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The Haunted House (Part 7)

She wanted to ask Ravi about what’s going on. But as she tried to speak, everything went dark and she opened eyes. She was on her bed and Ravi was sleeping on her side.

After that she couldn’t sleep. She started to arrange things for Pooja. After some time, Ravi woke up and asked why she didn’t wake him up also to help. But she told that she can do herself.

“What happened Ritu, did you see any other bad dream?” Ravi was sensing some disturbance in Ritu’s voice. It was clear that something was bothering her.

“Nothing, I just didn’t sleep well and I am tired.” Ritu was not sure what to say. She was really scared from the last night dream. In her dream Ravi was a killer. How could it be? She knew Ravi for more than five years. He can’t do anything illegal, murder is really big thing he can’t even slap a person. Moreover it was a dream, but a realistic dream. But still in her dream he was actually not a killer, he only hide the body. But it is like a killing act, hiding a murdered body. She was not able to think properly.

Work was over; all preparations were made so she decided to bath. She went to bathroom and start bathing. When she finished she came to mirror, there was fog on it. She took the small towel to wipe it. When she came near to it and wiped then she saw that girl again. Now she knew it was Aina. This time she was not looking at her. This time she had her back to her. Ritu was seeing in the mirror and Aina was writing on the wall opposite the mirror. Ritu didn’t see the face but she knew it was Aina.

To her horror, Aina was writing with blood stained hands with her own blood. “Remember me.” Ritu turned to see, she was expected another horror encounter with Aina like last time. She didn’t forget her bloody eyes. But there was none, neither Aina nor the wording. Where is it? She saw her writing, but now wall was clear, there was no blood or words on that. She turned to mirror again perhaps the words can be seen in mirror only. But now there was no Aina no words in the mirror also.

When she came back, she didn’t tell this to Ravi. This is the first time she was not afraid of her like before. Now she understood that Aina doesn’t want to hurt her. She only wants to tell her about her death, about the Ravi’s act of murder. Perhaps she wants to save her from Ravi.

“Today, you took long for a bath.” Ravi teased her but there was no smile on Ritu’s face.

Ravi wanted to say something other to cheer her up but the look on Ritu’s face stopped him and he also went to bathroom for a bath.

Ritu and Ravi were ready for Pooja before Meera came. After sometime Pandit Ji came, he was happy to see that everything was ready. He was in hurry because he needed to go somewhere else for pooja also. This was not exorcism; it was a religious pooja which is performed for peace in home.

Panndit ji started Havan (an act of Pooja, in which fire is lightened and while speaking mantras, ghee and other pure holly things are sacrificed in that fire).

Pooja was completed. Ravi gave Dakshina (am amount or thing in respect of Pooja) to Pandit ji. Full home was filled with holly smoke. After this, Ravi also went to office. Now Ritu and Meera were alone in the home.

Ritu opened her laptop and started internet. First of all, she googled any haunted house in Nagpur. She got some links but she was not satisfied as there was no connection with her house. So she started search for death, missing persons, unusual activities or paranormal activities. She searched for more than one hour. She found Aina in a line. She opened the story, this was a police case reference in newspaper about missing of a girl named Aina. By her photo, she recognized her at once.

Report was about four years back, when they moved to Kanpur. Aina was missing since then. She tried to find some extra. But she didn’t find anything. In India, if somebody doesn’t care about some missing person then police also doesn’t care about that case as there is a lot of pending cases with police. So perhaps nobody was tracking her or missing her, so even police doesn’t care about her.

So this is it, Aina is missing and her ghost is wandering in the house to get revenge or to get justice. But how she can help her?

“Meera, you were talking about some Tantrik in this area.” Ritu decided to take some action to help Aina.

“Yes, but you were not interested. Did something happen after that?” Meera was sure that something happened which scared Ritu to asked for the help of Tantrik.

“I think now it is time to get some help. But Ravi mustn’t know about this. He doesn’t like this.” Ritu lied because she doesn’t want Ravi to know that she is now investigating about Aina’s murder.

“Ok, I will ask him tomorrow, in morning I will go there so I will be late tomorrow.” Meera was ready to help her.

So it was decided that they will take help of that tantrik. Ritu had decided to get justice for Aina. She always hated Aina because she was mad about Ravi. Once she tried to kill Ritu by pushing her from third floor of office building. But by luck Ritu got hold of window of same floor. Aina was sentenced for this crime, but Ritu and Ravi decided not to charge her for attempt to murder. So she was freed with a warning. After that Ritu asked Ravi to leave this place. Fortunately Ravi got a job in Kanpur so they moved there. After that they didn’t hear about Aina and they didn’t bother to care about her.

But now when they moved to Nagpur, Aina again came into their life.



Cheapest country in the world

If you are hungry and don’t have enough money to feed your family then this is great news for you. I am telling you the cheapest country in the whole world in term of fooding. Here you can eat food in only 2 USD. Not for one time, not for one day but for full month. So tell me, what you say? Isn’t the cheapest country in the world? Do you want to know the name of this country? Offcourse it is INDIA.

Ruling party’s ministers are telling the way, how we can eat in less than 2 USD (120 Rs. approx) for a month. Mr. Farook Abdulla told that a person can eat in 1 Rs. only for one time. So for three times a day cost is 3 Rs and for one month it is 90 Rs. still we have 30 Rs, with that we can eat sweets or anything for luxury food.

In Delhi (capital of India) it is some expensive. Here you can eat in 5/-Rs. for one time so for one day it is 15/- and for the month it is 450/- (8 USD approx). Still one of the cheapest foods in the world. Mr. Rashid Masood of central government clarifies this.

But one of the most expensive city in the world Mumbai is really expensive, here you can eat food for 12/- Rs. so for one day it is 36/- and for the month it is 1080/- (18 USD approx). Mr. Raj Babber told this to the world. But still it is less expensive from the other cities in the world.

So what are you waiting for, come to India. You can eat life time in a one month salary of average person in USA (5000/- USD approx).

But you must aware that this data is only for food. For rest of things, I can’t guarantee you. Here electricity bills is much high then other countries and if government get still loss due to their officers illogical expenses then they can charge extra amount in electricity bills for surcharge or any other name. Petrol is also much more expensive than any other neighbor countries even from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri lanka. If you get robbed, then police can charge amount for note down FIR. So always keep some extra money in your shoes for that purpose.  If you got accident then no guarantee that an ambulance will come within one hour but if you able to call for pizza then it will come within half hour. So you can wait ambulance with enjoying pizza and your wounds.

