the whole incident.

“That bad Aina was frightened to see the other Aina” Ritu differentiated both by judging the incident.

“I hope we get rid of both Aina. I don’t want any Aina disturbing our life.” Ravi was worried-furious-confuse.

That night both didn’t get sleep after that. Every sound was making them to shiver with fear. But nothing happened after that.

Next morning was also tensed. They didn’t tell anything to Ritu’s parents. They were going back to their home. Ritu’s father had work in their city. Ravi tried to stop them but he also didn’t want them to get loss due to absent in business. But he really wanted them to remain here because he got real parents first time after his childhood.

Ravi went to office but his mind was working on night’s incident. Now he was sure that there is something and Ritu is right on this. So he didn’t argue that it can be a dream like a cheap hindi horror movie, in which people see ghost and argue till end that there is no ghost. Now it was time to take action, to reveal the truth. So he decided to search of Aina.

She knew that Aina was doing MBA for which she was getting training in his company. When they both get friendly then Aina told him about his family. But he didn’t remember much because he was not his boy friend or something like this. It was Aina who got passionate about him.

He took leave and went to that previous company. Staff was changed much. He went to HR office; atleast head of department was same. He introduced himself and asked help from HR head. He denied that it is against company policy. He can’t give him detail of any trainee. He tried to explain him that it is very necessary but when he told him about ghost, he started to disbelieve on him immediately. Nobody in fit mind can believe in ghost stories. So Ravi left the cabin empty handed. He remembers that that HR head always asked for his help for tax saving purpose, he never rejected. Now when he needs help he refused. There was no other option so he left the company.

When he came outside the office building some known face came and wished him.

“Good afternoon, Sir, What a pleasant surprise.”

Ravi tried to remember, “Rohan?”

“Yes Sir, are you joining again?” The person named Rohan asked.

“No, just came for some help. But after leaving company nobody is ready to help.” Ravi said dully.

“What happened, Sir? But first came inside.”

Ravi was not interested but Rohan insisted. He didn’t want to break his heart. He just came to know that when someone rejects how its feels. So he came inside with Rohan.

Rohan brought him to his desk. He was very junior when Ravi was working in this company. Once he came to ask help because Income tax department sent him a notice. Ravi prepared reply and helped him to resolve the case. It was not much help but Rohan took it a big favor.

Rohan called the peon and asked for tea and some refreshment. Peon also knew Ravi. He brought urgently all the things.

“Sir, tell me, what help you wanted?”

“Nothing much, leave the matter. I asked your boss but he was helpless.” Ravi knew that Rohan is very junior and when HOD can’t help, how can he help.

“Just tell me sir, perhaps I can help you.” Rohan insisted.

“Ok, if you insist.” Ravi told him all the incident and told him that he need detail of Aina.

“Only this, Sir?” Rohan said as it was nothing to him.

“Can you help me on this matter?” Ravi got a hope.

“Off course Sir, tell me in which year she was here?”

Ravi told him the year and in just five minutes Rohan worked on his computer and gave him the print. It was resume of Aina which she submitted at the time of interview.

“Oh, thank you Rohan. You don’t know how much I am obliged?” Ravi beamed to see details.

“Not to mention sir, just don’t tell anyone this, otherwise boss will be angry.” Rohan was also happy to see Ravi’s face. He was relieved that he helped Ravi. In India people always remember help of others and always tried to help back. In this way, they think the debt of this will be over.

Ravi came home and checked the resume. Aina gave detail of her family. Her address was same as their home. Her father was died some years ago. She was living with her mother and a sister. No other detail was available from this resume.

A Typical Indian love story

Raj was looking outside when he saw a girl coming to class with peon. A moment later she came inside the class. The peon gave a note to teacher and left the class. It was obvious that that was a new girl transferred from other city. Teacher read the note and told the class this girl was Tanu. She came from Gandhi Nagar. She came and sits with other girls.

Raj was intelligent and very naughty. In his class his math teacher was very strict. He was also very intelligent. He got a new formula for punishment. When somebody do mischief he asked him to do some math problem in front of class, if he is not able then he was to be punished. Raj was caught almost every day, but when his teacher asked to do some problem he always do. So he was not punished. Tanu asked math notes from him. Which he was ready to give after all a girl asked. So this was the first talk with Tanu. Next day she asked about some points which was not clear as Raj’s writing was the one which only he can read properly. Then on daily basis they talk on his notes. But how much time this will continue? Soon notes were noted by Tanu fully. There talking session were over on notes, but now they were on other issues like on students, teachers, policies… policies?? Wait policies mean student’s policies against teachers and school.

So this is how their love story started. Soon they joined college, took same subject. College environment was different. Here nobody sees a girl and boy relation well. Any relation is only love or flirt for people. Their name became famous in college as ‘Laila-Majnu’. Both were agree with this. Boys were teasing Raj with Tanu’s name and girls were teasing to Tanu with Raj’s name. But still they didn’t lose hope and keep maintain their love story going well.

Now if there is a love story then a villain is must in Indian love story. So our villain came as Sagar. He was their classmate. He was Raj’s friend also. He started to talk to Tanu, only in casual way. Tanu talked to him because he was Raj’s friend. This was only a casual talk but Raj’s friends show him red signal. He became unsecure. He tried to tell Tanu not to talk to Sagar. But Tanu was educated girl and she thought he is mature enough to understand difference between love and friendship. So he was not able to tell her simply. He tried to tell her with example of others. I don’t know Tanu understood or not but she didn’t stop talk to Sagar. This was making Raj very uncomfortable. He became irritated person. Every time Tanu talks to him he shows her anger. Tanu was unhappy, but she was a typical Indian girl. Once she decided to marry him, she assumes him as her husband and in India husband is equal to God. She was not complaining to him but feeling unsecure that perhaps Raj has found another girl. She stopped giving time to Sagar or anybody else. She was more concerned with Raj now. She started more call to Raj what else she could do?

Tanu was disparate and Sagar knew this so as a typical villain he tried to show his sympathy. Slowly he was Turning Tanu against Raj. Tanu was feeling comfort in Sagar’s company but it was not like she loved him. She liked him only because he was showing like he understands her and she needed someone to talk about her situation. I never understand this behavior of girls they knew boys are same and if someone is very sympathetic its mean danger. But anyway, the situation was like this Raj and Tanu loves each other but a quarrel was there because Raj was not able to tell her to keep distance from Sagar. This was making Tanu to talk more to Sagar about her situation because she was thinking that Sagar is Raj’s friend and he can help her to convince Raj.  She needed some exam farms for some computer course. She asked Raj but he ignored. Sagar got a chance he purchased two forms, one for Tanu and one for him. Obviously, he didn’t get money for the form. Tanu filled the form and told Raj for that. But Raj didn’t like the idea so she rejected to join the course. But Sagar had submitted his fees because Tanu was ready to join the course. But now all charges of his course were in water because he didn’t want to join the course. But he was happy as Tanu showed that she is truly sorry for this. For him Tanu was coming near to him. When Tanu needed him, he was there for help her purchase book for her, sometime drop her to near her street (he was not allowed to drop her near her home, what her neighbor would say?) and some other routine works.

One day after class Tanu didn’t go to common room. She stopped in the empty class and start weeping. Sagar came in search of her and saw her weeping. It was a golden chance to him. He came near to her and starts giving her emotional support. Here, Raj was also waiting for Tanu to come out from class, when he saw that Tanu is not among other girls he came to class. He reached when Sagar was in emotional touch with Tanu. His hand was on Tanu’s back and he told her that he loved her and will keep her happy. Raj became furious, he shouted at Tanu that this is the reason she is not love him anymore. Tanu was shocked she also shouted but she was crying also so words were not clear. It were like I… Love……U……not…….understand…Sagar……..friend….Die.

Sagar started to fight to Raj to show Tanu that he can protect her. But Tanu herself came between and told Sagar to go as she loves Raj. Sagar was surprised, he was sure that Tanu loves him now but Tanu cleared that he was only a friend. So Sagar went empty hands. Raj was not happy his man ego was satisfied. Now again both were happy with each other with no Sagar in their life.

Graduation was completed. Tanu’s parents started to find a groom for her. They found a government employee for her. She told her mother that she loves Raj but then another major problem came. Raj’s full name was Raj Gupta and Tanu’s full name was Tanu Mehra. They were both from different caste and in India caste is most important thing for marriage. Other factors are very small like boy is not earning well, he is unemployed, he is still studying etc.

So Tanu was married to that government employee and she has two children now. Raj is doing his professional course after completing post graduation. After this he is sure that he will get a job then his parents will find a beautiful bride for him.