Still you want to come in India to live then make sure you are not a girl, because if someone starts to like you and you refuse then he can throw acid on you. OR it may happen that you will be pulled in a bus and raped in major places where you want to visit. But after that if media will raise this issue then you will be treated in big hospitals even in foreign countries.

So what are you waiting for, come to India.


ImageThe Haunted House (Part 6)


Ritu was still sleeping. So it was a dream. But a non-forgettable dream.  Now Ravi could feel how Ritu’s situation was when she saw such type of dream. But one thing was clear, this incidents with Ritu were affecting Ravi’s mind also. Because that is the only reason, he saw such dreadful dream. He must do something now. But what he can do?

Next day, morning was usual. Ritu was still in shock by yesterday night incident. Ravi was also restless due to that dream. But he didn’t tell Ritu about his dream.

In office, Ravi discussed this with his senior Mr. Gupta. He was very religious. He suggested organizing a Pooja in his home. He also gave him phone number of that Pandit ji. Ravi was agreed, he was not superstitious but he didn’t want these incidents to happen again. So he called to Pandit ji. Next day, morning time was decided to make this Pooja. Pandit ji gave him detail and requirements for Pooja. Ravi called Ritu about this. He went to market in lunch time to purchase all things, as no departmental store was delivering goods so far from town.

At evening, Ravi came home. Ritu and Meera were there. They have removed furniture from front hall as this was to be used for Pooja next day. Ravi handed over the Pooja material to Ritu. Meera was asked to live there in night because she was required in morning for preparation of pooja. But she declined as she had children in her home and his husband was a drunker so she couldn’t believe on him to take care of her children.

Ritu wanted to argue but Ravi stopped her. He understood the situation of Meera, like he is caring his family she also needs to look after her family. Ritu argued after that.

“We could give her more money for that. 500 Rs. were ok.”

“But Ritu, she had two children, try to understand her situation and don’t forget, she is coming from a long distance only for us. You should be thankful to her. Don’t make pressure on her, extra pressure breaks the bound of love and then it is impossible to reconnect that bound.” Ravi tried to make her understand.

“Ok, but now, I have to do all the arrangements tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t worry, you are not alone, I am with you. We both will wake up early and do all the things.” Ravi assured her.

“Ok, we don’t have other options. Let’s sleep early. Today was the only day in this house when nothing goes wrong.” Ritu went to washroom to change.

Ravi was worried because he didn’t forget the washroom incident.

“Ritu, don’t close the door.” He told Ritu

“Naughty boy, what do you want to do with open door? I can’t take risk of letting the door open while you are here.” Ritu’s eyes were full of love and flirtness.”

“Just in case, …ah… If I want to come and see (actually Ravi wanted to say that he want to confirm that she is ok, but he didn’t want to give her his worries, so he changed the line.)”

“No way, I will not give you a chance” Ritu said but she let the door open.

After sometime, door opened and Ritu came healthy and happy. After a long time her day was good. There was so much love and affection in her eyes. They needed to wake up early next morning but a little love making is not a problem. Ravi caught her in his embrace and kissed her lips softly. Ritu responded. Her eyes were red with sleep and seduction. Soon they were lost in each other.

At night, Ritu heard a noise on her side. She looked there a man was digging the ground. But how she came there without her knowledge? She was sleeping on bed with Ravi and where is Ravi? She tried to go to the house, but it is not like the same. It was the same house, but there was some difference. First of all, there is no garden like this in his house, in which she was standing right now. Secondly, the lamps on the gate were not the same.

Now she concentrated on the person who was digging. She tried to ask him, but due to fear or by some force stopping her, she couldn’t do that. The man didn’t pay attention to her, it was like he was not aware of her presence or he can’t see her. There was a thing wrapped in white cloth near him. Off course, he wanted to put that thing in the hole. But what was that thing? After half hour, when the man was satisfied that the hole is big enough to hide that thing he stopped digging.  He pull the thing, it was heavy. So he dragged that thing and drop in the hole. When he was dragging that thing, the cloth which was covering the thing revealed a hand. A blood stained hand. Oh My God that was a body. By the hand it was clear that it was a woman body as there were bangles in that hand. The hand clutched a golden chain in its grip. Perhaps it was of man, while fighting for her life she took it from man’s neck. But the man didn’t see that. But she knew that chain; the chain had her picture in the locket. It was the chain she gifted to Ravi on Valentine day.

Ritu didn’t want to go close, she wanted to run. But she was not able to move away. Some invisible force pushed her close to that man. She came near but the man didn’t notice. After putting that dead body, the man started to fill the hole with the dirt he dug before. Ritu saw in the hole and saw the face of that dead body.

She screamed to see the face; it was the same girl she was seeing in her dreams. Not only, she saw the face, she recognizes the face. It was Aina, the girl who was mad in love with Ravi. Soon the face was not visible anymore because the dirt covered the body fully. After completing his work the man wiped the sweat from his forehead and moved back.

He turned his face to Ritu and Ritu saw his face first time. She was surprised to see the face. He was Ravi.


ImageThe Haunted House (Part 5)

Ritu was happy, she forgot about the face in hotel.

“Ritu, where is the tissues, I put them on dashboard” Ravi asked Ritu while searching.

“Oh, I put that on back seat, because I don’t like anything on dashboard. Wait, here it is.” She moved to back seat for that tissue box.

But there was something, not something there was someone. Someone in white cloths. A white face, which was so dreadful that you can give it a new name pure horror. When Ritu moved to see backseat, she was face to face now to that ghostly figure. There was only 6 inches distance between both faces. That face’s eyes were looking directly in Ritu’s eyes. Those white eyes were directly looking at Ritu. She was stunned to see her. Time was stopped. Both were looking each other.

“Ritu, have you got it” Ravi asked

“Ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Ritu gave a loud scream. The scream was so loud and frightened that Ravi lost his balance. Car swung towards to rode side. Ravi applied the brakes but in speed suddenly brakes did the worst. Car slipped out of road. Fortunately, in side there were fields and car didn’t rolled. Both got hurt but not much.

Ravi took control on him and checked Ritu. She was unconscious. Ravi immediately came out from car and came to other side to release Ritu from car. He unbuckled the seat belt and pulled Ritu out. She was still unconscious. A car stopped. A person in white shirt and black trouser came. He came to them and after seeing he helped Ravi to bring Ritu to his car. Actually he saw Ravi’s car slipped. So he stopped to help. He and his wife were also coming from same hotel.