Country-which require everything free

I read a story in childhood. Once there was a king who knew how to make gold out of iron. He made a lot of gold and start distributing to his people. Everyone was happy as without doing anything they were getting money. So every person stopped working and started to live on donation of gold by king. A neighbor king came to know this and he attacked on that country. Kind tried to fight but all soldiers were lazy and people also didn’t able to fight back. So he lost the battle. Neighbor king killed the king and make slave of full country. His minister asked him why he killed the king because they can capture him and he could make gold for them. Neighbor king answered “Money without work is poison for manhood. The King’s ability could make me greedy then my situation would be same like him. So I killed the king”

Does this story seem familiar? In India whether we are not seeing this again? Politicians are promising for free things. A state government is giving free laptop to students and students are happy but they don’t care who is paying for this. Because government doesn’t produce money, it only regulates the money so free stuff will be paid by tax amount which student’s parents are giving.  A government is giving free mobile to labors. Some villages in which these mobiles are being distributing don’t have electricity. Some are giving free food, free cloths, free transport, free onions etc.

Isn’t it making our people beggar? People are demanding free everything. But who will pay? This is a part of corruption. This free stuff is being purchased from relatives of these politicians. Obviously they charged much extra and even quality of these is not up to mark. You have seen free food in Bihar. Many students were died. Nobody is arrested or punished for that and from where money to purchase these things will come? Definitely from tax of people, which must be use for infrastructure and development. Now, that part is still under development after more than 66 years of freedom we are still developing country.  Why? Because our politicians are making us to lose hope, to lose strength, to lose self respect they are making us beggars and the universal truth is Beggars don’t write history.

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This time Parkash really worked hard. He and Divya decided to work together for study. Divya’s attempt was in next time but she was taking coaching from now on. So they both made a plan, Parkash was good with finance, tax and Law, Divya was superb with Audit, accounts and costing. So they decided that one will study and make notes daily on his/her subject, in evening they will send their notes through email and study. Next day they will ask each other for problem and questions. In this way, they covered 2 subjects daily and by knowing new questions/queries they were studying deeply. This was enhancing their knowledge of subject and deepens their love also.

Exams were good and Parkash was confident because all exams were good. His articleship was over and now he was working on salary with the same firm. After exam he asked for a raise but his CA didn’t approved. He also commented on Parkash’s work. Parkash was hurt so he left the job and joined a private company with much salary. After one month, Parkash got his CA’s message about returning because there was no other senior person except Parkash so he needed him. He offered him higher salary. Parkash was also ready because the company was a small one so his owner gave about all the work to him. These small companies never hire a big department; they hire one or two people and expect that they will do all the work. So he left the company and joined his CA firm again.

Now he was on audit again. Result came and he became CA. He was happy, he got increment but it was not enough. So he started to search jobs. Mr. Mantri offered him a job in his company which he happily accepted. But when his CA Mr. Ganesh came to know this he was angry. He told Mr. Mantri that he is breaking his team and it is not good. So Mr. Mantri withdraws the offer. Parkash was hurt again. Fortunately he found a new job in a shoe company. They established a new plant in a Sonepat industrial area. He got a job and as this was a new plant and not fully developed so he got higher post. He was selected as Manager who was Head of Department in that plant. He was happy and resigned immediately. His CA Mr. Ganesh objected and asked for one month notice. But he told him that due to him he didn’t get job now he is not going to follow professional behavior as Mr. Ganesh didn’t follow the same. Babu ji father of Mr. Ganesh didn’t say anything as he knew that Mr. Ganesh did a wrong thing. He congratulate Parkash on his new job.

Parkash went to new company and found there was only one assistant. He was also new to work, he was simple graduate and didn’t know the accounting work properly. Moreover the company was in operation from last 2 months and nobody was caring for accounts so there was a lot of pending work. Parkash took the responsibility and worked very hard. Two months he worked from 9 am to 8 pm. At last he completed the whole work and in between he taught everything to his assistant Deepak. This company got an order of export to Europe. They made it and it was new to Parkash. He came to know about DEPB, Drawback, Bank Realisation Certificate, BOE, shipping bills, CHA dealing etc. Divya took her final exams and she became CA also. She started to search job now. Parkash tried in his company but there was no post for Divya as his company didn’t hire a girl for job. In this shoe export business they were sending goods to Nava Shewa Mumbai and from there material was sent through ships. His friend told him about a scheme in which Haryana Government was giving benefit of freight to Mumbai. In his company nobody was taking benefit of this scheme. He worked on that scheme and completed all paper works. He got claim of big amount which was more than his annual salary. He got increment and one promotion for this and he became Sr. Manager.

Divya got a job in Delhi. They met in Delhi every Sunday. They were planning to everything. Nobody purposed each other but both knew that they love each other and want to spend life together. Parkash asked his company to shift him to Delhi office which his company rejected. So he searched a new job in Delhi so that he and Divya can stay together. When he got a job in new company they married. Now life was easy when your love is with you.

The door bell rang. Who can be this time? This is so late. Divya opened the door.

“Who is this Divya?” Parkash asked

“Nothing, Ramu (their servant, who was living quarter backside of home) came to help me. I told him that there is no need as all work is complete.”

“I told you, don’t do work so late. Take rest you need to take care of yourself. If you got some problem who will take care of me and you? Aakash and Ashwin are not coming to see you and me.” His tone was hinting anger and disappointment.

What we didn’t do for them. Now we need them and they are not here. Normally Parkash was busy but today he was missing them a lot. Atleast they are his family, they also have some responsibility to them. He remembered when Divya was two month pregnant then she decided to leave the job because she wanted to give her full time to family. So she left job and opened her own office in home. So big salary became zero but it was for their family. So she sacrificed her career and they don’t respect that.

Someone closed his eyes from behind. Who is this? These hands were not of Divya. It is definitely some male but who? Nobody else in home except he and Divya.

“Happy birthday, Dad”

“What? This can’t be… This is Aakash’s voice. How he came here?”

Parkash removed hands and look back there was Aakash and Ashwin with their family. They were all smiling. What a surprise.

“Sorry Dad. We couldn’t come yesterday but happy belated birthday.” Ashwin came and hugged him.

Parkash tried to speak something but his throat was choked. His eyes were full of tears of happiness. His children remember him. He looked Divya she was smiling, she knew about this surprise. This was the best moment of his life. Now he is ready to start a new life.

Visiting Jaipur?-Think again.

Last week I was in Jaipur-Pink City of India, one of the most visiting cities in India. That’s why I was not publishing anything last week.  If you are also planning to visit Jaipur then think again. You are planning to make a dream tour but corruption and cheat people can spoil your dream.

First of all, if you are going by train or bus then make sure don’t go in rainy season, because roads are full of water, mud and holes. I went by train with my relatives. When we came outside station a big group of auto and taxi people were waiting us. But make sure don’t hire taxi or auto from station because they charge high. Instead of them, come outside station and for 3-4 minute walk you will get reward because outside station auto will be cheap then inside station. But still it is high, when they see you with luggage then you are easy prey because you are outsider so you will pay high. No auto is ready to go by meter calculation which is government approved method. Anyway we hired an auto for about 1 k.m. only who charged Rs 50/- only. But by meter it would be Rs 15/- only and we were Indian, so you can think how much they can charge to a foreigner. Best way, ask someone the distance and then 15/- for first K.m. after that about 6/- per k.m. and then bargain for price.

We hired a budget hotel as didn’t want to spend too much money on only sleeping in night. I bargain to reduce price and it is good thing you must negotiate all hotels can reduce prices. Sometime I negotiate to 50% also (it is really true). We came to room it was not best but for price it was ok and everything was there TV, cooler, attached bathroom. But when we tried TV then there was no cable signal. So to complain to manager I picked the phone but phone was also not working. So I came down. Manager told me due to rain TV and phones are not working. But I told that while coming down I heard TV noise in some rooms. He told in some room it is working. So I asked to change the room. He agreed and we took a room in which TV was working. But after shifting we saw there was no cooler in that room. So I complained again by going down (phone was not working in that room also). He told as I negotiate so its room rent is equal to that reduced price so all my negotiation was in vain. We were shifted to a cheap room for which I agreed. So always check everything that it is working and negotiate for rates.

Next day we hired auto again for taxi stand, it was only 5 minute walk away. But as we didn’t know and auto charged 30/- for this (which is really a fraud). Taxi charges were ok but we heard all conditions ; parking charges were not included and there was time bound also. So I negotiate again, he was asking for 600/- but now it was for 500/-. We started from ‘Raj Mandir Cinema’. It is a cinema it was told that it is great inside but inside we were not allowed as taxi can’t go inside. So we saw Raj Mandir but also didn’t saw because we didn’t go inside. Anyway we were on the way. When we went to ‘City Palace’ we paid Rs. 50/- for camera use. But when I tried to take picture inside then security stopped me. I show them receipt of camera use then he told that it is for outside only. What the hell…. Then why I paid for camera? Outside many people were using camera that didn’t pay for camera. So if you are going ‘City Palace’ don’t pay for camera as they allow taking camera with you without paying also and didn’t allow using inside after paying also. This happen to other forts also. So keep this in mind.