Ravi called to 100 for police to tell the incident and in the car of that helpful gentleman he brought Ritu to hospital. Doctor checked Ritu and confirmed that she is ok. She was unconscious only from the shock and she will be conscious in some minutes only. Ravi thanked to that stranger who helped them at that time. Very few people do this, as in India, police normally doubt on that person who helped someone in need.

Ritu came to conscious soon. She told Ravi about the incident. Now, Ravi was also horrified because Ritu’s situation was getting worst. He was thinking that it is her imagination only, but this time Ritu really freak him out. Ritu never did this before; there must be something which is bothering her. Doctor gave him some medicines for Ritu and allowed her to go home.

Ravi called for a cab and came to home. After sometime he got a call from police about his car. They called him to come to police station next morning.

Ritu took the medicine. Perhaps one was for sleep, soon she slept. But Ravi was sleepless. He was really worried about what Ritu told her. There is really something horrible thing about this home. But what he can do. Why he can’t feel anything?

“Show me yourself, if you are there and you want to tell something, please show yourself.” Ravi shouted to that invisible force.

But nothing happened. Nobody came to tell him that he or she is there.

Ravi tried to sleep but it was useless. But after long time he slept. In morning he woke up by Ritu’s scream.

He immediately woke up. To his horror, Ritu was not on her bed. She was hanging in mid air. She was shouting. Ravi jumped from the bed to one side. He was so horrified that he didn’t dare to come to her. Ritu was in mid air. She was throwing her arms and legs, but all in vain. A white color woman was there. Ritu was in her hands. But Ritu’s hands were moving from her like she was made of air.

First time Ravi was seeing that lady. By seeing her face he can tell why Ritu always get frightened by looking her face. Her color was white but there was blood in her mouth and in her eyes. Not only her eyes were red, blood was dropping from them. The blood from her mouth was wet it was like that is newly emerged from a body. Her hairs were also white but they were flying in air in all directions. There was no air in room but her hairs were flying like wild air is flowing in the room. That was really a horrible scene to freeze anyone’s blood in vains.

A cruel grin was on her lips. When she opened her mouth, a growl came. It was like the whole room is growling with her. The voice was coming from every direction. Light was fluctuating.

“I will take her with me.”

“No, please leave her, what she has done wrong to you?” Ravi begged to her.

But she was not listening. Her grin became wide. More blood was dripping from her mouth now. She opened her mouth and two big teeth like snake came out. She put her mouth on the neck of Ritu. Ritu cried. Her body movements were becoming slow every time, like she was losing hope and strength to fight with her death. There was very little time with Ritu. It was the decision which was necessary to be taken right now; otherwise he will lose Ritu forever. The ghost woman started to rose in the air. She was still holding Ritu. It was clear she was taking Ritu with her.

Ravi tried to stop her. He jumped on her to stop but with a wave of hand of that ghost, he flied to one side of room and hit the wall hard. After hitting wall he dropped down on the side table of bed. Water glass on table shattered and the one piece of glass ripped his hand. There was blood all over his hand. The ghost woman disappears in air with Ritu. Ravi cried to stop her and woke up.



The Haunted House (Part 4)

Morning was busy as usual. Today Meera again come early.  She was a great help but till when?  She had already told that she will not be able to come to work because this home is so far away from her home.  It was last 5 years relation with Sharvan for which she was coming to help them.  Ravi didn’t want to put full pressure of home on Ritu.  He always told Ritu to live life and he uses same rule on his life.

“Ravi, don’t forget to call that employment agency for a new maid.” Ritu remind her.

“Don’t worry, I will remember but please call me in lunch to remind me, in case I forget.”

After Ravi has gone to office, Ritu started house work.

When Ritu told Meera about bed sheet which was changed to white again then Meera gave how it is possible look. Her face turned white and she told Ritu about a tantrik who was living in her area. She told that that tantrik is very famous for any supernatural problem.  People come from far cities for solving their problems.

Ritu denied that, not because she doesn’t believe on ghost or tanktrik but because she was afraid that Ravi will be angry.  She knew that Ravi will not like this idea. Moreover Ravi was busy in his work these days with this home shifting and she didn’t want to make Ravi disturbed.

She asked Meera that they are thinking to hire a new maid because she is getting problem. Meera told her that there is no need she will manage. So Ritu called Ravi and tell her not to ask employment agency for new maid, which was a good thing, because Ravi has been forgotten to call in busy schedules. But he managed to talk to her for five minutes. That was a big thing because Ritu knew about his important meeting and that is why, she loves him so much, because he always gets time for her and home.

The day was as normal as it could be.  There was no bad dream, no falling pot or no color changing pillow. So she and Meera got plenty of time to arrange home and today they fully arranged the home properly.

Ravi came from office happy.  His meeting in office was great. In evening He and Ritu went to a ‘Sun N Sand’ Hotel for dinner. Ritu was in light blue saree (an Indian dress), which was her and Ravi’s favorite and really she was looking gorgeous in that. Ritu is slim and she really cares about her figure. So every dress suits her, but in saree she can really kills a man only by a look. Today she was in her full glamour, as this is first time they are going for outing after return to Nagpur. She was wearing a white pearl necklace. She left her waist size hair open, she was a bit uncomfortable in that, but Ravi loved that, so she did that. Her saree was also decorated with designs and on border glass beads were used. She was looking like a new bride.

The hotel was very good so also full of people.  Some were waiting for a table outside dining hall. Many faces turned to them when they reach there. Some faces were really showing their interest for Ritu. Ravi saw that and enjoyed. It is a man’s mentality when he has a beautiful girl like Ritu he always enjoyed a pride when other looks to his wife and the same thing goes for woman also, a woman also enjoy when someone looks to her with a praise in his eyes. Ravi got reservation for them.  So there was no problem in getting seats.  Ravi ordered for beer for him and orange juice for Ritu.  Ritu didn’t like drinking but she never stops Ravi unless his conscious were not affected.  After the drink they ordered dinner.  Ravi ordered all the favorite items of Ritu.  Ritu was very happy she almost forgot about home and the strange incidents which were held in these three days to her.

Ravi was talking about his business and after sometime when he felt that Ritu has very little interest in his office work, he started talking about people. “Look that man in white shirt and grey trouser, see his eating style.  The woman set on last table is looking every table dishes like she is judging with this, what to order, but from 20 minutes she didn’t get any clue for her preferable dish”. Ritu was laughing on comments of Ravi.