Every food item is sold more than MRP. You can negotiate. Cold drinks are normally 5/- extra everywhere in forts and visiting places, sometime they ask more 7/- Rs. than MRP also. Near bus stand I tried to purchase ‘Limca’. It was in scheme 600+ 150 ml free. They asked for 35/-. I saw MRP it was 30/- I asked this so shopkeeper replied that it is extra quantity so he is charging extra. Like he himself is giving free this. I took the small one without scheme and pay as MRP.  I got some story plot in mind. Normally I note it in my smart phone. But I wanted to write and I didn’t bring my laptop with me. So I purchase a pen and a small notebook. I purchased Rs. 5/- pen in 10/- (double) and notebook he charged Rs. 13/- but when I saw MRP it was 10/- only. So I objected so he told that it is old price but he got me new with MRP 13/-. But it got more pages than before. So you must always negotiate so that you can get things on MRP only (selling more than MRP is illegal but in Jaipur government didn’t care after all outsiders don’t vote for them.)

When I check out of hotel then they charged 10% as surcharged. I objected then manager told me it is tax. As I am myself a chartered accountant I told him that it is not applicable on him and if yes, then show me proof for paying tax. He opened the table drawer and took out a board captioned “10% surcharge extra” which was not on desk so I didn’t see it before. I again asked for proof of paying tax. He told that he will not but he do pay tax. So I argued and he removed the so called tax amount. You must ask before taking hotel whether charges are inclusive or exclusive of tax. Most budget hotels don’t pay tax so you can argue for this. I saved money by this in many hotels. Big and five star hotel really pay all taxes so you can’t negotiate for tax in them. If they are charging tax then ask for formal bill with Tin (for sales tax) and Service tax No mentioned on the bill.

Jaipur is really worth seeing. Forts and other visiting places are good but security of luggage and this type of cheating is really high. So be careful and keep in mind the above notes.

A Strange Love Story


A strange love story

Suhash was again upset, his father again shouted on him in the morning. Suhash was a post graduate and didn’t get a job according to his degree. But he was not lazy he was a hard working guy. He found a job in Civil Hospital. He was morgue keeper. His work was to keep dead body safe. His father was not happy with this. He always criticizes him for not getting a respectable job like it was his fault.

He didn’t eat breakfast in anger and came out of the house. His duty timing was from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It was 7 only. So there was no use to go to hospital now, he sat down outside home on a bench made by bricks. He was looking the movement of street. He saw a sweet cute girl going to school in white school dress. She was his neighbor but he saw her when one year back. Her name was Rati. Her parents were in Government job so were earning well.  H was two guys who were on bike started their bike when they saw Ravi coming out from her home. When she went to school on her scooty they started to follow her.

“These days, boys don’t have any work except following girls.” He was thinking. But it was not his matter. He went to hospital after one hour. Normally he comes to hospital early because everyday his father was making his morning hell.

His work was boring, nobody was to talk, and nobody was to complaint. But it was his work and only source of his income. At 6 he left hospital. It was his daily routine. He wanted to change his job for that he was taking interviews but all was in vain. In government jobs they demand bribe which he was not able to provide. In private jobs they demand experience, his hospital job experience was not enough for that. His job was not such in which he can interact with a girl. So he was living with this, lonely.

Next day he was again sitting outside his home. Today Rati wore a pink dress and she was looking really cute. Perhaps she was not going school today. But she had her bag. Same both guys followed her again. Again he went to hospital, sit there till 6 and came back. In evening he searched for job and applied some. His mother told her about Kishan neighbor guy who got a job in a big private company. Kishan was Rati’s big brother. Rati came to give sweets on this happy news. She was in same pink dress so this was the reason she didn’t wear school dress today morning. He was taking sweets but she put one ladoo in his mouth with her hands. He was also happy and was wishing that his parents must be in government job so that they can give bribe money or know some big personality. Anyway he was happy to see Rati happy.

Next day morning he woke up by shouting of his father. From morning he was shouting about Kishan’s success. So there was same option to go out from this, Suhash came out from home. People were still in their beds. It was only 6 he saw Rati came out from home on her scooty. She was going for tuitions. How hard she is working. She saw him and stopped to him to say good morning. He smiled and responded. Now he went inside and be ready for work. He went again early without breakfast. His normal breakfast place was hospital canteen. At 9 he was on his duty. About 11 he got a call from a consultant about a job interview. He was supposed to attend the interview next week.

In morning first person he met was Rati and he got job interview, so she is lucky for him. He decided to wake up early to say good morning to Rati daily. He smiled on himself on this thought.

From that day he started to wake up early and sit outside the home.  He soon founded that Rati’s class is 4 days in week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It was looking odd to sit outside so he started to go on jogging.

Next week he went for interview and it was good. There was a chance that he will get that job. Only next week he got the job confirmation. He was selected on a good salary. Now his father was also happy he brought sweets and distributed in whole neighborhood.  Suhash brought some sweets especially for Rati. Next morning he woke up early and waited for Rati. When she came and put sweets in her mouth. She was also happy on his success.

He went to hospital and informed HR that he will leave this job. HR was also happy for him because he knew that this job was not for him. But he asked him to give one month notice so that they can get a new person for this job for which he agreed.

When he came to home in evening his mom told him that Rati got accident. He was shocked. She told that two guys were chasing her when she was going to school. One of them tried to catch her hand on moving scooty. She lost balance and fell down. A coming truck crushed her. She is serious now.

An anger rose in him. He knew the guys but he was not able to do anything. Next day he didn’t want to go but he was sleepless, so he went for jogging. He saw both the guys on their bike. They were chasing a girl now. His anger was on highest. He picked a brick from side and throw on them. The brick hit the guy who was driving the bike, both of them fell down. Bike was in speed so they really hurt badly. A car was coming, the driver applied brakes but it was late. Car hit one of them. People started to gather but Suhash didn’t wait to see what happened to both guys.

He came to hospital. After some time a dead body came to morgue. A school going girl’s body who was crushed by a truck. He was about to faint when he saw the name. It was Rati. He removed the sheet from her face. The beautiful face of Rati was now full of wounds. He started to weep. The assistant who brought body caught him because he lost his balance. He wept full day. He left hospital without seeing the time. It was night. He didn’t go to home, he didn’t know where he was going. He came to rail track, the train was coming. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was still weeping. Train came near it was only about 4 meter away. He steps forward on the train track. He never expressed his love to Rati neither Rati did this but still there was a love bound and this was the end of this love story.

The Lost Highway (part 2 of 2)


The Lost Highway

They found people were coming to them running. It was clear that they were Sarpanch’s men. Mohini caught Karan’s hand and run to one side. Rohit and Ramesh followed them. Mohini was from same village so she knew all streets and shortcuts. She was changing the streets quickly. Rohit got his leg struck on a stone. He falls down. Ramesh stopped to help him as he was after him. But Karan and Mohini were ahead so they didn’t know about that.

Now there were two pairs of them Mohini-Karan and Rohit-Ramesh. Rohit was angry not only because they were separated. His main anger was because Mohini was separated.

Karan and Mohini saw back but there was no Rohit and Ramesh.

“Oh My God, we need to go back. We must find Rohit. If Sarpanch’s men will catch him what I will tell to mom.”

“But how can we find them now. We don’t know where we lost them.”

“He is my brother. I can’t leave him here and run away.” Karan was really worried now.

“I am not saying that we will leave them. I am just saying that we can’t go back on same way. Perhaps they will come to us. Let’s hide somewhere and wait for them.” Mohini was still holding Karan’s hand. She took him to a vacant hut.

The hut was not big and they both were afraid. So they both were sitting very close to support each other. Mohini’s face was really close to Karan. He was watching her very closely now. There were sweat on her forehead and it was shining like glittering stars. Her breath was fast and heavy. He was feeling her heart beats. After sometime Mohini felt his breath really near to her cheek. She saw to him and both faces were so close that their noses were touching each other. A shiver ran in her spine. Karan lips forwarded and touched her lips. She allowed his lips in to her lips. Soon they were kissing passionately each other.

“Look, they can’t go very far.” A hard and loud voice came and broke their romance.

Sarpanch’s men came near to their hut. They waited till they go.

“This is not safe now. Come.” Mohini took his hand and came out. Sarpanch’s men were not gone. They were in nearby hut. So they ran again. They found Rohit in the mid way.

“Where is Ramesh?” Karan asked. He was happy that Rohit was safe.

“I don’t know. He was with me but on a turn I lost him.” Rohit said breathlessly.

“Let’s go, they are chasing us. We can’t talk in open.” Mohini took both of them to one side.

Rohit was really tired. He didn’t chance to rest. He was running continuously.

“This village is like a maze. I turned many times and came to same place every time.” Rohit said

“Don’t worry, we have Mohini. She know the way and she will take us out of this village.” Karan assured him.

“But we need to find Ramesh. Do one thing you and Rohit stay here and I will go and find Ramesh.” Mohit stood up to go. But Karan stopped her. He didn’t want to let her go alone in this situation. They were outsider. Sarpanch’s men don’t know them and they don’t have any problem with them. So it was much chance that if they found him without Mohini they will not touch him.

So he went in search of Ramesh. Rohit was really tired and there was blood on his hand. He got wound while running. Mohini teared here dupatta and bound the wound to stop blood.

“That’s really nice. Thank you.” Rohit told her.