“See that man outside, near the red car; he is waiting of someone from last half hour. Perhaps her girlfriend dumped him and he didn’t ask her clearly when he asked her to go on date with him.” Ritu turned her face to that waiting man.  But she saw a glimpse of a face in window glass.  The face was very light.  But it was the face she can’t forget for her life.  This was the face which she saw on Meera’s face in her dream and on her own face in washroom yesterday. She trembled by presence of that face in a restaurant far away from their home. Her hands loose the nerves and the glass of juice fell off from her hand to floor.

“karrrraccchh” a loud noise came when the glass hit the floor. Everybody turns to them. The waiter came and without any complained wipe the floor and pick every single piece of glass. Immediately her returned with a new glass of juice. That was really a good service.

“What happened, Ritu?” Ravi asked when he saw her face changing from smile to fear.

“Ravi, see that face”

“Where? What face?” Ravi was puzzled.

“That face?” Ritu pointed her finger to the glass.  But there was no trace of any face.  Even that waiting man gave up and went away in his red car.

“The face was there in the glass. But now it has gone. That was the same face which I saw in my dream” Ritu explained Ravi about her horror.

“There is no face in the glass.  You only are imaging things now.  You are still afraid from that stupid dream. Perhaps the light of going vehicles made a light effect and you imagination gave that a face.” Ravi was not ready to accept that Ritu actually saw the face. Even Ritu was uncertain about that because she saw the face for a second only and next second it was gone.  Ravi must be right the light effect of cars on road made that face for her.

Dinner after that was not as good as before this incident. Ravi tried to cheer up Ritu, some jokes were really good and they helped Ritu to smile again. After dinner they came back home in car. On the way Ravi was still joking and Ritu was laughing. So it was a good and pleasant evening. But Ritu’s life was not so easy these days, not a single day was going normal for her. There was something dreadful was about to happen.

Next day when they were getting ready in hotel, Prakash got a message. Jayant was in bathroom so he opened the message which he normally doesn’t. This message was from Divya, again forwarded message of good morning. This time also he didn’t reply, but he decided that in office he will reply her on orkut as that was free.

After reaching office, he started to work on desktop which was provided by the company. He started work. Today they were checking the correctness of GDR figures. When lunch time came, nobody knew. Today’s menu was continental food, so they enjoyed pasta, pizza etc. After lunch they went for walk and after that they started work. Prakash opened gmail, Divya was online. So he messaged her. Immediately reply came. So they started chatting. Just routine talk but both enjoyed. Prakash lost the sense of time while chatting. He knew that one hour has been spent when Jayant ask him whether he has completed balance sheet schedules. He told Divya that he has work and log out.

Work was interesting. Mr. Balraj told that next week their overseas auditors who are dealing with GDR are coming. So they had only five days to complete the task. Now the pressure increased immediately. Satya told this to their CA Mr. Ganesh immediately. He changed his programmes and decided to come next day.

Now the work load was high, they decided to work late. About 4 p.m. GM Mr. Mantri asked everyone to his cabin. When they reached Mr. Mantri greeted with them well specially with Prakash. After that first meeting Mr. Mantri was very close to Prakash. Always he came to their conference room and talk to them. He always speaks to Prakash separately, not for work, just some fun. Staff of that company who was in work of GDR were also there. Mr. Mantri instructed his staff to sit late till this work is over. After this he sent them back. Now auditors (Satya, Jayant and Prakash) were there with Mr. Mantri. Mr. Mantri told them his plan of work. Because he ws in charge, it was his responsibility to prepare all work before Monday. The overseas auditors were only for three days and because they were foreigner they were more important and so their time.

In evening Mr. Kapoor, who was AGM, he was not in GDR team but he was incharge of administration ordered for pizza for all. Prakash liked it, it was first time he was in such big company and he was enjoying this kind of attention and hospitality. After that everybody took half hour time for refreshment. Parkash dialed Aina no. He didn’t talk her today. Aina pick the phone but when she listened Prakash voice, she bursted out.

“Don’t dare to talk to me.” Aina shouted

“But.. but what happened? What have I done?” Prakash was not ready for that reaction.

“I tell you, now stop calling me and don’t mail me anymore.” Aina’s anger was out of control

“But please tell me, what happened? Why are you so much angry?”

Aina cut the phone. Prakash dialed again.

“Why can’t you understand? I don’t wanna talk to you ever.”

“But atleast tell me what is my fault?” Prakash was now begging.

“You are talking to every girl, You take gmail id and talk to them.”

“But I didn’t, are you talking about Divya? Heyyy she is your friend and she exchanged number in front of you and I didn’t call her. We just chat and it was she who messaged me first.”

“I don’t wanna talk to ever. Do whatever you want to do”

“You are saying like you don’t talk to anyone, you have more than hundred friends on orkut and you chat to everybody. Moreover you have number of more than half and you are regularly in touch with them on phone. If I talk to one girl then what is big deal?” Now Prakash was getting angry because he was not on fault, he didn’t flirt; he just talked to only one and see who was blaming him, AINA, who talked more than fifty guys. Who had a brother like DEVEN, who uses his so called sister as a bet to get other girls. Now she is angry because one of her friend talked to him. It was NOT even TALK it was just chat.

“Shut up, I don’t wanna liten anything. I don’t flirt to anyone, they are just my friend. You wanted her number and email id to keep in touch. I love only Vipin. I have already told you.”

“Wow, only I am asking everyone for number, tell me, how you have more than fifty guys number and how they have your number? Because you are very much interested to talk to other guys and if you love only Vipin then why you was so much in touch with me? From morning to night we both knew what other is doing. In every fifteen minutes we contacted each other. What was that? And if you love only Vipin then who gave authority to Deven to kiss you? Why…”

“This is ridiculous, I don’t wanna talk” saying this Aina disconnected the phone.

Prakash tried again but Aina didn’t pick the phone. After fifteen to twenty try he didn’t call. Now his mobile rang, there was call from Divya. He picked the phone, a lovely and joyful voice of Divya came to his ears.


“Hi Divya, Sorry but I can’t talk to you right now.” Prakash voice was upset

“Why? I know you are busy. But you seem upset. Are you alright?” Divya sensed that something is wrong with Prakash.

“I will talk to you later, bye” Prakash disconnected the phone.

He went to washroom and cried there for ten minutes. He was not able to work. His phone was beeping, messages were coming. He checked when first message came, perhaps it is from Aina. But it was from Divya. She was worried by his sudden change of behavior. She was cursing herself that perhaps it was her, he is upset. He didn’t reply. But Divya was messaging continuously.