“Oh no, it’s nothing. You saved me. You and your friends are in danger only because of me. I thank you.” Mohini was really grateful for them.

Rohit took it as love or first invitation. This teen age always prove foolish it in these situations. He came forward and embraces Mohini and kissed on her cheek.

“What are you doing?” Mohini pushed him aside.

“Sorry, I am really sorry. But you are so beautiful that I lost my control on me. I had never seen so beautiful girl like you in my whole life.”

Mohini was angry but she was a girl also. She knew that Rohit is a good person. Her anger came down. She told him that she is only grateful to him. Don’t take it otherwise.

Soon Karan came with Ramesh. Now they decided to go from the village. Ramesh told something about his car. But nobody was listening. He didn’t argue much because first thing was ‘keep them alive’.

Mohini took them to that way which was going outside the village to the main highway. When they came to the end of village a axe came flowing and thrust into Ramesh back.

All shouted. They were found by the Sarpanch’s men and they didn’t want to catch them alive. Soon every person was running to the trees.  Karan ran in one direction, Mohini and Rohit went in other direction. Sarpanch’s men were chasing Mohini. So they went for Mohini and Rohit.

Mohini and Rohit were surrounded. Sarpanch came to them. He had a axe in his hand. Without saying a word in wave the axe to Rohit. The axe caught Rohit by throat. He fell down on the ground. Sarpanch caught Mohini’s hand and pulled her to village.

When they reach to edge of trees, Karan came from the back of a tree. He was holding the axe which was stuck in Ramesh’s back. He threw the axe to Sarpanch. This happened so fast neither Sarpanch nor Sarpanch’s men could do anything to Stop Karan.

The axe hit Sarpanch on forehead. But Sarpanch didn’t fall. He stood still. He caught the axe and pulled out from his forehead.

It was impossible. He was still alive. He laughed and came to Karan. Karan was motionless. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Sarpanch can and put the axe on his throat and said “Brave man. You won you and yours friends lives.” Saying this word he hit Karan with the axe.

Darkness falls on Karan’s eye. He felt cold and fresh air on his face. He opened his eyes. He was in his car. Rohit was sleeping near him on back seat. Ramesh was sleeping on driver’s seat. They were in their car and car was on the highway. It was the same place where they turned to that strange way. But now there was no such road. He woke Rohit and Ramesh. They were also surprised because each of them saw the same dream. But that was a dream, all of them were alive. So they were there whole night sleeping? Nobody was able to tell what really happened or not happened that night.



The Lost Highway

Karan and Rohit were going to their grandfather. It was May and their college was closed for summer vacation. Both were in college Karan was elder and Rohit was 2 years younger. Their parents also wanted to come with them but their father got a urgent work at office so he didn’t make it so their mother also didn’t come. They were in a cab driven by Ramesh a 40 year’s old experienced driver.

They were young and happy. There are a hundred ways to be happy in that young age. One of the best and commonly known as talking about girls.

“It will be better if Kavita would be here.” Karan said. Kavita was the girl of his class. He had a crush on her.

“if Kavita would be here then Rakesh would also be here” Rohit teased him. Rakesh was Kavita’s boyfriend.

“Oh shut up, he is just her friend. Have you seen his face? A pretty girl like Kavita would not even see an idiot like him. They are in same class that’s why Kavita talk to him and he only boasts about Kavita as his girlfriend.”  Karan’s voice was full of irritation.

But Rohit always enjoy teasing him. “But my friend saw him purpose her last week and she said yes.”

“Don’t make a fool of me. That’s why Shalini doesn’t talk to you. Who wants to talk to a fool? Atleast Kavita talks to me.” Karan counter attacked. Shalini was the dream girl of Rohit.

Driver Ramesh was enjoying their talk. He was very old and giving his services to their family from a long time. Anytime they need a cab they call to Ramesh.

This is not the first time they were going to their grandparents with Ramesh. But this time their car broke in the mid way. It took 3 hours to go to nearest city and get a mechanic. They were late now. It was November, about 6 pm it was getting dark. They were in speed because they wanted to reach their destination early and Ramesh was also in hurry because next day his cab was booked by other client. So he also wanted to come back early.

Car was at more than 120 kmph speed. There was something on the road. Ramesh applied brakes but car didn’t stop immediately. Due to speed it swings. They stopped and immediately came out from the car. All of them saw that black shadow which was on the way but now there was nothing.

“Perhaps that was a reflection of lights.” Karan suggested.

“Yes, I think you are right.” Ramesh’s voice was clearly said that he was not agreed but there was no other explanation.

They looked all sides.

“Hey, what is that? Where is this way go?” Rohit pointed to a road which was going right side.