He asked Satya that he is not well so he want to go to hotel. Satya was not happy but he accepted with warning that tomorrow Mr. Ganesh is coming so take medicine and be well quick. Like it is in his hands but he was grateful that he allowed.

He came to hotel and wept till Divya called again. He didn’t want to listen but still he picked the phone.

“Are you alright? Why are you so worried?” A really worried voice came. Divya took his sad behavior as he is worried or something wrong with his work. But by her voice it was clear that she was really caring.

But Prakash was not in situation to understand her feelings. He just said,” Divya, I am alright. But I can’t talk to you right now. I will call you later. Bye.”

Prakash was really hurt by behavior of Aina. He was not able to understand how she can do this to him. Because it was she who talk to almost all guys and exchange number to be in contact, now he only exchanged number with one girl and she is blaming him to be a flirt.

Satya and Jayant were late; Jayant called at 10 p.m. to ask about his health and advised him to take meal because they will be late. But Prakash didn’t eat anything. How could he eat while his heart was full of sorrow?

“Why are you not sleeping?” Divya came to him and asked.

He smiled and said “just thinking about life, how it flows.” Saying this he kissed Divya on cheek.


The Haunted House (Part 3)

In the morning Ritu was about normal. She was in hurry for Ravi’s breakfast and morning works.  She was in kitchen making sandwiches for Ravi.

Door bell rang.

“I will see, you take care of breakfast” Ravi went to open the door.  It was Meera.

“Ritu, Meera has come.  Come Meera, you will be a great help to Ritu.  We woke up late today.”

“How is Ritu?” Meera asked. She was also worried about yesterday incident.

“She is Ok now, please don’t ask her about that.  She is now forgetting that dream” Ravi requested her.

“Rest assured, I will not talk about that” Meera assured him.

Meera went to kitchen now both ladies immediately cleared all the kitchen work.  Ravi went to office. Now there was again same work ‘Arrange the home’.

Then two ladies again start working.  Again Ritu opened more boxes and Meera and she arranged them.  Ritu went to bedroom for putting some cloths.

“Meera, why are you using yellow pillow with white bed sheet?  We got white bed sheet with pillow. Why didn’t you use them?” Ritu asked Meera while coming out of room.

“What? I didn’t change the pillow cover, they were white.” Mera told her.

“But the pillow which are you using are yellow.”

“How can it be possible, show me” Meera picked a pile of cloth and went in to the bedroom with Ritu. She was also holding another pile of cloths. But Pillow covers were Yellow.

“Did you change the cover?” Meera asked.

“No way, I didn’t change the pillow cover. May be you didn’t use white.”

“No, I am sure I used white cover for pillow, which were matching with the bed sheet.” Meera confirmed her.

“I think you used this yellow color. Perhaps due to insufficient light in bedroom you didn’t notice the difference. More over in a semi dark room it is difficult to tell difference between yellow and white. And we have same design yellow and white set” Ritu showed her knowledge.

“May be you are right.  May be I used yellow pillow. Anyway can we postpone the work till tomorrow? I need to go home early today, and mostly urgent work has been done only some decorations are remaining.  So we can do that tomorrow.” Meera asked Ritu

“Ok, we will do rest work tomorrow.” Ritu gave her some sweets which Ravi brought yesterday; which she was not able to give her due to that horror.

After closing the door she came to bedroom.  Her body wanted some rest but she was afraid to sleep. So she decided to arrange cupboard which was full of cloths without any proper arrangement.  First of all she arranged Ravi’s cloths.  Light pink shirt which was her favorite, she brought that from mall.  Ravi didn’t like that much. But she liked that so much that she purchased that immediately.  Really Ravi looks very handsome in that. After Ravi’s cloths she arranged her. Then came other cloths.  While arranging them she found yellow color set of bed sheet. Pillow cover was with that.  But if they are here, how pillow on bed has same color? They didn’t have two set of yellow.

She immediately saw the bed. But what is this? Pillow cover is white.  It can’t be possible. Half hour before she and Meera both saw these were yellow.  But who changed them now.  She was alone in the house.  But who is doing this? There is some terrible wrong with this house. From the first day some force is stopping her. First that pot came over on her, then that dream now this pillow cover. This can’t be coincidence.

Ravi laughed a lot when Ritu told him her calculation about haunting of the house.  Like any normal man he told Ritu that this is only her imagination.  “Pot was not properly hanged that is why it broke; and that was a dream you also know that. Now for Pillow cover you yourself told Meera that light is not sufficient in bedroom so whether it is not possible that you misjudge the color of pillow?”

“No Ravi, Pillow was yellow. Meera also saw that”

“Leave it Ritu, you are only spoiling the mood. Enjoy your new home.  It is not like your old small home in which you always said there is no space to put the thing on right place. In this house you can arrange all items according to your satisfaction. AND the biggest thing is that you will not be disturbed by traffic noise (last home of Ravi & Ritu in Kanpur was on main road. So there was heavy traffic all the time.).

“Here, noise doesn’t disturb me; it is silence of this place which make me sick.  If something happened to me there will be no help.”

“Don’t be silly. Nothing is going to happen to you. You are taking so seriously these events which are merely nothing at all.” Ravi’s face was telling he was worried about Ritu very much.  Ritu knew Ravi love her very much. Their marriage was love marriage and against Ritu’s parents will. They didn’t get support from them but Ravi didn’t lose his love. With her support and love Ravi establish him as a good professional and proved himself as a good husband.  She didn’t get any situation in which she felt that Ravi don’t love her anymore.

“Ok, I will not wander in my day dreams anymore. Let’s sleep otherwise it will be very late.”

Ravi saw watch which was showing it is 1:00 of morning. “My god, it is really very late. Didn’t notice the time and there is a very important meeting tomorrow.”

“You mean today, it is already 3rd September”

“Yes, today. Now sleep otherwise I will not be able to go to office.”

“Ok, I am going to washroom, you take rest” Ritu told and went to washroom.

Ravi was tired and immediately slept. But, immediately woke up by scream of Ritu. It was coming from washroom.

“Ritu, what’s happen?” Ravi ran to washroom.

Washroom door was not locked, he pushed the door and went inside. He looked for Ritu. She was sitting in the cornor with her face in her knees. Ritu was shivering with fear. He touched her and Ritu gave another horror scream. Ravi assured her. Her face was white as ghost. Her eyes were full of fear. Ravi supported her to stand up, but it was like her legs are not supporting. He almost carried her to bedroom. He put her on bed. Her eyes were still open. She was not moving and looking in one direction. Ravi took water from side table and splash some on Ritu’s horrified face.

“Ritu, wake up, what’s happen?” Ravi’s voice was also full of fear. He was afraid by Ritu’s situation. This time he can’t ask anyone for help. First time he was sorry for his decision of taking home so far away from city.

Ritu close her eyes for some seconds and gasp for air. When she came to her senses, Ravi asked why she was terrified.

“Ravi, when I went to washroom, everything was normal. I started to comb my hairs. I felt like light of bulb of washroom become low. Darkness was filling the area. Then I don’t know how my face turned in someone else face. I don’t recognize her. But it seemed familiar. It was the same face which I saw in my dream yesterday on Meera’s face. I am not sure because both time it was not so clear. But there is one similarity, it looks familiar. I spoke, but that voice was not mine. It told me that she has come for me. Then I don’t know what happened to me”

Ravi was also afraid; this state of Ritu shakes him from inside. But he was needed to calm down. He told Ritu ”I think you are tired and that dream didn’t leave you yet. That’s why you are seeing that face. You need some rest. Come sleep.”

I thing was right Ritu was tired. Yesterday she didn’t sleep well also and today’s full day work made her sleep at once.



After that the fun visit of Sunday became very irritating and torturous. His full concentration was on Aina and that boy. He was sure that he has seen that boy somewhere, but where he can’t remember. When they came to hotel then also his mood was not good.

Why this always happen to me. First Anu who lied to him about Deven and now Aina? Hey “DEVEN”. That boy was Deven who was with Aina. He met Deven only once that’s why he didn’t recognize at once. But now he remembers. Deven, Aina told him that he like her brother. So that is the fake cover, because the way he kissed Aina was not a brotherly kiss. So he was right that Anu was also lying about her relationship. This pain was unbearable.

But what if he is wrong? Perhaps Aina is really considering Deven as brother and Deven is misuning her trust. Yes, this is right. Aina can’t be wrong; it is Deven who is lying. Moreover Aina didn’t tell lie about her friendship with many boys.

This view gave him some satisfaction of mind; not truly about till a satisfactory level. Thinking about this when he fell asleep, he didn’t know. In morning Jayant woke him up. He didn’t want to wake up as his sleep was not sound. But that was necessary. So he woke up and get ready in about 20 minutes. After breakfast they all came to office.

Mr. Balraj was also there. Draft of GDR had been arrived and they were suppose to check all the figures correctly. That was really a tough work because five years figures were changed according to international standards. So they need to check all five balance sheets from trial balance level. They started to regroup schedules according to GDR requirements. This was really attention required work. He forgot everything. It was Mr. Balraj who reminded them about lunch. Today’s menu was North Indian. So they got Shahi Paneer ( a cheese dish) which was his favorite but food depend on a person’s mood also and Prakash’s mood was on disaster level.

After lunch Jayant and Satya went outside for a walk but Prakash refused and came to cabin. First work was to pick the phone and dialed Aina’s number.

“Hallo” a female voice came.

“Hi Aina, this is Prakash. How are you?………” after some formal and initial talk Prakash came to his point.

“Aina, do you have a boyfriend?”

“heyyyy, what happened to you? Why these sudden questions like this?”

“Nothing, just wanted to know about you and your life” Prakash was eagar to hear “NO”. But usually happen when you really want something then it doesn’t happen. Same happen to this situation also

Answer was “YES”

Parkash felt like his heart is losing blood. But he wanted to know about yesterday incident and his theory on that.

“Is he Deven?”

“Noooo sily, I told you Deven is like my brother. My boyfriend name is Vipin. He is from Raipur.”

“Where you met, in a seminar?”

“No, actually we didn’t meet yet.”

“What??? You didn’t meet him and you love him? How is this possible?”

“It is love Prakash, love don’t see the distance and face. We are in relationship from two years. We met on orkut and fell in love. We cover this distance via phone, orkut and gmail. You know I have only one picture of him. He is so shy that he don’t send me his picture. But I love him the way he is. Soon we will marry.”

Prakash was unsure what is he hearing? How a girl can love so much to a person she didn’t see except photos, not photos only one photo.

“But you didn’t tell me about Deven, you told me that you are only orkut friend. But you know personally and met him yesterday.” Prakash wanted to know everything actually he wanted to clear all misunderstandings.

“How on earth you know that?” Aina was surprised. “But anyway, yes I know him and I met him yesterday. But you asked me about him two months ago and we met after that. He is like my brother, no relation except this between us.”

“But the way he kissed you, that was not a brotherly love” Prakash was becoming furious because he was not able to understand the whole situation.

“Oh, so you were there. Look I know he is some kind of flirt. I didn’t approve his behavior, but he is like he is. He always shows others that we are so close. He does this when there is some girl with him. I am sure; you didn’t notice there was a girl with him. In this way, he shows how bold he is and by this he can kiss that girl too. He uses me as a mean to get a girl. He introduces me as his sister and talk to her in my presence. It gives good impression so he gets much close to that girl with my help.”

“What the hell? How can you do this? He is using you as a bet to find a girl and you are helping him. Why? Don’t you care about other girls? They think that you are his sister and he is meeting in your presence that’s make him a good and family guy. But he is not. He just uses girls.”

“Leave it Prakash, why we are discussing about this. See, we didn’t talk much from a long time. Now we are talking but see on what matters. You don’t come on gmail also.”

“Ohhh that, that’s because I am really drowned till neck in work.”

They talked until satya and Jayant came from their short walk. Prakash mood was not good but it was also not that much bad as before. Talk to Aina always helps him to keep good mood.

His mobile beeps, a sms came. He didn’t check that. Daily he got many messages from mobile company’s advertisement department. They don’t have any work except sending messages. But that is the only work of them.

They needed to convert INR (Indian rupees) in to USD (US Dollar) and all amount in millions. So Satya put paste special and divide all figures by 10,00,000 (1 million).  He gave file to Prakash for checking. On the very first page i.e. balance sheet Reserve and surplus account was filled with some unfamiliar amount.

He wanted to tell Satya but didn’t dare. Because he knew Satya is great in work that’s why he is incharge. There must be something which he can’t look. After half hour struggle he didn’t figured it out. So he asked Jayant for help, who was also dealing same problem with other years. Then they asked Satya how these figures can be matched with Indian balance sheet. Satya stared them and started to look while saying under his breath “Can’t look the balance sheet only, how can work.”