“This road…. Strange.. I saw this first time.” Ramesh was surprised to see. Sometime a small road which was going to any village appears to the road was common. In India there are so many villages even prime minister can’t tell the exact number.

But this road was strange because it was fully made and it was like a highway not a small road to any village.

“See the board, this shows that Kaithal is only 50 KM but the way we are taking is 90 KM. So it is a shortcut by half.”

“Why didn’t I know this? I have never heard of this highway before.” Ramesh was suspicious.

“ohhoo Ramesh, perhaps government had given contract to a private company, they can built a road in one day only. I think we should take this road. To the worst, we need to pay toll tax only. But it will save half the way.” Karan told. He wanted to reach home quickly.

“I don’t know whether we should take this road or not.” Ramesh was still suspicious.

“Ask that villager.” Karan pointed to a villager who appeared like nowhere.

So Ramesh went there to ask and the villager confirmed that this is shortcut and made only 2 days before. Now they took this new road.

After going about 20 KM a girl came running on the road. Ramesh applied brake so fast that Karan and Rohit hit the front seats hard.

“What the hell….”

Car stopped with a halt but the girl wasn’t able to apply brake on her speed. It took her some seconds to apply brakes on her speed but it was too late. She crashed on the car. But fortunately their car was not in speed. So the crash was not harmful.

But girl fell down. All three of them came out from the car at once.  They came to girl. She was unconscious.

“Ramesh, bring some water.” Karan told Ramesh

Ramesh brought water. Karan took some water in his palm and splashed that on girl’s face. She shivered when the cold water touched her face. She was exceptional beautiful. Karan was worried before by this accident. But now he was happy to see such beautiful girl. He was young and young people don’t care about situation when their heart speaks to them. Same situation was happening to Rohit’s heart. He was also enchanted by girl’s beauty.

The girl opened her eyes. They asked why she was running. She told that her name was Mohini. She was living near village.

“My father is a farmer. We are really poor. My father took some loan from Sarpanch (Head of village). Now he was not able to pay the loan. So Sarpanch asked him to give me to him. My father refused that. Today Sarpanch’s men tried to kidnap me while I was coming from village fair. But somehow I ran from them. They are following me.”

“But there is nobody out there.” Karan saw in every direction to confirm.

“Perhaps they hide to see you.” Mohini was still afraid.

“Ok, we do one thing. We will take you to your father.” Rohit told.

“No, I can’t go this time. Perhaps they will be watching my home for my return. It is not good for me to go home tonight.”

“No problem, you can come with us.” Karan said quickly. He was trying to hide his happiness but a glimpse of his heart was surely seen. He was happy that Mohini don’t want to go her home. So she will come with them.

“Yes, this is the best option. We can call for police tomorrow. Then Sarpanch will not be able to touch you again.” Rohit agreed with Karan.

There was no other option. So it was decided. Mohini came into the car.

She was wearing a Red and green suit with Red dupatta. On suit there were white prints. She was looking gorgeous in that suit. Her lips were really red without any lipstick. Her eyes were black and so deep, nobody can ignore them. She was thin. Her height was about 5 feet 1 inch, dark black hair were increasing her beauty. Karan immediately took the other seat with her. Rohit saw him angrily but without saying other word he sat with driver.

Karan start talking to Mohini but Rohit was also keen to join talk. They went about 2 KM only. There was a tree trunk on the road. That was on put so no vehicle could be able to go further.

“This is a trap” Mohini told

“I think so. But how they got information about us here? We didn’t waste time near your village.” Karan asked.

“Bro, this is modern times.  Mobiles are available in villages also.” Rohit proved his knowledge.

“Ohk, Mr. Intelligent, now tell what to do?” Karan was in irritation cum worried mood.

“Hurry; back to the village, they are coming.” Mohini pointed to the people who were coming to the car.

Ramesh didn’t waste time and put Car in reverse gear. Car moved fast. People chased them but Ramesh was an expert driver.

Soon they were out of reach of them. But danger was not over because in that village Sarpanch was waiting for them.

“We can cross this road and can go to home. We will call grandpa that we will come after 2-3 days.” Rohit suggested.

“Phone!! Where is my mobile, I can call to police now.” Karan checked his phone but there was no signal. All three had mobile and all three were useless.

They started back and crossed the village again but after 2 KM there was another road block. They were stuck in that 5 KM road.

“There is another way, but it goes from inside village.” Mohini told.

“No problem, whole village is not our enemy. We can go through village.” Ramesh suggested to take that route.

So they entered into the village and the whole situation changed when their one front tyre burst.