But with surprise Satya was also not able to find the problem. He spent two more hours but there was some unusual change in amount. In the mean while Mr. Mantri called for Satya to disccuss notes of accounts. So it came to Prakash and Jayant to sort out the problem. Prakash took new excel sheets and repeat the procedure of Satya, which Satya has done twice to check. He studied every figures and atlast found the problem. They put divide formula to full column, that’s make total figures also divided by million and that was the main problem. Immediately they put formulas as the same and divide every figure separately. Problem solved. Now every body relaxed. At last they got balance sheet in USD. Now there work of checking to be start. They decided to do it from tomorrow.

Now Prakash check his mobile there were four message of advertisement, one for loan requirement, two from his friends and one from Divya. That was a forwarded message about friendship. He smiled and selected a message to forward but stopped, it will cost more than 1 rupees as he was in roaming.

He opened Orkut and there was friend request of Divya. He accepted.


The Haunted House (Part 2)

Ritu ran outside to Hall. It was almost dark in the hall, but how? Lights were on but their light was not sufficient to reduce the darkness like there is some kind of black fog in the hall. The scene of hall was horrible. Ritu was almost unconscious to see that. Meera was hanging with a rope in her neck to the ceiling, her legs were 6 feet above the ground. Her body was shivering. She was throwing hands and legs for help or get support of anything, but all in vain.  What happened to Meera. She was alright, how she was hanged herself as there was nobody to see who might have done this. But how she did it to herself? There was no ladder of any table so she can reach so high and most important Question Why she will do this to herself?  Meera was trying to catch the rope for support. But her hands were not touching the rope. She was waving her hands to Ritu for help.  No voice was coming from her throat.  Her eyes were full of horror and were looking to Ritu with PLEASE SAVE ME look. It seems like an invisible force is blocking her hands to catch rope. Ritu gave a scream. Ritu was terrified with this scene. She was not able to understand anything. But the most important thing was to save Meera.  She saw a stool nearby.  She put it down under Meera and stands up on stool for support to Meera. Ritu caught Meera by her feet meanwhile she was screaming for help.

The force which was hanging Meera doesn’t like that.  The stool on which Ritu was standing to support Meera was pushed by that force now Ritu was hanging to Meera’s legs.  It gave more pressure on Meera’s throat and with a snap her neck’s bone crack. Her tongue came outside her mouth and eyes were about to come out from sockets.

“No” Ritu cried.

Meera’s body was hanging motionlessly now. Ritu grabbed her cell phone.  She dialed Ravi’s number. It was very difficult to dial exact number with trembling hands. Ravi’s number was saved in phone but she clicked Rajesh’s no twice. But at last she dialed correct. The bell rang.

“HELLO” a very hard and dangerous voice came from the phone.



“WHAT” Ritu saw the phone in disbelief. How Ravi can say this? And this is not the voice of Ravi.

But something terrible was happening. The voice from phone was coming clearly but phone was not on loudspeaker.  It was seemed like phone itself was talking. “This is coming for you”

Ritu threw the phone as phone became very hot and started melting.

Phone felt on floor. It was melting. Slowly it became only liquid. And in one minute there was only a black mark on floor.

It was difficult for Ritu to take breathe. Her body became very heavy to move.

“Hello Ritu” She heard the voice from upside. She immediately saw above.

The ultimate horror got Ritu’s eyes, Ritu screamed as she saw Meera’s face. It was white and it was not Meera’s.  a ghostly face appeared on Meera’s face. It was not clear but clearly it was of a girl. But she was not able to see it clearly.  Meera’s dead lips opened and a growl came from it. The growl was so cold it freezes Ritu deep inside.

A deep and cold voice came from Meera’s mouth. It was like that it is coming from a well. “I have come for you”

A hand grabbed Ritu by shoulder. She screamed and fell down while seeing back.  It was Ravi. Ritu fell on floor. Ravi came to her and asked “Ritu, what happened?”

What is wrong with Ravi? How can Ravi ask so calmly? Can’t he see Meera’s dead body which is hanging on them? She tried to tell Ravi about Meera. But she was so frightened that no voice came from her throat. To the horror she saw Meera’s body flew to opposite direction. It stopped in the mid air and turned to them.  The ghostly face was still on Meera’s face. Now there is a grin on its face. It was not of happy or joy it was of death. Her eyes were pure white now and death was dancing in that eyes.

“Nobody can come between you and me” Meera told and came with her hands outstretched.  It was clear her target was Ravi.  Ritu tried to warn Ravi but her throat was choaked.  She tried to catch Ravi to move him.  But her full body was not working. Meera came near to Ravi. Her hands caught Ravi by throat.

“Leave us” at last Ritu’s voice came back.

Ravi cried “Ritu, what is happening.”

She saw Ravi with disbelief with wide eyes.  Can’t he feel Meera’s hand on his neck?  Why he is not looking at death which is standing behind him.

Ritu closed her eyes. She screamed out of all might of her lungs. Some strange and horrified voices came to her ears. Some senseless voices..

“Bring some water”


She didn’t know from where these voices were coming. Ravi’s eyes came out and his dead body was hanging in Meera’s hands. Meera throw that body side and came to Ritu.

Those deathly white hands touch Ritu’s face and melted. That force shaked her by too much power and that liquid was so much cold. She opened her eyes.

Ravi was shaking her and Meera was standing nearby him.  She screamed “leave us”

Whether this was power of her voice or something else Meera stand back from Ravi. She became frightened.  But now there is neither deathly grin on her face nor her face was white like ghost.  It seems normal.

“Ritu what happened to you. For god’s sake wake up” Ravi was still shaking her.

Ritu was on her bed, where she slept in day. It means she was dreaming. She saw the clock it was 5:40 p.m. Ravi came early from office to help her.

Ravi was frightened to see Ritu in this situation.  Ritu was screaming while in sleep.  Ravi shaked her many time but Ritu didn’t wake up.

Ritu was still frightened although she was conscious now.  The dream was not a simple dream.  Everything in dream was so alive so real that Ritu was unable to catch the difference between dream and reality. But this is the first time something like this happened with her.

“That was just a bad dream, don’t be worry about that” Ravi assured Ritu who was still worried about the mid-day incident.

“No, Ravi, that was not a dream.  It was real. The sensation of that horrible incident is still in my body. And the face which appeared on Meera’s face; I can’t forget that face in my life. It was not clear but it looks like I have known her.”

“Don’t remember that face and try to forget that dream.  Every time when you talked about that dream your face turned white and your voice trembled. It will be best you take a sleep; in morning you will forget about that.” Ravi placed a white pillow under Ritu’s head for support and took one for him.

“Good night, honey” Ritu tried to become normal.

“Sweet dreams” Ravi kissed her.

Nothing happened that night.

The Haunted House

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 1)

“Whether all the packets are there? Ravi please checks with the list.” A beautiful lady named Ritu told her husband.

“Madam, there were 36 packets and all are there. No packet is torn, everything inside is OK. Don’t worry; we have reputation of working professionally.” The person from movers and Packers Company assured her.

“All are okay Ritu, I have checked and you…… Thanks you, that’s a great work and so speedy. I know your reputation, that’s why I hired your company.” The young and handsome guy named Ravi told to company person.

After clearing the charges and paper work Ravi and Ritu sank in the sofa.  Both were tired. They moved from other city to their home city.

“It’s good that Sharvan gave us his home key, otherwise first I have to find a new home then we could shift.” Ravi told. He wanted a tea but he didn’t dare to ask Ritu as she was also tired and not happy to move again in Nagpur.

Ravi and Ritu lived in this city four years back. They met in a company office, where Ravi was working and Ritu went for her MBA training. They fell in love and soon they married. Ravi was a orphan. His father and mother were expired in a plane crash. Ritu was from other city but due to her study she was living there from more than six years. After marriage Ravi got a new job in Kanpur so they moved to Kanpur. Actually Ritu didn’t want to live in Nagpur. Reason was Aina, She was in Ravi’s college and she was mad in love with Ravi. After their marriage, Aina didn’t want to leave Ravi. She threatened Ritu. That’s why Ritu compelled Ravi to move out. After four years Ravi left that job and got a very good job in Nagpur again. So they came back. Ravi’s friend Sharvan was living in Delhi and he had a home in Nagpur. So he gave key of his home to them. After coming to Nagpur, Ravi started to find a home for them.

One day when Ravi came back he was jumping in the air when he told Ritu about their new home. “You know, the agent was telling that it is some outside the town that is why this is so cheap. Otherwise this will cost us a fortune.”

“But Ravi don’t you think living outside the town is a bit risky. If something happened nobody will be there to help us.”

“Don’t be silly, Ritu, what will happen.  You always create problem in every opportunity. Once you will see that mansion you will never think about these small things.” Ravi was saying but Ritu was sensing something strange in his voice. But what was that she was not able to find. But it was useless to argue with Ravi.

Ravi was right.  When Ritu and he went to see that house, Ritu’s mouth remained open.

“What a beautiful home”

“What I told you”

“Sometime you accidently do great work.  Definitely the agent is great.” Ritu smiled but Ravi was not so happy as he was trying to show. But house was really great.

“OKKKK, The agent is great and what about the person who hired that agent.”

“We must say he is a lucky person”

“I tell you who the lucky person is” Ravi tried to catch Ritu by waist.  But she was quick and she ran to green house.  Ravi ran afterwards.  Ritu was behind a line of flower’s pots. They were circling.  Accidently a flower pot which was hanging to the roof moved and fell down where Ritu was running.  On the same time Ravi caught her and pulled her to his side.

There was a big noise.  The pot crushed on the floor where Ritu was standing one second before.

Ritu trembled and embraced to Ravi. Ravi felt her body was shivering with fear and he could hear her breathing.

“Don’t be so afraid Ritu it is just an accident.  The pot was loose and it fell down. Why are you so frightened?  Relax!” Ravi was calming down Ritu.

When the house was so pretty then moving in was not difficult.  Ritu was very eager to move into their little mansion. Next day they packed all the goods.  Half packing was already done; rest was completed in one day.  But bigger problem was to organize the new home. Ravi had taken two days leave from office for home shifting.  He spent full day to organize the home.  That was not full arranged.  More than half boxes are still to be opened.

“We will open these boxes tomorrow, now I am exhausted and I need to go to office tomorrow. I will help you in the evening after office”

“Ok, don’t worry, I will manage”

Both were so tired that they came to deep sleep after reaching bed.  In the morning the alarm disturbed their sleep. It was third time when Ravi snoozed the alarm for 15 minutes.

“Wake up Ravi, you will be late for office” Ritu shaked Ravi.

“I need to sleep.  I am tired.  Give me 15 more minutes. I will wake up then.”

“It is 8 a.m. how much more time you need”

“WHAT, 8, MY GOD I will be late”

Ravi hurried to bathroom and Ritu to Kitchen.

“Where is my clothes, I can’t find them”

“You take your breakfast till I am searching the cloths.  From tomorrow that will be in cupboard.  But today I need to get a search party for them.

After Ravi went to office Ritu saw the good boxes.  They were all where. She decided first to arrange cloths and kitchen.

The door bell rang. “ It must be Meera” Ritu opened the door and Meera was standing there.

“Thank God, you came early Meera, otherwise I was dying to see this mess alone”

“I came as fast as I could, because there is not bus for here before this.” Meera explained here late arrival.

“Anyway we must start now so that we can complete work in two days.” Ritu told while opening box which was name Kitchen on it

“I need a cup of tea first.  I didn’t get time to make at home. Do you also need one?” Meera told while going to kitchen.

“Oh yes, that will be highly welcomed. But first we need cups for that. You make tea and I search for cups. Here these are” Ritu found the cups in the box.
After drinking tea both ladies started their work.  Ritu opened the boxes for required goods as she packed them.  It took her 5 hours with the help of Meera.  Meera was Sharvan’s old maid Ritu told her to come with them as Sharvan was not living there. But she refused as her home was much far away from this house. And there was not conveyance from here at night. But for some extra charges and for old relations she came to help Ritu.

“Meera I need rest and so that you” Ritu told while cleaning sweat from her forehead with her right hand.

“I will take rest but we must make lunch, I didn’t take breakfast because I need to come early.”

“Don’t worry we will order pizza.  I am so tired for lunch.”

Ritu picked her mobile and dialed for home delievery.  But she was upset to hear that they don’t deliver pizza for so distance.

“I will pay extra charges for this delivery” Ritu insisted.  But the booking girl didn’t accept.

“We have to prepare lunch, as they will not deliver so far away from town.”

“Don’t worry we will make ‘poha’ (an Indian dish made of rice).”

So both tired ladies went to kitchen and made poha in 15 minutes. It was 4 p.m. now. After eating this Ritu told Meera to take rest.

Meera took a mat and laid down on floor in main hall. Ritu laid on bed in bedroom.

Ritu closed her eyes. But there was no sleep in them.  She was tired and she needs a good sleep.  But what was that.  She heard a scream of a lady. Whether something happened to Meera? Again a scream came. Defiantly it was Meera who was screaming.